Hey guys this fic is a mix of a few rememberable episodes from season 11.

This is the Love triangle that formed between Gabrielle, Steve & Jack.

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After many weeks of torture trying to win Gabrielle's heart, Steve had finally given up, now realising that Gabby might have actually moved on. Steve had no doubt in his mind of how much he cared about her but maybe things were never meant to be.

Gabrielle had helped Steve overcome his alcohol addiction and he will always love her for it, but for Steve to move forward he knows he can't turn back to the past/to move forward.

Gabrielle hadn't notice Steve was trying so hard to get her attention. It completely flew over the top of her head, but for some strange reason she started to think about him. Not just Steve in general but how he's a good doctor and how she used to be so happy when she was with him when they were together.

It had been a hectic day so far in the E.D and it became even more so when a patient walked in with some unknown illness. Complaining of muscle aches etc. Gabrielle took him into a cubicle so a doctor could take a closer look at him. It was Steve to the rescue.

"Steve you're needed in hear"

Gabrielle was quick to make sure Steve was the doctor working on this peculiar case with her as the nurse.

"What have we got?" Steve asked.

"This is Jarred, Muscle aches, Temperature, Headaches, you name it he says he's got"

Steve looked at Gabrielle with a confused look on his face.

"Right well we want all bloods and scans so we don't miss anything"


"Hi Jarred I'm Steve, we're going to take care of you, okay mate?"
Jarred just nodded in agreement.

Things were looking good until,

"He's crashing!" a Gabrielle yelled as the ECG machine started sounding its alarm as Jarred's heart started to fail.

"He's not getting enough oxygen into his lungs, prep the crash cart and hand me a seven blade; I'm going to try to tube him," Steve ordered as he moved behind Jarred's head.

"I need some help in here!" Steve shouted as Charlotte came running in.

Steve placed the blade behind the tongue and searched out the trachea.

"I can't see the cords, I need suction!"

"Stats are dropping, we need to shock him now Steve! Charge to 300." The whir of the defibrillator could be heard over the alarm of the ECG.


Charlotte placed the paddles onto Jarred's chest and initiated the shock. "

No change, charge to 360. And clear!"

Another shock to the young man's chest.

"Stats are going up but there's still not enough oxygen, I need to try to tube him again." Steve went in for another go, this time with the nurse suctioning out the excess fluid that was residing in his throat.

"Got it! Bag him," Steve let out a sigh of relief.

"Sats are improving, nice save Steve," Charlotte said.

"Thanks, it was a close one."

Gabrielle was awestruck she had seen so many doctors treat patients and save their lives but right now all she could think about was the magic Steve was performing.

"Gabby.. hello, anyone in there today?" Steve said and let a out a small chuckle

"Huh .. what .. yes, sorry" Gabrielle replied with a small awkward laugh

"Good work in there thanks" Steve said with a genuine smile

"Oh it Charlotte helped more in there than I did"

"How many times do I have to tell you to take a compliment" Steve said with a cheeky smile and walked off.

A little while later Jarred was stable and under watch. His vitals were stable and looked as he was going to be okay

Steve's shift had finished and was getting his bag out f his locker when Gabrielle walked in.

"Shift all finished?" Gabby asked

"Yeah thank gosh doing double run me spare" Stever replied

"Oh c'mon I thought you were superman?" Gabrielle said teasingly

Steve laughed lightly at the remark then replied "Yeah well, I was once, now I'm just human like the rest of you" "It's rather boring now"

"Yeah yeah"

"Hey but you were amazing in there today" Gabby then said

"Thanks I try to be" Steve replied casually

"No seriously you were, you always were" Gabby said walking over to him so they were closer

They just stared at each other for what felt like hours when Gabrielle broke the silence

"We could be amazing again; we could give this another shot maybe we gave up on it to early maybe.."

Gabby was cut short when Steve cut in

"For so long I thought that this ship had sailed between us Gab I don't want to let you down again.

"Maybe it's just best that we just let it sail Gab I continue to move forward hey?"

Gabrielle was close to tear but was determined to not let them fall. She had layed her heart out on the line but was knocked back, but that she wouldn't let that get to her not again.

Gabrielle moved away from him putting a good metre between them "Yeah course don't not what I was thinking" Gabby laughed off lightly trying to hide the hurt in her voice

"You know I care about you don't you Gab I do I really do!" Steve stressed his words

"Yeah I know I do too"

And with that Gabriele walked out

"Why doesn't he Love me Jack"

Gabrielle in her drunken state asked a sober Jack.

"Who are we talking about here"

Jack new exactly who she was talking about but wanted her to say it.

Gabrielle gave Jack a greasy glance.

"Steve" she said abruptly.

As the night grew the drinks kept coming, so Jack decided it was time they head home. Walking Gabrielle up the couple of steps to their house was defiantly one of the hardest things he's had to do, especially since she was resisting his help.
Once they got in the door Gabby tripped, only lucky Jack caught her just before she would've fallen flat on her face.
Their eyes met and for a few seconds till Jack looked away, but then Gabrielle took matters into her own hands and turned his face back towards him and kissed him, forgetting all her worries into that kiss which quickly escalated into a night in bed!

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