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Gabrielle woke up with a massive headache. 'So lucky my shift isn't till this afternoon' she thought and she continued to lay in bed until she realised there was another body in her bed

"Shit Shit Shit" Gabrielle loudly whispered and ran across to the other side of the room. Which did not by any means improve her headache which had just escalated.

Quickly realising she was naked Gabrielle swore loudly a grab her bathrobe.

With all the commotion going on in the room Jack began to stir and wake up. He then realised he too was wearing no clothes and sat up in the bed and locked eyes with Gabrielle on the other side of the room

"Please tell me we didn't" Gabrielle began

"Oh God this isn't happening" Jack then said

Gabrielle then ran into the bathroom and shut the door waiting for Jack to vacate her room and so she could get something for that terrible headache of hers which just would not go away on it's own.

For the next few hours Gabby and jack avoided each other like the plague and got ready for their shift.

Jack left earlier then Gabrielle wanting to clear his head.

Gabrielle sat at the kitchen table contemplating what the consequences of this mistake were.

She had no idea what to to. Her best friend is now avoiding her and her ex basically told her he didn't want her anymore.

Gabrielle couldn't bare the thought of facing either one of them now.

"Oh my god what I am I going to do now" She thought aloud.

Gabrielle sat there for another half an hour until it was time for her to leave. Finally coming to a decision about what to do, whether it was the right one or not, or whether she was just being a coward she had no idea but all that she knew was that she couldn't be here anymore.

Gabrielle decided the best way to talk to Jack about the previous night was to confront him and with Jack reluctantly agreeing to coffee in her break she would do just that.

"So.." Gabrielle started

"Soooooo…" Jack said as well drawing out the vowel.

"Listen look I know we both realise that last night was a huge mistake" Gabrielle said

"And don't try to be nice or deny it because it's written all over your face" She continued with Jack silently agreeing.

"Look I know things are awkward now and I'm not running away but things with Steve and now you I can't handle this atm. The awkwardness I mean, so I've decided to resign"

Gabrielle clearly shocking Jack with her course of action he tries to protest but it falls on deaf ears

"Jack this isn't your fault. If it's anyone's fault it would be mine, okay. I just can't stay here anymore."

And with that Gabrielle got up and continued her shift.

Upset knowing she can no longer work at All Saints, Gabrielle sats in her office, or more correctly the office that she shared with Frank waiting for him to walk in and hand in him her letter of resignation

"What's this?" Frank asked curiously

"ah .. it's … umm" Gabrielle stuttered

"spit it out would you women I haven't got all day"

"My letter of resignation" Gabrielle said really fast.

The word 'resignation got Franks full attention. The look on his face completely dumbfounded.

"What are you talking about?" Frank pressed for answered

"Just that I'm resigning Frank I just can't be here anymore okay just leave it please"

"What? NO I won't leave it, Gabrielle you're being ridiculous, there's not point in running from whatever it is you're running from and considering you won't tell me what it is I can't help!" Frank said getting frustrated

"FRANK! I've had enough, okay stop asking question that you know I won't answer! The letters there, read throw it away, I don't care but I just can't work here anymore"

With that said Gabby went about her shift. Make that her last shift.

"You sure there's nothing I can do to change your mind" Frank said and you could hear how much he wanted Gabby to reconsider her decision.

"No" Gabrielle replied quietly

"You sure you don't sound to keen on the idea maybe if you just tal.."

"NO! okay Frank I'm done I need to leave have a change take a break I don't know I just need get out of this place and maybe I can come back?"

"You'll always be welcomed back. You're a great NUM"

"Do detect some actual niceness in that comment?" Gabrielle asked sarcastically"

"I don't know what you're talking about"

Gabrielle laughed it off "Thanks Frank" she said sincerely

And with that she walked out the door with belongings in hand.

Word gets round that Gabrielle is quitting. It surprises everyone including Steve because to him and the rest of them she had no reason to. Instinctively Steve heads straight for Jack because he knew that he would defiantly know something considering they were housemates.

Steve approached Jack with a very stern yet upset look on his face.

"Did you know?" Steve asked forcefully, hoping for a straight answer.

"Know what?" Jack looking back a Steve with an annoyed and puzzled expression on his face.
"Know that Gabby's leaving and maybe why?"

Steve getting angry because of Jack's ignorance. Jack didn't reply.

"DID YOU KNOW?" Steve yelling now

Steve by no was angry and wasn't going to go anywhere until he got the answer he was after.

"We slept together alright" Jack said.


"She was all hung up about you".

Feeling like Jack was blaming him Steve replied

"So it's my fault?"

"No it's just she finds it awkward now"

Steve couldn't believe what Jack had just told him it was still being processed in his head, but one this was for sure, he cared too much about Gabrielle to just let her go.

As Gabrielle was finishing her last shift at All Saints hospital, after resigning, she had this sense of sadness and regret but she knew it would be for the best.

As Gabby was walking out Steve yelled out,

"Gabby wait!"

Gabrielle stopped but didn't turn around. As hard as this was she really didn't need Steve giving her a lecture.

"Gabby just listen to me please, just for a minute."

She finally turned around fighting extremely hard to fight back tears

"I don't want you to go" Steve pleaded.

"I don't have a choice." Gabrielle said quickly replying.

"Yes you do.", Steve answered back even quicker.

Gabrielle sighed in frustration,

"I can't stay here anymore Steve, I … I have to leave."

Gabrielle turned away and started walking out again.

"I didn't mean what I said yesterday."

Gabrielle stopped again.

"You mean the world to me and more Gabrielle, and I don't think I could loose that again."

Gabrielle didn't want to turn around due to the tears that were falling down her face.

"Gabby please look at me!"

She finally gave in and turned around.

"How did you find out I was leaving anyway?" she asked, trying to wipe the tars from her face.

"I knew something was wrong so I went and asked Jack."

"Did he tell you everything then?"

Steve just nodded in reply.

Gabrielle just stood there with this sad and upset face as Steve approached her.

"Gabby I thought to move forward I couldn't turn back but I now know that I cant move forward without you."

Steve grabbed both of Gabby's hands and held them lightly.

"I love you Gabby, so much."

With a little smile on her face gabby said,

"I love you too."

For a minute they just stared into each others eyes before sharing a long awaited passionate kiss.

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