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"Oh, come on, Itachi-kun! It's been the longest since I've last had some. 'Tachi-kuuuuuuuun." Airickah puppy dog pouts as she complains and begs Itachi for something she know she's not likely to give her. No matter how much he wanted. Predictably, Itachi says,

"No, we just got done this morning. You'll have to wait till we get back to base. Then, after briefing, you can have as much sex as you please." Airickah pouts, but agrees as she trudges along behind Itachi, Deidara in the rear no doubtibly watching as she sashayed her rear end. Predictably he licks his lips as he watches, his recently calmed boner returning halfway. As he thought about the sex they had that morning, his boner fully came back.

"Aw, Itachi. Just one quick go? She really wants to-"

"We are running late as it is, Deidara. When we get back to base, enjoy. If I'm not stopping for her, I sure as hell won't stop for you."

Deidara frowned as his boner began throbbing, further annoying him. It seemed like an eternity to both Airickah and Deidara, but they arrived at base in less than three hours, twenty minuetes late.

"If you hadnt stoppped for so many damn bathroom breaks, Blondie, we would've been here on time. But no, you had to go in the woods and jackoff," Itachi said as they walked in.

Airickah giggled as she looked around at the entrance. The base seemed empty and deserted as Itachi led them down a multitude of complex corridors and ended up in what looked like a conference room. It was full of people, though she could only guess by the number of eyes in the room.

" Welcome. My name's Pein. Your name is Airickah and your only 22, correct?" Airickah looked into his mysterious eyes and nodded.

"Yes, Pein-sama." She kinda liked the sound of calling him master.

"Introduce yourself to our members then, why don't you?"

Airikah nodded her head before turning to the eight men behind her and smile her infamous never fail seductive smile, hoping they could see it through the dark; she was seriously horny at the moment.

"Well, as you've just heard, name's Airikah. I guess I'm gonna be your new sex toy, then. I enjoy just about anything: forced, roleplay, whatever. To put it simply, I've had a lot of experience in this particular thing so I can do just about anything, I guess. Any position. I'm really into group sex, bondage, and spanking. I don't really have anything that I don't do and I'm open to new things so if there's something I've never tried, I'm open to it." She smiled and turned back to Pein.

"Anything special you might need," he asked. She pondered it a bit before speaking.

"Um...I only eat fruit, rice, and beef. No fish, no chicken. And I'm gonna need A LOT of toys, dont'cha think? And outfits for the pleasure part of this. I could walk around this place in a T-shirt, but for the roleplay and such, I'm gonna costumes and stuff…" She could tell Pein was nodding his head by the movement of his eyes.

"Done. Hidan here will show you to your room. Hidan..."

A guy with purplish eyes walked over to her and she could hear him exhale as he smirked before he spoke.

"Follow me, then."

His voice was smooth and full of confidence. She smiled and followed him out into the corrider. They went down another bundle of complex hallways before getting to a flight of stairs. They walked down and came to a stop at the first room.

"Here you go, cupcake," he said with a seductive smirk which Airickah returned as she slowly sashayed herself into the room. She was extremely horny and this guy could help her with that little problem. Hidan followed her in as she looked around at the room. It was dimly lit only by the torches on the wall in the hallway, but she could see the furniture in the room. There was a queen-sized bed with covers and three large pillows, a dresser and on the wall opposite of the bed were chains and cuffs attatched to the wall. She smirked at this due to the fact that it made her hornier than she already was, which said something. She turned around to find that Hidan was standing right behind her. He smirked as he looked her hungrily up and down before pulling an also smirking Airickah to him.

"So, cupcake, how's 'bout you show me some of those skills that you re so well known for and that got you here with me, hunh?"

Airickah smirks as she wraps her arms around him and says, "Well, studmuffin, since we're giving each other names, why should I give my 'talents' away so quickly?"

Hidan frowned but it was brief because he quickly smirked afterwards. He pulled her as close as her could as he crashed his mouth onto hers, kissing her. She kissed him back just as ferociously and sexual-based, both moaning from the heat radiating from each other. Airickah took in frequent deep breaths through her nose, but she liked passion this way best. It was at its peak and would combine into an explosive experience and she could tell that Hidan wasn't the type of lover to hold back in bed, which wasn't bad either. Hidan pushed her onto the bed, tearing her clothes off and removing his until she was nude and he was wearing was his pants. He pulled away from the kiss, momentarily, smirking, and just out of breath as her, to say, "And while we're on the subject of names, you will call me 'Daddy', got it?"

She nodded as she reached for hs pants but he swatteed her had away, shaking his head 'no'.

"Not yet, cupcake. I want to have some fun with my new toy, first. Don't you wanna play a little?"

He smirks as he grabs some rope and ties her hands to the bed frame. Then he lifts her legs onto his shoulders and began slowly rubbing her clit, surprised by how wet she was already.

"You really want this, hunh, cupcake?"

She moans in pleasure as she nods her head in response to is question, causing Hidan to smirk. He inserted two fingers and began pumping her as she moaned louder and louder, moaning out Hidan's name. Hidan was surprised by how tight she was, given she had a huge track record, but found it a good thing. She moned louder with each pump, the pleasure increasing as well with each pump. She grabbed his hair roughly as he entered another two fingers and started grinding his fingers. She began shaking from the immeasurable pleasure he was giving her and she screamed Hidan's name as shuddered and came on his hand. He was slightly dissappointed in how fast she came but enjoyed licking it up just the same. He looked up and smirked at Airickah as she panted and a couple beads of sweat rolled down her forehead. She smirked back to him, still panting, and said,

"'ve...had...your fun...please?" Hidan smirked as he shook his head.

"Come on, babycakes. I'm not done playin' yet..."

"Hidan, just-"

" What?" Hidan sat up and stared at her with false malice that was pretty hard to tell if it was or not in Airickah's case. She blushed, but for show, as she corrected herself. "Daddy, please finish this properly."

Hidan smirked as he removed his pants and boxers before retuning to hovering over her as he placed her legs over his shoulders.

"I don't know what you mean by that, sweetstuff. Tell me want you want. I'd like to see you beg..." Airickah playfully pouted as she spoke.

"Daddy-no- please-I-" Hidan made the motion to move away and she grabbed his arm and spoke with the same pout but added a whiney voice to the playfullness. "Daddy, please-don't go. I-I-I want you to fuck me, Daddy, please." Hidan smirked as he held onto her shoulders before unexpectedly slamming into her. She screamed in pleasure as she grabbed onto his shoulders and he continued to pump her rapidly, surprised by how tight she was. Airickah moaned continually and tried grinding with him, but he gained pace and she stopped, letting him work her. She scratched her fingers across Hidan's back as she came the first time, making him moan and chuckle. He continued to pump in and out of her, faster and faster, enjoying the pleasure of her tight walls around his rock hard shaft. Airickah's eyes glazed over and her mouth wouldn't close as her moans soon became screams from him pleasuring her. Airickah screamed his name as they both came soon after. Hidan rode out his orgasm and Airickah gasps and moans as she feels him fill her up. Hidan pulls out of her, gets dressed, and before leaving, he stands at ther door and says, "I guess Kakuzu was right. You are a really good fuck, hunh?" He exited as Airickah nodded before drifting off to sleep.

Airickah was awoken by Itachi about an hour later by Itachi. "Up," he said. "Pein-sama requested your presence." Airickah turned over and looked up wearily at Itachi. Remambering everythingnthat happened, she smirked and sat up. "Okay. Whatcha still standin' there for, then? Unless you wanted somthing from me..?"

"No...I just wanted to make sure you got up." Itachi turned to walk away but she quickly stood up and grabbed his arm. She massaged his shoulders and worked his Akatsuki cloak off of him witout him noticing until she began whispering in his ear, best she could due to hi height. "Aw, 'Tachi-baby. I think you and I both know you wanted something else...a little something from me, perhaps?"

Airickah caressed Itachi's shoulder as she slowly and sensually walked around Itachi so that she'd be facing him. She ran her hands over his chisled (sp?) pecs and worked down to his abdomen. He watched her as she went lower and lower and his breath hitched as she slowly lowered his pants and place his hardened lenght in her mouth. She teased him by sucking on his head slowly and pulling of so the cold air hit his saliva-covered tip. It was paining him as she slowly took the rest of him in her mouth. "If you're gonna do this, at least finish quickly, girl." Airickah smirked and continued to tease Itachi. He soon grabbed her head and shoved his aroused dick down her throat, fucking her mouth. She moaned to both pleasure her more and because it turned her on. Itachi groaned loudly as he came, spilling some of his seed on her lips as he quickly pulled himself out. He was completely dressed again before Airickah was able to stand and clean her lips of his delicious tasting cum. She smirked at his back as he left without a word up the stairs. She followed him to Pein's room and became more aroused by the darkness that surronded her as the door was closed behind her...

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