Hey guys! I just got done writing a new story that I think you'll like very much ^-^ enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Beginning

"Oh there she is!"

"She's so pretty as always."

"No wonder she so popular. She gorgeous!"

"Did you hear that she denied another pop star? She's so cool!"

"With looks like that no wonder every guy wants her."

Yeah, this is pretty much what hear ever day. The girl their talking about is me. My name's Kairi Fugurashi. Dubbed the most popular girl in school. Well, used to be, but that was before... Well, I'll just start here. Three days before my sixteenth birthday. And of coarse the talk of the school was my party that everyone was coming to. Great... I didn't ask to be popular, I just am. And I don't invite people to my parties, they just come. I don't really mind, it's nice to have lots of friends and since I moved here from California to North Carolina. Long way right? Well my parents are the CEO of a successful company. They opened up a new building here in Charlett. I didn't want to move either, but we did... Just like everything in my life. If I don't want it to happen, it always does... I think it's a curse. Anyways, when I moved here I was so nervous that people wouldn't like me but again I was wrong. The students at my school found out I was rich and Poof! Instant popularity. And of course with that came my boyfriend Seth. He is the most popular guy in school and people said we should date so we did. Sure I like him and all but he's too... What's the word...Self-absorbed? He doesn't really care about me just the popularity. Why I'm I still with him? Huh, I'll tell you when I know. I was walking to class like normal with Seth blabbering on about some "major" football achievement that I could care less about.

"So what do you think?" he said suddenly, snapping me out of my daze.

"Huh? What I'm sorry I was thinking about something..." I said looking up at him. He rolled his eyes.

"Sheesh what's with you lately? You're always staring off into space." he asked annoyed.

"I don't know. I just..." I said slipping back into a deep thought.

"Whatever." he said. See? Complete jerk.

"Hey Kairi!" I looked up to see some of my friends waving at my. I waved back and turned towards Seth.

"Hey I'm really sorry about that. Tell me after school, Kay?" I smiled. He halfway smiled back.

"Okay babe. See you after school." he said kissing me on my cheek and walking to his class. I rolled my eyes and turned back towards my friends. Just like him to be happy after he gets what he wants.

"Hey guys." I said smiling.

"Hey Kairi, we were thinking about going to gym for free period. I hear the guys are working out today." said Kaley nudging my side. I laughed.

"Kaley, I have a boyfriend and so do you." she rolled her eyes.

"So? We can still look. Plus isn't that Seth's next class?"

"Well, yea, but-"

"Then let's go!" she said dragging me by my arm as Lorin, Emily, and Katie followed after us. We walked into the gym and sat on the bleaters as the guy's class was doing stretches. Katie nudged my side and pointed. I looked to were she was pointing to and saw Seth walking out from the changing rooms. He noticed me and waved. I smiled and waved back.

"Well, he's going to work harder today." said Emily laughing.

"Yeah maybe I should come every day since he's failing this class."

"How can you fail PE?" Lorin asked laughing. I shrugged shaking my head. The guys started running laps and Kaley and everyone else started jabbering about something. And Seth was the first guy lapping all the others trying to impress me but I didn't notice. I had slipped back in to my own world far from the school walls. I dreamed of a world where I could find true love and didn't have to worry about being popular. A place where something exciting would happen. Suddenly someone nudged my awaking me from my daydream. I looked up at Lorin who was pulling me up.

"Come on, Kairi. School's over."

"Oh..." I said standing up. I started walking towards the door when an arm stopped me. I looked over to see Seth smiling at me.

"Hey baby. Liked the show?" ugh. I smiled.

"Yeah. You looked hot out there." he smiled bigger.

"And you do all the time." he moved his arm from the door and put it around my shoulders.

"So what do you want to do tonight?"

"Tonight?" I asked looking up at him.

"Yeah. I'm taking you out for your birthday."

"Seth, my birthday is in three days."

"Yeah, and your party's tomorrow, and your parents are taking you somewhere for your birthday so tonight's my night."

"Oh... Um... I don't care. It doesn't matter I guess." he stepped in front of my stopping me in my tracks.

"Yes it does. You're my girl and I want you to be happy so think about it ok?" I smiled.

"Ok." he backed away giving me thumbs up.

"Alright babe, text me when you decide!" he said running off to football practice. I sighed and continued walking out the school and to Lorin's car.

"Hey girl, what were you doing?" Lorin asked as soon as I got in the car.

"Seth wanted to take me out tonight for my birthday."

"Oh? Where to?" she said driving out of the parking lot and towards my house.

"He said he wanted me to pick. Hey do you know any good places to go?"

"Um... Well... How about a movie. That new one's showing right?"

"That twilight movie?"

"Yeah! That's the one!"

"He would never take me to that." I said laughing.

"Yeah he would. If you asked."

"Sure." I said sitting back against the seat. She stopped in front of my house and turned towards me.

"You should do it! I mean, it is a romance."

"Okay, okay. I'll do it." she smiled at me and I grabbed my stuff and got out of the car.

"Hey text me and tell me what happened when you get home ok?"

"Ok." I waved as she drove off. I slung my book bag over my shoulder and dug my key out of my purse. Mom and dad were still at work so I'll call them about Seth later. I opened my door and walked up to my room. I slung my stuff on the floor and flopped on my bed. No homework tonight... I turned over to my clock. 3:04. Seth doesn't get out of practice till 4:30. I'll text him then. I closed my eyes listening to the sound of birds. I sighed. I wish my life was always this peaceful. I dozed off and started to dream about the weirdest thing. In my dream I was standing on a hill looking over a huge forest. In the forest there were two cliffs. On one stood a beautiful black wolf and on the other a human. I couldn't tell who it was but both the human and the wolf were calling to me. I walked closer then all the sudden the rock under me began to crack and I fell down into the darkness. I jumped when I heard my cell phone go off. I sat up on my bed breathing hard. What was that? I dug in my purse and pulled out my phone.


"Hey baby."

"Hey Seth! You out early?"

"Babe look at the time. I'm out late." I glanced over at the clock to see it was 5:10.

"Oh..." I heard him laugh.

"Hahaha! You never change. So did you decide where you wanted to go?"

"Yep! I wanted to see that new movie playing. You know that twilight movie."

"...Twilight? Really?"

"Yep! Unless you don't want to take me."

"Oh no! It's fine! So um what time do you want me to pick you up?"

"I don't know when does the movie start?"

"Uh the closest one is... 7:30. Does that work for you?"

"Yeah my parent are gone and a trip and won't be back till my birthday so anything fine."

"Oh... Are you sure it's ok with them?"

"Oh yea. They'll be fine with it."

"Will? So you haven't asked them yet."

"Well uh..."

"Hahaha! It's ok I'm just joking with you. So I'll pick you up around 7:00?"

"Yep! Sounds great! See you then!"

"Ok baby. Bye."

"Bye!" I hung up the phone and got up from my bad and to my closet. What to wear... What to wear... Oh! Found it! The cutest little out fit ever! I giggled. He'd love me in this! I wore a cute white shirt with a hot pink tank top under it and black skinny jeans with a with belt. I wore a pink flowy jacket over it with a hot pink and white chocker. On my wrist I wore a black and white checkered bracelet. I finished putting the final touches on it and went down stairs to redo my makeup and do something with my hair. I brushed my hair out pulling half of it up in a clip and pulling my bangs back with a cute black heart that matched my outfit perfectly. I rushed out of the bathroom and looked at the time. 6:20. Hm... I'll eat something here. I walked towards the kitchen and grabbed a pop tart. I walked into the living room turning the TV on and sitting down watching the TV blankly while eating my pop tart. What was that weird dream about? And why a wolf? I mean seriously. My phone went off and I looked at the caller ID. Mom.

"Hey mom!"

"Hey sweety! Sorry but me and your dad might be a little late getting home Saturday, will you be ok?"

"Yeah, of coarse! Hey mom, Seth asked me on a date for my birthday. Is that ok?"

"Sure honey just be careful. Oh! The meeting starting I got to go. Love you!"

"Love you too mom!" I hung up just two have the doorbell ring. I turned off the TV quickly eating the rest of my pop tart and grabbed my hot pink purse and stuffed my cell phone in it. I opened the door to see Seth standing there. He was wearing a blue shirt with jeans and a black hoodie over it.

"Hey babe. You look great." he said when I opened the door.

"Hey Seth! You too." I said smiling.

"Ready to go?" he asked holding his arm out to me.

"Yep!" I said wrapping my arm around his as he led me to his car.