A/N: I was always curious why Buttercup was living on a farm in the middle of nowhere, with no family of her own, but apparently a farm-boy (Westley).

Buttercup's first memory was of the farm.

Rationally, of course, she knew that there had to have been something before it – her birth, for a start. All the old stories began with births. And for there to have been a birth, there must have been parents. And since parents were generally considered family, she must have had, at one point in time, a family.

Yet even with these forces of logical reasoning behind her, Buttercup was quite convinced that she had always lived alone on her little farm deep in the countryside. No family, no relatives, no close friends: just one girl and a barn full of animals, watching the sun rise and fall into sunset. Oh, after a while there was Westley, too, but she had no specific memory of when he came along.

It was like a muddled dream; one moment she was fetching water from the stream and the next moment he was doing the job for her. Two parts flowed seamlessly together, until Buttercup couldn't remember which was true and which was not. Before long she was thoroughly persuaded that Westley had existed on the farm as long as she had, which in her mind felt far longer than anyone should be expected to exist anywhere.

That was how they went on, day after day and year after year. Just one girl, one farm-boy, and a barn full of animals watching the sun rise and fall into sunset. Westley and Buttercup, locked in the slow spin-and-pull of time. Westley and Buttercup, stuck in the muck while the whole world waited for a simple girl to realize the meaning of a farm-boy's favorite phrase.

"…As you wish."