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Summary ; Isabella Marie Brandon has been adopted by Charlie Swan and moves from Biloxi to Forks. Bella has a family member already there, but doesn't know it, neither does her family member until she see's her. - Alice in my story is about 5'4 and looks like Alice from the books; only taller. Bella in my story looks like Ashley Greene with long hair to her hips, and is shorter than Alice at 5'0. Bella is a shield as like in the books, but sometimes she dreams of things that haven't happened yet, and sometimes they come true. Bella is the last remaining Brandon. - Is it fate that brought this girl to this small town of Forks?

[ Bella Pov ]

Waiting outside of the small Seattle Airport, slightly nervous yet excited. Even though I was going to be living in a new place, with a man that adopted me that I didn't even know at the age of 17 was slightly scary and exciting. I cant help but think of a new start, and hoping to find a place to belong.

My name is Isabella Marie Brandon, would be Brandon-Swan but I didn't want to change my last name, plus that would make my name even longer than it already seems. I'm 17 years old, born and raised in Biloxi, Mississippi. I hadn't always been an orphan, at the age of one I had parents but they died on their way to get me from the sitter after having a night out. After that, I was put into Child Care, since having no other living family members left. Finally at the age of 17 I've been adopted by a Charles Swan, Chief of Police in Forks, Washington.

Some maybe fearful but I cant say that I am. It's nice to have a place and some sort of parent even if it's a year way from being a legal adult. Somebody took the chance on me, and that makes me happy. After so many years of wishing and waiting to be adopted, then finally giving up, but a slight change in fate brings me some soft of family life, I cant help but welcome it.

Not only that, but I have this really good feeling that I won't feel out of place anymore, and something great is going to happen to me. Not that being adopted isn't a great thing, I just have this beyond that feeling.

Other things about me? Well I'm rather short, standing at 5 foot nothing. I'm the shortest person I know, or have known over the age of 8. I have long dark brown hair that I've let grow to my hips. My eyes are a light brownish color, nothing pretty but I do know my mom had the same color eyes. I have small barely their dimples that only come out when I'm smiling a full smile. Almost pixie like features, or so what I've been told.

I wouldn't say I'm the most prettiest girl in the world, or say that I'm average. I'm attractive yes, but I'm not vain.

A police cruiser finally pulled up, with FPD on it. A man, taller than me, maybe around 5'9 came out of the drivers side door. He had brown hair, brown eyes, and a mustache. He looked nervous but you could see happiness in his eyes. That made me relax a bit.

" Hello, I'm Charlie " He stated softly, and rather awkwardly.

I didn't take this to offense. I just smiled and hugged him tightly. My excitement getting the best of me.

" Hi! I'm Isabella, but please call me Bella! " I chirped at him with my slightly soprano voice.

He looked a bit taken back but recovered and chuckled.

" How's about we get you home, and we can get to know each other on the way. " He suggested, as he smiled down at me.

I nodded and helped him with my few suit cases that I had. I liked clothes, but honestly detested shopping for them by myself. I only packed exactly that, my clothes and shoes, and the few pictures that I had of my mom and dad. Hopefully Charlie wont mind if I have them out in my room.

The ride was long, but wasn't exactly boring. Charlie talked a lot on the way there, and asked me questions, as I did the same to him. I leaned that he had been married but his wife Renee died five years after them being married right out of high school, she was pregnant with their child. He never remarried after that, and always wanted children anyways. He finally got the courage to adopt, and was sent a picture to me. He said he couldn't help but feel it was right. I thanked him , and told him about myself. He eventually got over his awkwardness a bit, and laughed along with my excitement.

Sometime during the ride, I must have fallen asleep, because we stopped and he lightly shook me awake. I looked out the window and seen a nice looking two story home. It wasn't lavish or anything, but it was nice. There was a large gap on each side of the house from the neighboring homes, and a small semi- wrap around porch. Parked next to the Cruiser was a dark blue car, not really knowing about car's I couldn't tell you what it was, it didn't look exactly new, but it was nice.

" Your car is pretty" I told him as I looked at it. It was still daylight out, so everything was clear.

He cleared his throught and looked around nervously.

" Actually Bells, that car is for you, for you to drive to school and where ever else you want to go once you get use to the town. " He said in a small voice.

I looked at him, and smiled brightly, not because of the car, but because of the nickname! I never once been called anything other than Isabella or Bella. I always preferred Bella over my formal name, it seemed better, but I liked that he gave me his own nickname.

" You called me Bells" I nearly shouted in happiness.

Once I'm excited, you really cant get ride of it. Its natural.

" I'm sorry, I didn't - " But I cut him off with a soft hug

" I like it, its nice" I said as I kissed his cheek , " And thank you for the car, you didn't have to go through the trouble to get me one. " I told him again, with a bright smile.

" Well it wasn't much, it didn't run at first, but a friend of mine's son fixed it up and got her running. It's a welcome home present. Besides, your going to need a way to get around while I'm at work " Charlie said with a shrug and slightly smile.

I found it endearing that he was slightly shy. I guess it's to be expected. I was never a shy person, I'm naturally happy.

We eventually got my bags in the house, and he showed me my room. It wasn't really big, but it was a nice size.

" I hope you like purple" He told me, as he pointed to the double bed, with a purple comforter that was placed on it, with matching pillows.

I smiled and laid a hand on his arm

" It's perfect, thank you" I told him

It may not be my favorite color, but I was just glad it wasn't green.

He left me alone, while he ordered pizza for us to eat, since he said he wasn't the greatest of cooks. I told him that was fine, and that I knew enough cooking to do that part. He told me I didn't have to, but I protested and told him it was relaxing, and not to worry about it.

I unpacked my things, and set them in the places I wanted. Clothes in drawers, and hang up clothes in the smallish closet. My shoes on a book case that I would probably fill up sometime in the near future, and hopefully get a nice shoe rack.

I placed my few pictures of my mom and dad, on the night stand next to my bed, and one on the desk which held an old style laptop.

The room could use some decorating, but that comes in time. Soon it will be a room I could truly call mine.

We ate pizza, and talked about school, and by time we were finished a horn had been honked outside of the house. The sudden noise made me jump slightly, which made Charlie laugh, I just stuck my tongue out at him childishly, which caused him to chuckle again.

" That must be Billy and Jacob " He said getting up.

I looked at him with confusion. He couldn't possibly thing I would know them. I just got here, remember.

He blushed slightly and told me to follow him.

We walked out of the house, me wearing jeans, a hoody, and my frog slippers. I was comfortable, and didn't feel the need to change, besides my shoes.

Once outside, a man with long hair in a wheel chair with tan skin, and a boy with long hair, tan skin, where walking, or coming up the small sidewak from the driveway.

" Bells, this is Billy Black, and his son Jacob Black. Jacob is the one who fixed your car for you. " Charlie told me.

I smiled at the man, and the boy, shaking both of their hands. They both looked native american, but I wasn't exactly too sure.

" Hello, It's nice to finally meet you. Charlie here hasn't shut up about you since he got wind of you. Your even more beautiful in person than your picture. " Billy, the man in wheel chair said.

His statement made Charlie blush, and me giggle. It was sweet of him to say that.

" Thank you, Its nice to meet you as well. And thank you Jacob for fixing my car. It was very nice of you. " I told him.

He looked young but he was still taller than me.

" It was no problem, do you want me to show you how it works? " He asked.

I of course accepted and got a full explanation of the car. I found out that my car is an Audi, not a new one of course, but it looked really nice to be a few years old.

I found out Jacob goes to school on the reservation, It sort of made me sad. At least I was right about the Native America thing, I didn't want to call him Mexican or something, that would be rude!

" That sucks, It would have been nice to know at least one person tomorrow. " I told him

He laughed and I watched as Charlie and Billy fooled around, like younger men then they are. It was nice to meet new people.

Eventually Billy and Jacob had to leave, and Charlie and I went to sleep. He has work in the morning, and I have school.

I dreamed about a girl with dark spiky hair, I didn't know what it meant, I couldn't exactly make out her facial features.

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