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- Maria Pov -

I've been alive for a very long time, and have had some very good pleasure from those I have around me. My favorite was the Major. He was perfect in every way. Only I didn't feel for him what he felt for me during his time-serving in my war before he left with that idiot Peter and his useless mate. I wanted to rid of Peter, but he proved himself to be useful, and even more so became protective of his mate. His determinate to live and keep her alive caused him to strive.

I had them both a time or two, at the same time. It was very pleasing, but I didn't honestly prefer men to women, I just never found the right woman to give them pleasure from me.

But now after so many long and unfullfilling years, my seer whom I changed myself, Ryne, said that she had a location and vision of my mate, my female mate, I began the process of retreavng her To have her by my side. The pictures of her that Ryne sketched up hadn't done my little mate any justice. She was perfection as a human in my eyes. My very core wanted her, and the want turned into a possessive feeling once I had word she as being courted by Jasper, my Major.

It only caused me to double my efforts in getting closer, closer to getting back my once Second in Command and my mate, though I would never allow him to touch her, to go near her, not even to be close enough to near the air she breathed. I wanted my mate at my side, so I could show her the spoils of having the power I have in my grasp. I would give her anything her heart desires, even killing the man whom I groomed to be a warrior, a soldier.

I sent off my most trusted nomadic friends, they would do my bidding at any cost, even their lives. James had been sired by me and he loved me as a sister, though I never loved him in any sort of way. The only thing I ever enjoyed about him was his ability to manipulate those around him to assure their loyalty, giving them reasonable false comfort in their lives lasting longer than they were deemed. His gift was also something to admire, tracking, he was one of the best I've seen so far, almost better than the Volturi scum's tracker. His mate Victoria, she had a useful gift, it was pleasing to have her around when it was time to change a location or draw up plans to have quick exits should anything go dreary. I didn't give a shit about their little french friend, Laurent. He was only useful when it came to a fight, I had yet to see him lose one, and have so little scars.

So when they set off to collect useful information about my little beauty. I had the utmost trust in them, being able to sneak in and out to get information and come back. I was still planning a retrieval plan, and that would require little people, to make as little noise as possible.

Isabella, her name was even beautiful, very fitting for her. When I learned that she had been adopted by a lonely man whom had been the Chief of Police in a small town, it was simple enough. One man wouldn't be missed, and Isabella wouldn't have been there long enough to be missed, not by anyone of importance. James brought me back several items of clothing for me in plastic bags, holding her sweet scent. I was very pleased with his and his mate's work and rewarded them with whom ever they pleased. They loved sharing meals and a pleasant person to defile, human or vampire. I have them what I knew they wanted, for doing such a great job.

The best part is there was a window of opportunity, to get my mate by my side, faster than I was ready for but that mattered not. So I sent the three of them back to do just that, with hourly check ins.

They made the man who adopted disappear, only for me to find out that my mate was mourning for him. I felt a little pity and considered that maybe getting rid of him had been a mistake, but I shook those thoughts away. Nothing can get in the way of me having her, I will have her, even if I have to bring an army to them to gain her for my side. I would desecrate them all.

My anger went up when James told me she was being watched and guarded by Jasper and his pathetic animal drinking coven. He had her tucked tight away around so many vampires. I would never keep my mate around my army, even after I turn her. She would never have to worry about being involved in something so dangerous. I would protect her, unlike he had been doing.

I wanted his head, fuck having him come back and serving me. I shall die, not only for keeping her locked away in his home, but for saying she was his mate!

Of course they never returned, James and his little coven. They never made it back to me with my mate, and it caused so many lives of such good fighters I had groomed, to be lost. He took my mate and disappeared, and caused my numbers in arms to decrease.

Killing him will be pleasant.

"Anything?" I asked my seer

She was increasingly getting on my nerves. She was starting to lose her volubility, and I was close to ending her life. Since the time James was due back with my mate, there had been no more visions of my mate from this idiot.

"I'll keep trying, give it time. She was blurry to begin with. Let me focus. Please." She pleaded, I could smell the fear coming from her.

"You have one last chance. I will come back another time, I expect a report. Your focus better be on par, or else you will be dismantled." I hissed at her.

Soon, I will find you, my mate, and we will be together.

- Bella Pov -

Things have been a little better since my little mishap with Alice. Well, I ignored her and avoided her. I wasn't ready to talk to her yet. I may have admitted to myself that the way I went about dealing with my frustrations and anger was wrong, but not really. I just hated the fact that since she is my great-aunt, that she thinks she had some sort of say over me, of what I do and what I wear, what was or is best for me.

Nobody knows what's best for me more than myself. I may be young but I've been through enough in my short human life that I had, to know what is best for me. I knew they had looked me up, when I first came to Forks, but they just knew outsider information, information that nobody would know but myself.

I've had to make plenty of life changing choices while being in and out of foster care and group homes, that they knew nothing about.

Alice doesn't know shit when it comes to what's best for me. And just because she is some aunt related to me, or related to me at all, doesn't mean she knows best because she is a relative. Her future seeing shit isn't even concrete, its subjective. Based on choices and decisions a person makes, and one who wasn't so far up her ass or Edwards, would wonder if she seen outcomes of how I would react. Because if they did, if she did, she would have seen me cutting her out of my life completely by her continuous manipulations.

Yes, that is what I feel. She is nothing a person who manipulates her ways or wants on those around her. She likes control, and well frankly she won't control me.

Nobody, not even Jazzy will ever control my ass. End of.

But on a lighter note, this is my first Christmas as a vampire, and I intend to enjoy it, even if I wish I would've had at least one Christmas with Charlie. I miss him so much, even to this day. I'll never forget him and his love and kindness.

Adopted by him or not, he is my father, my dad.

I've lit a candle for him this morning, one that smells most like him. It brought me comfort, since I was already in a sad mood.

The whole clothes by leaves thing, yeah, it was no bueno. Our skin wouldn't allow it. So it was actually Alice who helped Rose and Char make me my own little Tinkerbell dress. It's the same shade of green and it's silk! I actually love it, if I could wear it all the time, I would.

I did thank them, the three of them after I had it on, once they showed it to me. Jasper choked on air when he saw me come the stairs wearing it and the small little slippers with little puff balls on the toes. He growled once I reached him which made me giggle.

But back to Christmas. I have yet been 'allowed' off the island, but that didn't stop be from shopping for a few gifts for each person in the family, yes even Alice. I made sure to block my mind when it came to her and her gifts. Anger and what not aside, I wanted to get her something, well give her some things.

Each couple got a to do list from me, or a to get list. They didn't know exactly who they were shopping for since I made sure no mated couples were buying for a direct mated couple. Everyone was mixed up. I shopped for Jazzy's gifts online and trusted only Esme to pick up his. They would already be gift wrapped and ready to bring home, so nobody could touch them.

I made sure my hands were covered with these awesome silk like pink gloves, Edward gave them to me, he looked sheepish. I still smiled at him, I loved Edward even though he's a huge 'ratard' to follow Alice's advice when it comes to me.

He didn't want me to see anything anybody was getting, since anything they did and later would be the past. He said he wanted me to be as surprised as I could be. I was grateful for that!

I love Christmas! What's not to love? I mean you get presents! I love me some presents, and now that I'm a vampire, I love it even more for some reason. I guess the idea of getting to spend forever celebrating it forever and other awesome holidays, is exciting, at least to me... and Emmett. If anybody understood the awesomeness of Christmas and presents, it's Emmett.

So here I am wrapping all my gifts in the privacy of the bathroom from Jasper and my room. He's gotten his things taken care of, the party pooper. He had the sales people from the mainland wrap his gifts for everybody up every time he bought something. It's almost criminal to have somebody wrap everything for you and not doing it yourself. But I found out not too long ago when I asked him to wrap the big package I have for Peter, it was best to have him not wrap anything at all.

I thought vampires were suppose to be good at everything by now, or for somebody to be alive as long as he has been, would have at least semi-perfected the task such as gift wrapping a simple large box. My poor God of War, lost his battle with the gift wrap and the tape. I couldn't help but giggle every time he would growl and mutter profanities at the 'offensive piece of shit' or as he called it. When he caught me laughing he just stared at me with disbelieving eyes and then narrowed them, saying I gave him trick wrapping paper!

Do they even have that sort of shit? Trick wrapping paper?

I took the wrapping paper and tape from his hands carefully and pushed the box into our large bathroom slowly watching him the entire time. I wasn't sure if the box would survive the onslaught of emotions he was directing towards it. So I managed to shut and lock the door to save it and the items. It was a struggle, wrapping the box, since it was damn near taller than I was. But I got the job done, it looked great and I even put a bright pink bow on top of the box. All of my gifts were topped with bright pink silky bows so I knew when who was opening mine.

I'm down to Alice's gifts and Esme's gifts. I made a call to the person who ended up in charge of my affairs and possessions I've inherited from my family. Not to mention when Alice was carted off to the nutthouse, they took her locket from her. It had been found and placed back in the hands of my family when they admitted her, and my Grandma kept it safe I guess. I had it shipped under Jaspers name but told him not to open it.

It was a present for her, from me of her past. I thought she deserved to have it back. It was a gift from her birth mother, I seen it from the visions of memories she didn't remember. I just hoped she loved it and didn't decide it was ugly now. Though I wouldnt put it past her, she's so damn materialistic about everything and anything. If she calls the locket ugly or shows that she doesn't like it, I'll keep it. It truly is a beautiful piece of jewelry.

I also had other items of her's like pictures from when she had been human to give to her. Everyone else in the family had pictures from their human days, but her. So I thought she would like to be brought in with that tradition.

Like I said, I'm angry with her, but I still love her. I don't hate her, I don't think I could fully hate her. If I did, I would have lit her ass on fire or some shit after I ripped her apart.

For Esme, I got her a charm bracelet. It said in the online catalog that it was the best-selling that sold out faster than hot cakes on mother's day. It was platinum and I selected a bunch of different charms for her. They all matched her personality and the love she gave off and all the things she does for us, as the motherly one in the family.

I got one for Rose too, because she's well she's all sorts of motherly to me but she isn't suffocating about it. It was more of a sisterly/friendship one for her. One the charms on the bracelet held a locket, inside the locket was a picture of her and I before and after my change. I thought she might like it. I know she had her reservations on my humanity, so I wanted to put the human me in there for her, to let her know that I understood and loved her for it.

Char wasn't too difficult to shop for, I grew to love her and our relationship became close. She got a bracelet as well, but the charms were totally different from Rosalie. I wanted her to know that even though I hadn't known her as long, I didn't love her any less. She's been awesome since we've met and let's face it, Char is fucking hilarious. She's awesome, and I love the way she puts Peter in his place when he's being an annoying fucktard - which is like.. almost always. She's becoming almost like a bestfriend, or a very good friend.

I also gave the girl's tickets without expiration dates so all of us could get away for girl time together for a two-week girly vacation doing whatever we all wanted to do. It's an open ticket to go anywhere, since we have yet to talk about it. I'm sure they will enjoy that, but it won't happen until this Maria shit is dealt with and I've had some time alone with just my Jazzy.

Getting Maria out-of-the-way, and spending alone time away from everyone else with just Jasper, were top priority. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't want alone time with Jazzy all the time. I can't wait till we can just be us and not worry about other people being around. I'm hoping he takes me somewhere fun and exciting but somewhere out of reach so we can go on about things without being exposed.

Hopefully lots of naked times. Jasper naked is so heavenly, I swear every time I see his naked body, my eyes roll back into my head and I hear all sorts of angels singing Halilooyah. The man is a God, along with his peen. That thing is a person all on it's own, trust me. All I want for Christmas for him is him naked with a hot pink bow tied around his dick, it would be lovely.

Now I'm humming All I Want For Christmas.

Shopping for the boys was a different fare all together. It seemed easier but more difficult at the same time. I mean what do you get vampire men that have forever to do everything they could ever wish to do? More importantly, what if they hate it? It would be devastating to see the looks of fake cheer on their faces. The girls I could do with out batting an eye lash. I knew them, not to mention I'm a girl myself, so it wasnt hard to put together a thoughtful gift along with a girly trip gift.

Men where easier to a point. There are sports, any man loves sports at least one sport out of all of them. Also they like video games, and they point out what they like the most out of hobbies. But what do men really expect to get for Christmas?

Carlisle wasn't too hard at all. I got him a few blank journals to write his discoveries and thoughts. He's very scientific when it comes to Vampires, so it would be cool for him to write down things he discovers or his thoughts on things that have to do with ones gift and why they were gifted it. I also got him a few different white Dr.'s coats with his name embroidered on it. I find him quite more handsome with the white coats on, for some reason.

For my Emmy Bear of a brother, I got him a few different things. One, a new game that hasn't even come out yet. With Jasper's strings and money he was able to help me get the game for Emmett. Every time it's even brought up from a live Xbox match against somebody elsewhere in the country or world, he raves about it and gushes how he can't wait till it comes out. I also got him an upgrade for his Jeep, once we get off this Island he can get the new model for his current 'baby' and have whatever add-on's he wishes for. Well the Jeep thing is more of a couples gift from Jasper and myself. I also got Emmett a few different gift certificates for gadgets. He was into spy shit, anything that could assist him in pranks, so I'm sure he would love that.

Edward was the simplest and easiest person to shop for. I got him new composition papers that he can place in different leather-bound holders, to keep them from wearing old or getting ruined. The man was a vampire and I'm sure he didn't need to write down all the little songs he plays or makes up in his mind, but I'm sure he would love to write them down regardless. I also got him a massive amount of I-tunes gift cards as well, I know how much he loves listening to music just as much as he loves making it.

Peter and Jasper were the hardest ones to shop for to tell you the truth.

Peter was hard to shop for because even though he was super close to my Jazzy, and his brother. I didn't know as much about him than the little things he have away, other than his little jackass like comments that annoyed but amused me. I know he's originally from Texas like my Jasper, but not exactly a civil war soldier, but a soldier none the less. He was changed by Jasper during the Southern Vampire Wars, and became the Major's Captain. I also know he loves the south still to this day and that he met Char there, in the wars, who was also changed by Jazzy. He loves all things southern, pick up trucks, and he even smokes cigarettes despite that he really doesn't get effected by them. Not to mention the fact that he loves drinking and 'two-stepping'.

I got Peter a few bottles of his favorite whiskey, along with a few Stetsons and a few new pairs of cowboy boots. I didn't bother with clothes, he shops for his own, and doesn't really allow women to 'get his delicates' though I highly doubt he wears any said delicates. I also got him a joint gift for him, with Jasper and whoever else they want to go with them.

Re-enactments had been a thing that both Jasper and Peter both loved. They loved the idea of being around the atmosphere of the old days when they were human. Anything to do with wars and Texas and the south beating the Yankee's or what have you. History was their love, and I couldn't judge them for that. So I got them a bunch of passes to all sorts of re-enactments.

I also got Peter this huge Elvis doll that sings and thrusts his hips when somebody passes by. He loves Elvis, but this thing is going to scare the shit out of him. It's what the box I asked Jasper to wrap contained of. He's going to shit himself when it's all quiet then it just starts singing and thrusting when it senses movement anywhere near it. I can't wait!

For Jasper I got him a bunch of history books, one with him in it, actually. I also got in touch with somebody over the internet saying that my boyfriend was obsessed with the Civil war, and got the uniform he went missing in, done up. All the way down to the sword and boots, and hat. I could already picture seeing Jasper standing in front of me in it, and I have to admit, is sexy.

I love a man in uniform.

I also got him a watch, not that he needs one, but it's engraved. I hope he loves it. I may have even made up a few coupons for sexual activities. All for his choice. Anywhere he wanted, whatever he wanted, however he wanted... I even had them laminated. I had no doubt about it, that he would put them to use, and that he would enjoy them. Shoot, I know I will!

It wasnt much, but it was all I could do really, at the moment. Eventually once I get out of my newborn stage, I'll be able to go out into the world and do my own shopping and maybe I'll even get a job! I mean why couldn't I work and make my own money and save up?

We all gathered around the living room, the couches and chairs filled up as well as some of us sitting on the floor. Emmett was standing near the tree in his ridiculous Santa's outfit, I'm not even going to lie, He made me be an elf. According to him I'm the only one small enough to wear the uniform with pride and actually pull it off. I rolled my eyes at that and put the darn outfit on, because it's Christmas, so why not give in? Emmett made one hell of a Santa, until he whispered huskily in Rosalie's ear ' Have you been Naughty or Nice little girl?' it made me shutter and pinch him, only making him let out a roaring belly laugh.

Perverted Jerk!

Though, I think Jazzy likes my outfit, even down to the curled bell toed shoes. He sucked in a breath when he saw me come down the stairs with it on, and choked. I giggled and jingled all the way over to Emmett's side to be his helper.

"I just want to say before we start, thank you to everybody who helped me gather my presents for everyone. I know you all had your own things you needed to get, and you helped me since we've yet to test my control." I muttered while looking around the room at everyone.

They all smiled and said it was alright, besides Peter who let out a whine about how straining it had been, and how daunting such a task it was. I rolled my eye and stuck my tounge out at him childishly, since he childishly complained. He wasn't offended of course, he just grinned and sent me a wink.

"Alright now that Tinkerbella is finished with her oh so, heart warming thank you, let's get down to business shall we." Emmett said as he rested his arm on my head as if I were an armrest.

I elbowed him nicely in the ribs and smiled innocently when he glared and rubbed where I got him.

Apparently they all had a system, everyone was to get their presents handed to them and then we all open them together. I didn't like that idea, I rather liked the idea of each person who bought for everyone watch as everybody opened their presents given to them from said giver.

"Doesn't sound bad, it's actually nice to switch it up." Emmett muttered as he stroked his fake white beard.

I just giggled at him and nodded. I did request that my gifts be given out last amongst the mass of people around us.

I received a sorts of awesome stuff from everyone.

Esme and Carlisle, they got me a necklace with the Cullen Crest on it. It was a cross between Alice and Rosalie's. It was held on a long silk like ribbon and the crest was rather large like Rosalie's. It was beautiful and I allowed Carlisle to place it on me right away.

Rosalie had given me a vanity set. Gold embellished with my name engraved on them. A brush, a comb, a handheld mirror, and an old-looking perfume bottle. They looked very delicate and expensive. I actually loved it, and after getting to know her, I knew that it was special, it was gifted to her from her human days, by her grandmother. For her to give it to me, well if I was able to cry I would have two small rivers flowing down my cheeks. I couldn't help but nearly crush her body with my newborn strength with how much of it I put into the hug I gave her.

Emmett gifted me with a pink gaming system, as well as a pink Gameboy or whatever he called it. He said it was to pass the time and keep me busy when it seemed like there was nothing else to do. He also gave me prank notebook, to write down my ideas and different activities with a whole page of free passes on pranking him and him not being allowed to retaliate. There had been only eight of those, so that meant I had to plan eight really great pranks on him.

Char, she got me my own pair of cowboy boots, well in this case since I'm a girl, cow-girl boots. They were pretty and I was actually was afraid of touching them. They were a beautiful black with red on them. I actually wanted to put them on over my Elf costume but Emmett said he would demote me, so with a pout I told her I would wear them tomorrow. Apparently they took awhile to break in.

Peter's gift was funny. He got me good too. He always talks about how short I am, and how it should be illegal for people in my situation to do some things. It's not my fault I'm small but, oh well. He got me this claw like thing, it goes to different lengths, and has a trigger so the claw can grip whatever your trying to reach. Also, it's pink, which is the best thing about it. Besides the claw reacher thingy, he gave me a jewelry box, I think it was hand carved. Either way it was beautiful and I let him know I appreciated it and loved it.

Edward and Alice gave me their gifts together. Alice of course had given me a bunch of clothes, much like everyone else, along with gift cards to shop for things on my own. The clothes she picked out to gift to me, were actually ones I liked and they were my style. I thanked her and started to open my gift from Edward. It seemed like he was in on my charm bracelet thing, because he gifted me a necklace that would match it, he also given me a new hot pink laptop with a carrying case to go with it, which was a lighter pink but it shimmered and had my name on it. I had used everyone elses laptops and other things to do stuff, so it was nice to have my own.

For having a boyfriend for the first time on Christmas, I really didn't know what to expect. I think maybe the girly girl inside of me, which is the majority of my whole being, was hoping for the one thing most women want. The ring, an engagement ring. Even with everything going on, which us being in hiding for the time being and the Maria stuff that happened and is going to happen, I guess I wished for that. But I didn't get an engagement ring, and I covered up my disappointed at that, so Jasper couldn't feel it. I know it's ridiculous to expect such a thing, but I can't help it, I'm a girl and it's what we girls do. He did however tell me that for my present I was going to get to leave the island and just be with him. So that was better than nothing, or at least better than anything.

When he told me the other's were going to stay on the island, and we were going to take a vacation just the two of us, I nearly cried. I felt so relieved! But the selfish part of me wished we didn't have to come back to the island for a long time. Being here and not having the chance to leave made me sort of resent the place a little.

Everyone loved their presents from me. Jasper was over the moon along with Peter. Alice, she sobbed and thanked me like a million times for giving her back her human things. I was relieved that she didn't scoff or call any of them ugly, but she appreciated and cherished them. When I explained what and why I have them to her, she clutched onto me like nobodies business.

I was elated when Peter stuck his face close to the Elvis' face and Jasper quickly but undetected turned the Elvis on. The result sent Elvis flying in the air, Peter letting out a nice girlish scream all the while jumping nearly two feet in the air.

All in all, Christmas was a very good success. I still wished Charie was here, but I know he's looking down on me and make sure I had my share of love and smiles.


That's the chapter... I know it's a bit late, but I've been blocked and I wrote a little every day.