This is Nathan Huss. Son of Larry Huss, as well as the editor/prereader/beta/etc of his fanfics.

Earlier this month, my father passed away due to an ongoing struggle with cancer, having been diagnosed with such a number of years ago. Despite several rounds of surgery and chemotherapy regimens, in the end they were only able to mitigate his condition. We in his family did our best to make his remaining time as comfortable as we could, and when he passed on it was peacefully and without pain.

I would like to thank all the people who favorited, followed, and just read and enjoyed his works for doing so. While in the last few years he was unable to work up the energy needed to continue his writing in sufficient amounts to complete further chapters, the fact that he still received as much feedback and interest as he did is something of a comfort. Unfortunately, those works currently unfinished... Palimpsest, Mosaic, A Kinder Killing, and the at-the-time-planned sequel to A Teacher's Glory... will remain so.

I invite any and all of you to read his stories again, and to share in the memories and ideas that he put to writing. I hope that, whether it is for the first time or the fifth or more, they still manage to amuse and entertain you in the spirit in which they were originally made. Thank you.

-Nathan Huss