Me, my Angel and the Devil

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Kitsu: Prologue or chapter one...

[The beginig]

- Somewhere -

"Dragon of Light" - said an elderly monk.

"Hai, master." - said a young boy.

"You and your teammates will go to the Xiaolin temple. The dark forces will be strengthened and it would be best if the elemental warriors join. We must hurry. Go and find the others, and then immediately go forth to the other dragons. Now go."

"Hai." - he replied and then disappeared. Then the old man went to the window sill and watched as dark clouds coming from the west, and spoke again:

"The end has begun."

- The xiaolin Temple -

"Hey Kuro! Pass me the ball!" - said a 17 years old boy with black hair and green eyes. His name was Tim Rey.

"Okay! Just grab it Tim!" - said Kuro Kiminoto, the 16 years old boy with blonde hair and amethyst eyes.

"Hey! Tim don't want to play with me a little?" - said a 17 years old girl with short curly red hair and hazel eyes. The girl had huge breasts, and her name was Clara Boobs.

"Go away bitch!" - shouted a guy with brown hair and violet eyes. His name was Ryan Mendoza.

"I'm not a bitch!" - Clara shouted back.

"Hahaha!" - Kimiko, Omi, Clay and a young girl with blonde hair and bright blue eyes laughed. The lil girl's name was Kira Kiminoto, she is Kuro's twin sister.

Master Fung suddenly came into the picture and cleared his throat.

"Young people today, three new dragon will arrive. They come straight from the White Dragon Temple. This temple is reserved for the highest-ranking and most distinguished Xiaolin warriors, this is also the central xiaolins church, and live here, the leaders of Xiaolin order. They therefore come to assist you in training and to fight the battle against the evil in our site. They also Xiaolin dragons, so they also have the power than you. These elements are Wood, Metal, and the Light, in addition, all three boys. I invite you to be very kind and respectful with the coming xiaolins."- said Master Fung and looked up at the sky.

A large black dragon flew toward the Xiaolin Temple, and when the monks came over, stopped, then jumped off the dragon three figures.

They were all boys.

The first boy, nice run down the legs, and sighed with relief, but the second was a big guy, he falls on the first boy, the third boy was a slender figure, he is run down gracefully in front of the other two guys, then the dragon is small in size and wrapped up the third boy's left arm.

Barely a moment later, three bag fell from the sky. Two out of that two guy who was still lying on the ground, and the third, crashed on landing last-to guy. The guy raised his right arm and left it in the bag landed gracefully on his back (because he was raised his hand which not prevents the bag) and then he turned to the Xiaolin Dragons, he smiled and pulled off his hood.

When the xiaolins saw his face, their eyes widened.

To be continued

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