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This is an AU of Tatooine Ghost.


Leia stared at Mon Mothma in shock.

"You want me to do what?" She demanded.

Mon Mothma flinched at the intensity in Leia's voice.

"You have heard that the Killik Twilight has resurfaced "

Leia nodded.

"Well I thought it would be nice since you have embarrassed the Alderaanian Council if you and some others go to Tatooine and purchase it." Mon explained.

Leia gaped at her.

"I hate that moss painting!" She grumbled.

"Remember the code on the-"

"I remember!" Leia hissed.

Leia sighed. "I guess I could get a group together to retrieve it." She said after a few heartbeats.


Leia held Bail as Intelligence disguised them as Togruta.

"Bail like Ailyn now." She told him.

Bail stared at her before smiling.


Hours later they boarded the Rekindled Dream. Ahsoka and Jix took the pilot and co pilot while Leia and Han took Communications and Tactical.

"I've been on hundreds of missions and not once did I have to be disguised." Jix grumbled, as he rearranged his lekku.

"Togruta don't usually travel alone and it's the perfect disguise." Ahsoka said. "Besides no one would suspect that we are with a Midian." Ahsoka continued as she adjusted the sling that carried five month old Shaak Ti Jixton.

"And stop messing with your lekku." She ordered and leaned over to rearrange them.


Leia opened her eyes sleepily.

She had been dreaming about being so happy then so worried.

But she couldn't remember the details of the dream except that she was surrounded by children and others.

"Hey, you all right?" Ahsoka asked.

"Just a dream." Leia replied.

Ahsoka looked concerned but didn't say anything.

"Hey guys we have a Star Destroyer in the system. It appears to be the Chimaera." Jix reported.

"Didn't she disappear eight years ago?" Han asked.

"Yup." Jix said.

"Maybe you know who sent them some place and said that they were missing." Ahsoka mused out loud.

"Wouldn't put it past him." Jix replied.

"Let's just mind our own business and land in Mos Espa." Corray Ly-pah said, causing everyone to turn to her.

"A good idea, after all they can't stop us." Jix said, smiling.

Keeping a wary eye on the Star Destroyer they broke the atmosphere and landed in Mos Espa.


They made their through the dusty streets of Mos Espa. Leia held Bail close to her chest as she stared at the two storm troopers outside the Dance Hall where the auction was going to be held.

"Mawbo probably doesn't want them inside." Han whispered.

Leia nodded.

Leia watched as Ahsoka held Denis and Ailyn's hands tighter.

They walked passed the storm troopers and entered into Mawbo's Performance Hall.

A weequay took their cloaks and they entered the hall.

The hall was full of booths and pleasures.

Leia sighed and held Bail closer.

Jix, she noted, picked up Ailyn

They meandered through the hall stopping now and then to look at things being offered.

"There's one." Jix muttered. "One what?" Ailyn asked. "Guards" Jix answered.

Within minutes they identified several others that could only be guards for the former Imperials there.

"Hey, want to see our wares?" Three squibs asked, popping nearly out of nowhere.

Leia clutched Bail tightly and Ahsoka moved closer to Jix.

"No thanks," Han said.

"Surely you haven't seen anything like-"

"No thank you." Jix said as he led his family away.

Soon they were a safe distance away.

"Squibs, they'd sell you a bucket of air-" Han began. "And keep the bucket." Jix finished. "And it's true." Ahsoka commented.

They continued their tour of the booths.

One booth held some pieces that the holoscreen claimed came from Jabba the Hutt's Palace. Leia however was pretty sure that the pieces didn't come from the Hutt's palace. They weren't lewd enough for the deceased Hutt's tastes.

In one booth Leia admired a piece of art entitled The Last Lake. It was quite beautiful.

Next to the painting was a holocube of a young boy, somewhere between the ages eight and ten. He was standing in front of a cockpit of some type. He was clearly posing for the holo and had such a contagious grin that Leia found herself smiling with him.

It appeared that he was either pretending that he had just won something or, just maybe, won it himself. It had been done before.

Leia was suddenly aware of a human man watching her and her group.

"Nice holocube." She managed.

The man nodded.

Leia glanced around for the holoscreen and nearly stepped on a smashed one on the floor, unreadable.

Leia sighed.

"He's pretty cute." She commented to the man.

The man smiled. "Yes, I suppose so." He answered. A distant look on his face.

"Human children can be so adorable. Jix commented.

"What happened to the holoscreen?" Ahsoka asked.

The man scowled.

"The Imperials smashed it." He growled.

Leia frowned. What reason would former Imperials have to smash a holoscreen?

"They would have destroyed the holocube if I hadn't told them that they would have to pay for it." The man continued.

Jix shook his head.

"What did he do?" Ahsoka asked.

"He won the Boonta Eve Classic."

Jix's mouth opened and Han laughed.

"Humans can't Pod Race, especially as younglings."Han said scornfully.

"I wouldn't repeat that to any of the locals. Many of them remember him winning the Boonta Eve Classic." The man cautioned.

Han snorted then turned to everyone else.

"We have other booths to visit." He reminded them.

They followed Han out of the booth and into the next one.


Leia sat down in a Cantina and sighed.

She had prayed that painting being offered wasn't Killik Twilight but it was.

"Signal Corray, the painting is the real deal." Leia told Jix.


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