Morning came too soon to the dreaming pairing as the sunlight threatened to awaken them. Doumeki still had his arms wrapped tightly around his crush's waist, not noticing that the slim body held to his own had more than doubled in size. The grown yet still smaller boy was blissfully unaware of the fact he was snuggling up with his supposed rival. All he knew was that for the first time in a long time he felt safe and he felt warm.

Watanuki awoke first from his peaceful slumber to find himself unable to move even the slightest bit. The grip around him would give no slack and the boy who held him was oblivious to his struggles.

"Doumeki?" The sleepy teen whispered. When the older boy gave no response Watanuki panicked.

"Doumeki? Doumeki!" He called, hysteria seeping into his voice.

Finally the archer became aware of the struggling mass in his arms and opened his bleary eyes. He looked directly at Watanuki's flushed face and smiled tenderly at the Seer. This was a sight he could get used to. Doumeki gripped him all the tighter to his chest and pushed the flushed boy's face into the arch of his neck.

Watanuki was so tempted to just enjoy the warmth and drift back to sleep, but he was confused and didn't remember how he'd gotten into this position. Every fiber of his being screamed to just ignore that little fact and enjoy this while he could. He felt calmer than he had in a long time and for once he didn't feel like getting excited and screaming. Doumeki was being so gentle to him and so loving.

Watanuki felt Doumeki's fingers trailing down his face and felt himself lean into the touch instinctively.

"How did we get like this? What happened?" He questioned softly, soothed by the touch despite his confusion.

"Yuko was working on a powder that turns people back into children when you inhale it. It turned you back into a 10 year old who had no memory about who you were. You didn't even recognize me or Yuko. I brought you back to your house and tucked you in. You didn't want to sleep alone so you asked me stay the night with you. Seems the powder wore off though. It's a shame, you were such a cute child. Much quieter and less panicky."

Watanuki blushed at the complement and looked at Doumeki doubtingly.

"I was?" He asked, having no memory of what he'd looked like as a child.

Doumeki nodded sleepily, wanting nothing more than to curl up back to sleep with his crush in his arms. Fate is seemed, didn't like his plan. For at that very moment who should come knocking at Watanuki's door than sweet innocent Himawari. The Seer all but jumped out of his skin as he heard her sweet voice threw the thin wood of his entranceway. He untangled himself from Doumeki's arms and struggled to his feet.

He threw open his door and smiled brightly in his bubbly way.

"Himawari! What brings you to my home this fine morning!"

Himawari flinched away from his excitement and stared wide eyed at her friend.

"I'm fine Watanuki. Sorry if I interrupted anything…"

Watanuki looked at her in confusion and blushed when he looked down and realized exactly how he looked.

His clothes were the same as yesterday and wrinkled horribly. His face was still flushed from Doumeki's complement and the grin from it refused to leave his face.

"I just had a rough night Himawari. What did you need?"

Himawari shifted awkwardly and stared at her feet.

"I need the homework pages assigned from Friday…..Do you know which ones they are?"

Watanuki's smile faltered at the unsuspected question and he struggled to remember the lesson from the day before. It felt like it was a lifetime ago.

He opened his mouth to say he didn't recall, but he was interrupted by a warm arm wrapping around his waist and pulling him back slightly. Doumeki pulled the seer against himself and settled his head on top of his black locks.

Their position screamed of intimacy and Watanuki blushed the deepest shade of crimson when he caught sight of Himawari's face. The pigtailed girl looked like a tomato her face was so red. It was impossible for Watanuki to utter a word as Doumeki held him so securely.

"Pages 18-23 in the book. All the even numbers. That all you need?"

Himawari stepped back at the blunt tone and nodded her head lightly.

"That's all."

The girl made a quick backward dash away from them until she was far enough away not to be seen and gave a quiet fan girl shriek of approval. Watanuki reached after her as she ran away, but was held back by Doumeki's tightened embrace.

"Let me go! She's going to think we're…..!"

"We're what?"

Watanuki blushed even brighter and didn't say anything for a long time.

"What are we?" He finally asked in a meek voice.

Doumeki nuzzled his face into the smaller boy's hair and smiled softly.

"What do you think we are?"

Watanuki shivered at the act and shook his head lightly.

"I don't know."

A flash of a memory flickered hazily across his mind and he spoke the words before they completely registered.

"You said you loved me."

Both sets of eyes widened to their brim and at what he had said and Watanuki placed his hand his own mouth.

"I didn't…..I don't….!"

Doumeki held the shorter boy tighter and sighed lightly.

"I do love you."

Watanuki froze and held his breath at the words. That had probably been the most outrageous, yet honest thing Doumeki had ever said to him.

His heart felt like it was beating out of his chest and he found himself wanting desperately to return the declaration of love. He turned to face Doumeki without breaking his hold.

Watanuki fisted his hand in the archer's top and lowered his gaze to the ground.

"I guess….maybe…..I might….I mean…..I love you too….Idiot."

Doumeki smiled and pressed his forehead to the Seer's.

"Can I kiss you?" He whispered quietly. Watanuki felt himself nodding his head lightly and a blush coat his cheeks.

Doumeki leaned down and closed the gap between them slowly. Watanuki tightened his grip on the older boy's top and pressed his whole body against him. The kiss was tender and held every unspoken word and feeling between them. It was so sweet he was sure he was going to swoon in the archer's arms.

When they parted Watanuki took a shaky breath and touched his lips in wonder, not believing he had really just given his first kiss to the archer.

"That was amazing." He whispered.

The taller boy smiled sweetly and nodded.

"Doum-" Watanuki started, but he was cut off.

"Call me Shizuka."

The Seer flushed crimson and nodded slightly.

"Shizuka." He repeated quietly. After another moments pause he looked Doumeki in the eyes and said:

"I want you to call me Kimihiro then."

Doumeki nodded and kissed the seer's cheek lightly.

"Kimihiro….. My Kimihiro. We're going to be something marvelous."

Watanuki beamed up at him and held Doumeki closer.

"We already are."

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