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"The sun came up on the Spanish sea

Our homeland far behind us

Being hunted by the King's Navy

It's sure he'd never find us.

Pull away, me lads o' the Cardiff Rose

And hoist the Jolly Rodger."

"Not the best thing to be singing in these seas my sister," my brother's voice called to me, making me turn to see him helping with the sail brace a few feet away.

"Your brother is right child," one of the older sailors behind him commented, "These are cursed waters." My head tilted to the side at his words before I nodded in obedience and turned around to look out at the water once again.

"Over in Killarney,

Many years ago,

My Mother sang a song to me

In tones so sweet and low." My gaze locked on the silhouette of another ship, against the moon, though not too far away.

"Just a simple little ditty,

In her good old' Irish way,

And I'd give the world if she could sing

That song to me this day." The ship seemed to be getting closer to us and in my usual nervous manner I moved quickly to where my brother was.

"There's a ship," I commented to him as I tugged on his sleeve, "Jacob, there's a ship headed this way."

"We're at sea, there's bound to be other ships," he soothed before returning to his work... a feeling of foreboding was quickly swelling up in my stomach. "Isa, relax."

With a determined look I shook my head before dashing towards the helm where the captain was stood with his helmsman. "Captain McIntosh," I squeaked at him to catch his attention, recoiling as he turned to me with a stern look.

"What is it girl?" he snapped as I'd interrupted his conversation.

"There's a ship," I replied quietly as I glanced towards the silhouette which was obviously getting bigger as it got closer. "Jacob says there's bound to be others, but I have a really bad feeling about this one."

"A feeling you say?" he challenged me as I looked up at him with wide eyes.

"Yes sir, a feeling," I nodded, more confident this time, "Swelling in my stomach, something's wrong, sir." The man nodded before glancing at his helmsman.

"My spyglass," he ordered before accepting it off of him and looking to where I'd pointed... there was a moment's pause before he cursed aloud. "Pirates." His helmsman looked shocked. "Good work girl, I knew the superstitions about having a woman on board were false."

"Sir," I nodded with a smile before I rushed off as he started bellowing orders as the pirates finally got in firing range.

The next minute there was chaos... I lost my brother in rush of terror and the last thing I remember before everything went black was someone grabbing my around my waist and a blinding pain in the back of my head.

I woke up a while later to the smell of burning and the cheers of a rowdy pirate crew, with a moan of pain I pushed myself up from where I lay on the deck. In a moment of panic I threw myself towards the rail and let out a cry of grief at the sight of the burning Cardiff Rose. "Jacob," I gasped in horror until a hand clamped down on my shoulder making me look up at a young pirate with dread locks and a bandana.

"Are you okay child?" he asked me in a slightly slurred tone as I looked up at him half horrified half in awe.

"Of course I'm not okay!" I snapped suddenly, "You... you attacked my ship, you killed my brother!"

"Ah, you see we've had a long going war with Captain McIntosh and we didn't think they'd have children on board." He told me, "How old are you lass?"

"Nine," I replied suddenly quiet as I glanced nervously at his crew, "You kidnapped me?"

"I saved you," he countered, "One o' me crew were gonna kill you with the rest... we couldn't have that now could we?"

"What now?" I asked sadly with another look over my shoulder.

"I can drop you off at port," he replied making me frown, "You don't want that?"

"I have nowhere to go," I replied, "My brother's all I had left... we were living on the Cardiff Rose. I was working in the Galley with their cook... Jacob was teaching me how to be a sailor."

"You want to stay aboard a Pirate ship?" he asked tentatively making me look up at him in hope before sending another nervous look at his crew. "I'll make sure they do you no harm, child. So what say you?" I smiled slightly and nodded, tears still in my eyes from the loss of my brother, "Then welcome aboard the Black Pearl, lass."

"It's Isabelle Connolly," I corrected making him give me a surprised look, "Isa."

"Well Isa, my names Captain Jack Sparrow..." he bowed slightly as he offered me his hand, "Call me Jack."

"Nice to meet you Jack," I smiled at him once more as he placed a kiss on the back of my hand.