So here I was, stood on the gallows waiting for my execution... with a sigh I glanced to my side where Jack stood and he smiled sadly at me. "I'm sorry," he muttered making me shrug.

"Eh," I replied, "Couldn't really expect any different, you know. Being a pirate and all." He sighed, "I had fun Jack."

"Me too," he nodded, smiling back at me. I bit my lip as our sentences were read and with a gulp I waited for the rope to be wrapped around my neck. Though, it wasn't and I watched in confusion as they attempted to hang Jack before me.

A sword had flew and embedded in the wood beneath him, saving Jack's life as he balanced precariously on it. "Isa! Get me out of this!" he yelped making me chuckle and hop down towards him, cutting my rope on the sword before I got Jack down too.

With the help of Will we fought our way to the battlements of the Fort and I stood, gripping on to Jack's arm as we were surrounded. "I thought I'd have to live though some manner of escape," Norrington commented, "Though, not from you Mr Turner."

"They're pirates," Governor Swann commented.

"And good people," Will replied.

"You forget your place, Mr Turner," Norrington seethed.

"It's right here, between you and them," Will replied simply making me smiled up at him,

"As is mine," Elizabeth stepped forward, causing the swords and pistols to drop.

I glanced around me as the discussion continued before I smiled widely at the sight of Cotton's Parrot. "Well!" I interrupted, "I think we've all ended up in a great place."

"Spritually," Jack agreed, "Ecuminically..."

"Gramatically," I smiled up at him.

"But," Jack smiled as he pulled me back towards the side, "It looks like once again, you will always remember today as the day that you almost..." He stepped to far back and tumbled over the side making me giggle and look down.

"That was supposed to end with; 'hung Captain Jack Sparrow and the infamous Isabelle Connolly'." I informed them all before I grinned, "Ta'!" With that I turned and dove off, avoiding the rocks as I submerged in the water.

"Let's get home," Jack nodded towards the Black Pearl that was waiting for us a little out of the bay making me grin and follow him at a swim towards it.

When we got there, as was pulled up by rope by the crew I landed on my feet and looked down at Jack, sprawled on his back. "Captain Sparrow!" Anna Maria greeted from the helm. "The Black Pear is yours."

He smiled up at her before hopping to his feet and dashing over to take over the helm as I joined him, wrapping my arms around his waist from behind as I rested my chin on his shoulder. He relaxed immediately before tensing up and going into Captain mode. "Anna Maria, trim the mainsail!" he ordered.

"Aye aye sir," she nodded before doing just that.

"Mr Gibbs, organise a cleaning detail, you and Cotton," he ordered once more, "I want every inch of the Pearl spic-and-span and ship-shape!" He was replied to with a salute before the rest of the crew got to work on getting us out of there.

"Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me," I sang softly as I opened the compass in front of him, to our surprise it pointed straight back towards us, and I knew it was pointing at him... and by his smug smirk he knew too.

"A pirate's life for us," he commented making me smile up at him.