Midori-Emmi: Once upon a time, on a very boring night, as deemed so by none other than the great authoress herself…*dodges the tennis balls thrown with deadly accuracy at her*…all the tennis regulars in the whole of the Prince Of Tennis universe were gathered in a single place.

*Seigaku, Rikkai, Hyotei, Fudoumine, Rokkaku, St Rudolph and Shitenhouji wave back*

Midori-Emmi: …Yes, even those teams who were just put into the universe solely for the sake of being there and being seen just once and then forgotten the next moment. Oh, and guys, even if you guys did stay in the manga for more than 2 chapters, you are still the unloved and unwanted calefares.

*Higa, as well as numerous no-name schools that even Takeshi-sensei himself has decided not to name, cry and despair curled up in a corner.*

Midori-Emmi: Oi! Don't crowd so much around that area! Damn I'm so gonna make them clean up afterwards…

All: Just friggin get on with the damn thing!

Midori-Emmi: *Annoyed* But of course, my dearies, just that-

All: And who are you calling 'dearies'?

Midori-Emmi: *Ticked off* Just let me *BEEP*ing get on with this *BEEP*ing programme or whatever you people wanna call it so that we can all go home and sleep!

All: Yeah yeah…

Midori-Emmi: So yes, tonight we are all gathered here for the same thing. Just the other day I was walking by this shop, and did you know what I found? I found this awesome boys love series called the 'Takumi-kun Series' and it was so awesome. So I went home to youtube it on the internet an-


Midori-Emmi: *Smiles sheepishly* Er…woops. My bad then. Ok boys, tonight, we are gonna sit down like the good little boys you all are and look through the 'PRINCE OF TENNIS 40.5 FANBOOK'!


Midori-Emmi: And we are gonna go through, for the sake of all the wonderful and curious readers who have decided to click on the link to this story, the awesome interviews! Of which all the people ranking from one to ten shall be announced for each question, and have been chosen by the readers using votes!

All: Boring…we wanna go home and sleep and just forget that a crazy authoress has just dragged all our butts here for such a stupid reason…

Midori-Emmi: *Shows a VERY sadistic smile, and turns to face everyone.*

Choutarou: …Shishido-san? Is it just me or is the authoress mad at something?

Shishido: *Gulps heavily* A-Ah its just you, Choutarou…its just you…

Midori-Emmi: *Glares at the Silver Pair* Well anyways, we shall proceed on with the polling results and anyone who goes against my decision shall have his ...jewels…removed in some way or another…*smiles creepily* Now where did I keep my blunt scissors...

All: *Are stoned and unable to move due to shock*

Midori-Emmi: Its interview time, people! XDXD


A/N: Hey people, its me:) This is my first crackfic and I suck like hell at it but then this muse just didn't wanna leave me alone...so here we are:) So tell me if you want me to continue, yeah?