Title: Ignorance is Bliss

Author: Mercer SPN

Summary: John has to go on a hunt and leaves Sam and Dean with a woman he promises isn't a 'replacement for their mother'. But regrets it when he finds out she'd been hurting both of his sons.

Author's Note: I was actually really anxious to start this story. It's been on my mind for a while now. I hope you all enjoy it. I promise it'll have a lot of action and angst and all that good stuff. I also needed this story because I've been having just a little brain block on my other story 'Mind's Eye', so check that that out if you haven't already. I'll update that soon, I promise.

Time Set: Pre-season, obviously. Dean's nine, Sam's five. This is a little AU simply for the storyline.

Warning: Child abuse.

Ignorance is Bliss, Chapter 1

Dean knew there was a reason he didn't like her. He didn't like her from the start. Since the moment she came stumbling in like some ditz on wedges. The way she held onto their father, like she was afraid to let him go. The way her deep brown hair flew every which-way. The ways she smiled at everything - especially when John was around. Dean didn't like her.

The way she'd try to pick Sam up every five minutes. The way she played with his hair like he was some doll. The way she acted like she cared. The way she tried to replace his mother . Dean hated her. He hated the way she talked, the way she moved around the small two-bedroom apartment of hers. The way he and Sam had to live there with her while their father was on a hunt. He hated every little thing about her. Even her name, - Kristen, his father had told both of them. 'Call me Kris, sweetie,' he remembered her saying to Sam on the first night John brought her home. Dean despised her.

There was just something about her. Something that Dean couldn't quite put his finger on. Something about the look in her eye when she'd cook and Sam would say he wasn't hungry. Something about the way she'd watch him play with his toys. There was something off with her. And at the ripe age of nine years old, Dean knew that shouldn't stay with her.

But what could he do? John was set on them staying. Dean had never seen him like this before. He'd never really seen him about women before, so this was all new. But he wished everything could go back to the way it was before. Before she came into his father's life. She was ruining everything.

Dean was mad. Mad that his father had done this. Mad that he couldn't stop it. Never in a million years would he have thought that his father could bring another woman into their lives. John had told him, "I know no one can replace your mother. Believe me, I know. But… I think you guys need a woman in your lives. Both of you. Someone to take care of you when I'm not here. Someone to take you and Sammy to the park. Someone to cook you a nice dinner at night and drive you to school. And I think she can do that, okay? Just give her a chance, Dean. Please?"

She was crazy. She was weird. She was off. There was something about the tone of her voice when Sam asked a question. Something about the twitch of her eye when Dean told her he was going to go sit outside. Something about the way she'd clear her throat every time someone disagreed with her. Dean hated to admit it, but he was intimidated by her. Maybe because it's been so long that he's had a female in his life, or what. But there was something about her.

They had lived with her for three days with their father. And in those three days everything was alright. In fact, Dean had began to warm up to her. But then John had to leave. A hunt that he told her was a 'week long business trip'. Dean didn't want his dad to go. Sam had cried. But in the end, John left. Dean could see the worry in his eyes. Many of times before John as left them with others. In the care of Bobby. In the care of a friend he trusted dearly. Sometimes even my themselves. But this was different and they all knew it. This was pretty much a test.

The moment John left the apartment, the mood changed.

Dean knew there was a reason he didn't like her, and she proved him right all too well.


"I'm not hungryyyy," Sam's whined. He twirled the fork in the flavored noodles Kris had made and sat in front of him. She had an evil look in her eye. With a strong hand, she gripped the back of Sam's neck pushing it down toward the bowl.

"Eat. It," she says with a growl, making the words into their own sentences. "I made it, you eat it."

Sam pushed back, trying to slip out of the chair and out of her grip.

"Stop, please," he says, kicking his feet that were too short to touch the ground. "That hurts."

She didn't stop though. Sam dropped the fork, it slipped off the side of the table and fell to the ground.

The door swung open, Dean came walking in from getting the mail, just like she had told him to. Sure he hated her, sure he wanted her gone, but he was trying to play nice for his father's sake at least. But what he saw made him drop the papers of the ground and slam the door shut. He ran, he yelled.

"What the hell are you doing?" he shoved her as hard as he could. But she outweighed him. She was taller, and stronger. She only stumbled back a few steps, but it was enough to make her let go. Dean took hold of Sam's arm, pulling him off the chair and shielded him behind himself. Sam was crying.

Kris gawked at Dean.

"Don't you dare use that tone of voice with me!"

But Dean didn't stick around to hear the rest of her yelling. He took Sam by the hand and pulled him into the bedroom they shared in the apartment. He locked the door and pushed the chair in front of it. He ran to the closet and into the duffel bag his father had helped him pack. In the bottom of it was a cell phone John gave him 'just in case'.

Dean sat on the ground, just under the window and waved for Sam to come sit next to him. He was still crying, scared more than anything. He pulled Sam close, wrapped his arm around him as he pressed the phone to his ear.

It didn't surprise Dean when he only got his father's voice mail but it angered him.

"Hey, this is John..."

Dean dropped the phone hopelessly. He hit his head on the wall behind him, frustrated.

His dad needed to come back. He needed to come back now. He was sure things would only get worse.

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