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Ignorance Is Bliss, Chapter 14

Sam's surgery was today. The clock had just flipped to 6:24 in the morning. John and Bobby had been awake for god knows how long. Honestly, they don't even remember when they'd gone to sleep. Between worry about Sam and comforting Dean there was just no time for selfishness such as resting themselves. They'd gave every waking moment to those two since they were born and that sure as hell wasn't going to stop now.

The doctor had walked through the door just as his dull blue plastic gloves smacked around his wrists securely. Briefly, he nodded toward Bobby, glanced at Dean, then fixed his attention on John. "Sam's right outside," he announced. With his hand he absently motioned toward the door. "He did good through the night. We're confident he'll do good through the surgery, too."

There was a lump in John's throat that hadn't gone away since he'd gotten the call from Dean. Ever since then it just seemed to keep doubling and doubling in side. He was surprised it hadn't choked him yet. Carefully John studied the doctor's facial expression and overall attitude. He looked ready, confident. Somehow, his easy-going and calm speech calmed John's nerves a little. This man was he person who literally was going to have his son's life in his hands in a matter of minutes. John didn't trust strangers - hell, he didn't honestly trust anyone. But he needed to but his faith in his man right now. He needed to trust that he was a professional and could make sure Sam was alright. He had to.

"You can talk to him if you'd like," John was told. "Not too long though. We're on a schedule."

Momentarily, John glanced back at Bobby then he walked out the door to Sam. He rounded the corner looking both ways before spotting Sam and a team of nurses to the right of him. He jogged toward them. His lips pressed into a tight, straight line seeing as Sam hadn't regained much color overnight.

"Hey, kid,"John stated softly as he rested his heavy hand on Sam's shoulder. The father glared at the men and women in their colorful scrubs in a manor that told them he needed a minute alone with his child. They took the hint and scattered nonchalantly. "The doctors are gonna take you for a while, alright. Don't worry. It'll be fine," John continued. He'd let his fingers find the ends of Sam's hair, petting it softly, soothingly. He needed Sam to know he was here on any level he could. He didn't want Sam to feel alone.

"Me, Bobby and Dean will be right here waiting for you when you come back." John choked a little as he forced himself to continue. "Make sure you come back, okay, Sammy? You hear me?" He sniffed and blinked the lingering liquid in his eyes away. Mentally he shook himself. He had to stay strong. Keep it together John , he said to himself in a scolding tone.

The doctor came out of the room and glared at John. They needed to go, and although they weren't going to verbally rush John, he could tell the needed to get going. But he protest in anyway. The sooner Sam goes, the sooner it's over, the sooner he can begin to get better. So instead of going off on tangents about how much he and everyone else was pulling for him, John simply leaned down pressing his forehead to Sam's.

"We'll all here for you 's asking for you, too. So keep fighting, son." He stood up but let his hand linger on the side of Sam's face for a second longer. "Everything's gonna be okay," John says to him just as he walks back to the room where his eldest son was waiting.


"Sam's gonna be okay, right?"

Dean's deep green eyes stared at John. He breathed in deeply, letting it out slowly.

John nodded. "You know he will, Dean. He's gonna be fine."

There was silence in the room.

"Dean..."John begin. His thoughts went back to Kris and all they'd been through. He needed to know exactly what happened. "What happened with Kris while I was gone?"

The kid was quiet and his eyes fell to the bed sheets.


He shrugged. "He'd hit Sammy."

John looked over at Bobby, then back at his son. "Why?" he questioned. "What he do?"

"Nothing," Dean blurted out a little more defensively than needed. "Sam didn't do anything wrong. He just wasn't hungry, Dad. That's it."


Dean nodded slightly. "Yeah, it started because Sam wasn't hungry. She had made him, like, noodles or something, but he didn't want to eat it. So she tried to force him to eat and he just kept telling her no over and over...that's when I had came in from getting the mail. I had...I ran to Sam and got him away as quick as I could and I brought him into our room and locked the door. I didn't know what else to do, I- I just wanted to get him away from her."

John patted his shoulder approvingly. "You did all you could, Dean. It's fine. I was just...curious. It's okay."

The room fell silent but their minds all screamed the same thing: Sam.


The nurse had come back in two hours later to check on Dean. John was proud to notice that Dean seemed to only get better. His color had come back, he hadn't complained of a headache or dizziness. He was calm, talking frequently, and able to focus. Things for Dean were looking fine. She had told John that with the doctor's say-so, he could be released in a day or so with the proper medication to make sure his improvements keep on improving.

John had smiled down at Dean just slightly as she informed them.

The breathing tubes that were placed in Dean's nose when he'd first arrived were taken out the night he had first woke up, too. He was really doing fine. John felt a weight being lifted off his shoulder. It was clear: Dean was going to be just as good as new in a week or so. He always came out strong.

"Your son, Sam, he should be out of surgery in about an hour or so," she had said just as she left the room and close the door.


Sam had went in for his surgery at roughly 6:30 in the morning.

He didn't come out till 9:49 am.

In that time John, Bobby, and Dean did all the could not to tear their hair out with worry. In their minds they kept telling themselves that everything was alright. They kept saying to themselves that Sam was fine. They kept repeating over and over that Sam was a strong kid, that Sam was gonna be fine, that they were overreacting. But the wait and the silence only made their thoughts get louder and louder.

"He'll be fine," Dean had said aloud, but it was strictly meant to be said in his head. When the words left his lips his felt his eyes bulge a little and he flicked them over to his father and Bobby who already had their gaze set on him. Dean looked away. A moment later he felt an arm around him gently. He could hear his father' heartbeat.

"You're right, Dean. Sammy's gonna be just fine."


"He did great."

Those were the first words the doctor said as he reentered Dean's room. The relief on all their faces was apparent and something he was glad to see. John stood, walked to him, and shook his hand firmly.

"Thank you."

The doctor gave a nod then continued, "He's being moved back to a room of his own for now. I'll be back in about ten minutes after he's all set up. You can see him then," the doctor peered over John's shoulder to Dean. "You, too, son. You can go see your brother. There's no need for all those machines anymore. My nurses told me you were looking and feeling a thousand times better."

Dean nodded. "I am."

Again, the doctor nodded at him. Then he turned his attention back to John.

"What we did was this: we gave him another stomach pump to make sure his body was clear of the drugs he was given. We then went in and put a liquid down the lining of his throat. It tastes sort of like cough syrup. I'll have to give you a prescription for it. That should give the sores time to heal without restricting his drinking or eating. The surgery, however was for the beginning of internal bleeding due to the Tramadol eating away at his insides. We got it to stop quickly. Actually, there should't be too much of a scar. There were just about three incisions right here, here, and here." The doctor demonstrated on his own abdomen where the marks were. "Other than that, I'm glad to say Sam did fine. Like I said, he's just resting and you can see him shortly."

John smiles a thick smile.

"Thank you," he says again.

The doctor shakes his hand once more. "No problem. You're got two great sons here, y'know."

"I know. They're..wonderful."

The doctor smiles a quick smile at John before heading out the door. "I'll be back as soon as Sam's ready for visitors."


While they were waiting for the doctor to some back, two nurses came to unhook all the wires from Dean. Just as they were finishing up and Dean was pulling his shirt over his head from the bag of clothes John kept his his car, the doctor came back.

"Sam's ready for you guys," he says smiling slightly.

Once Dean was ready they all walked down to Sam's room, which was on a floor below. They were escorted to his room and the doctor gestured for them to head it.

As soon as they opened the door they saw Sam lying down, but he was awake. His eyes were fixed on the ceiling like he was trying to count the tiles (which wouldn't surprise any of them if he actually were). All three smiled big.


He looked over at them sharply. For a second, he looked confused, then he said, "Dean!"

They moved over toward him.

Sam looked up at John. He blinked once. Twice. Thre-


John smirked. "Hey kiddo."

"You came for us?"

For a second, John felt bad. Did Sam honestly think he wouldn't come? Is that the impression that both of his sons were under?

He leaned down, wrapping his arms around his youngest son and damn was it good to feel him hugging back. To feel his fingers gripping he back of his shirt. To know that when they finally pulled back, he could look into Sam's eyes. To know he was awake and able to get better from here. It felt amazing.

"Of course I came for you, Sammy. I'm sorry."

John sat on the side of his bed and Dean went on the other side.

"How're you feeling, son?"

Sam nodded softly. His voice was low and scratchy. He kept clearing his throat. "I'm...okay. My throat hurts. And my stomach."

"I know, the doctors are working on fixing you, though. You're gonna be just fine. Stop messing with your throat," John ends, the look in his eye more concerned then upset. Sam let his hand drop into his lap.

"'M sorry."

John sighed. "No, Sam, it's fine. I just don't want you to hurt yourself. You just got out of surgery. We're just worried."

Sam didn't say anything. He pulled at the lining of the sheets on his bed that covered his legs. He looked to Dean.

"You 'kay?"

Dean nodded at him, rubbing his shoulder.

"Don't worry about me, Sammy. I'm fine. Just worry about yourself."

To that, Sam's response was, "You sure you're okay?"

They all laughed.

"Yes, Sam. I'm okay," Dean answers more directly. "I promise."

Satisfied enough, Sam turns back to John. For a second he almost fought against saying it, but he did anyway. "I missed you, Dad."

John couldn't tell you why, but his words caught him off guard and for a second he was completely silent.

Then he answered with, "I missed you, too, Sammy. " He looked over at Dean. "Both of you. I missed both of you. You gave me and Bobby one helluva scare there you know."

Both brother share a glance. "Sorry," Sam says again, this time with a little smile behind it.

John looked at Sam, then at Dean, then back at Bobby and he smiled.

"What's so funny?" Dean asked.

John just smiled more and shrugged. "I just got a good feeling. That's all. We're gonna be okay," he says.

And as John looked down at his sons, it was painfully clear why it's always been just him and his boys.

Clearly, they didn't need anyone else.

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