beyblade rangers : A gap in space, to another world!

a beyblade metal fight / Pokemon rangers guardian signs crossover

main characters Ginga/Ben adventure/mystery

Chapter 1: Pokemon ranger Ben

it was summer vacation and \Ginga and co where on camping trip after one drawing straws Ginga, Tsubasa and Kyoya where picked to get fire wood. Kyoya was moaning about the fact that they were picked for the job to his dismay he walked in to a tree. Ginga and Tsubasa laughter at the accident in slight anger Kyoya shouted at Ginga and Tsubasa.

"It's not funny!" Kyoya shouted as he was standing up again

"We know it's not but..."Tsubasa commented

"But what!" Kyoya moaned at Tsubasa

"Kyoya you would not usally do some the that hilarious!" ginga continued on lauthing at the accidet annoyed Kyoya

"But still it's not FUNNY!" Kyoya shouting at ginga when to there surrprise they noticed that there was hole in a hill nerby was not normal when Tsubasa , Ginga and Kyoya when Ginga place his hand on a small rock a hole opened up and transported Ginga, Kyoya and Tsubasa to different world

later on ...

"Wake up!" an young boy shouted at the trio

"Where are we?" the trio asked the young boy

"your in the unova region!" said the young boy "My names Ben and yours are?" Ben asked the three who had Just got out of the tree they where stuck in Ginga walked up the Ben and said "My name's Ginga the one to my left is Kyoya and to my right Tsubasa." "Nice to meet you Ben!" Tsubasa said as he shook hands with Ben "Hi kid" kyoya welcomed Ben "Do you know it dangerous out here lets go to some where safer! " ben said worrily "humm... a ha! thats it capture on!" Ben shouted as the captuer styler spin around a Altaria that was flying by. "What a beyblade!" Ginga shouts in Kyoya's ear at first glance at the capter styler.

"That's was unnecessary Ginga!" Kyoya moans at Ginga

"Whats a beyblade?" asked Ben

"This is a Beyblade." replied Ginga showing Ben galaxy Pegasus to Ben

"Theres noting like that in the unova region" Ben said to the others

"Then what was the thing used to capture the large bird cotton puff thing then?" Kyoya asked

"This thing it's a capture styler and the bird is a pokemon called an Altaria." ben said as they where geting on the Altaria as they where flying back to somewhere safer Ginga asked "What's a pokemon Ben?" while clinging on for dear life.

"You haven't seen a pokemon before! pokemon are everywhere! In the sky, in the sea, inland and in space!" Ben explained

"ok?" Tsubasa thinked to himself

"Do you mind helping me please?" Ben asked Ginga Kyoya and Tsubasa

"what do you need help with Ben?"ginga asked Ben

"Recently more and more pokemon have lost control of themselves and the need for pokemon rangers has increased and there has been no new rangers so can you join the pokemon rangers please?" Ben asked politely

"Of chorse!" Ginga shouted excitedly in Kyoya's ear again.

"I'l help! where do we sigh up?"Kyoya said rubbing his ear

"I shall do what i can!"Tsubasa said

"Then off to the ranger union we go!" ben shouted in kyoya's ear

"When will everyone stop shouting in my ear?" kyoya thinks

end chapter1