Author's Note:

I just finished reading Plague and everyone knows how much Drake and Diana hate each other.

So I thought it will be fun to write about the pair.

So here we go, This is before the FAYZ happens and before anyone develops powers .

"SIT !" demanded the new guidance counselor of Coates Academy for 7 mouths now.

Both Diana Ladris and Drake Merwin glared at the blonde sitting behind her deck with her arms crossed and had a very stern look in her haunting blue eyes.

Glaring daggers at Ms. Reed and not getting a reaction out of her, like their previous three counselors. Both students turned and glared at one another before taking their seat.

"This is the fifth time this week you both have been sent to my office" Ms. Reed stated," and it's only Wednesday ."

Diana crossed her legs and her arms as her expensive black Louis Vuitton backpack dug into her back.

Drake sat to Diana's left looking bored with a lead pencil behind his left ear and a large black 3 ring binder that held all his work for all his classes at his side.

"Now what was it this time?" the counselor asked with a annoyance look on her face. " You been in here four times in that past two days." Looking at her clock on the wall it read 11:28 am . "It's not even lunch time yet and you two are already fighting?" She sighed.

Neither one spoke for a good minute, rolling her eyes Diana knew Drake wasn't going to say anything. " Fine , I made a comment towards Drake " she confessed, " and he didn't take it to kindly".

"What did you say to Mister Merwin, Miss Ladris?"

"Just the truth" Diana smirked looking at Ms. Reed's questioning young face that looked no older then 30 . " I guess he wasn't man enough to handle it".

"Why you little bitch ! " Drake snapped his fierce cold, grey eyes on Diana.

"Mister Merwin language" Ms. Reed warned him. " Miss Ladris please continue."

Drake snarled making his jaw clench violently as Diana happily went on.

"Where was I " Diana voiced " Oh yeah , I was walking to my seat before Biology lessons started and I noticed Drake talking to Dekka Talent. Wait" she paused, " correction he was flirting with her and as I was walking by them I happen to say, That he must really be desperate if his trying to get some from Dekka seeming as she's gay.

" She's not gay " Drake sneered menacingly , quickly standing and towering over Diana who stayed seated.

"Of course she is, but let's just assume she's not " Diana claimed as she looked up at Drake and stared straight into his stormy eyes. " Why would she want to be with a psychopath?"

Drake was only holding on by a thread , his eyes flashed with rage and the only reason Diana was alive right now was because Ms. Reed would be left as witness . "Why do you even care ?" he snarled as Ms. Reed told him to sit back down.

Taking his seat again Drake muttered loud enough for Diana to hear. " I'm amazed that you even noticed, seeming as all you do is stay on Caine's dick ".

The whole time they have been in Ms. Reed's office Diana had been calm and collective, but she quickly snapped at Drake's comment." What did you say! " Diana snarled quickly standing and towering over him this time as he smirked amusingly up at her.

"I said ... Drake started to say loud and clear but was interrupted by Ms. Reed, who was now up in out from behind her deck and forcing Diana to sit back down. " Drake" Ms. Reed snapped, "Don't say a word"

"Of course professor " Drake whispered with a bitter smile.

Diana was shaking with anger as Ms. Reed stood in front of her, making sure that Diana didn't get back up and attack the blond boy .

The guidance counselor was at her boiling point as well. An desperate times calls for desperate measures. " Don't move" she warned to both students as she went back to her deck and grabbed an item before quickly returning with her right hand behind her back.

"Drake your left handed, right?"

Drake narrowed his eyes wondering what Ms. Reed was holding behind her back. "Yes" he answered in a hiss.

"And Diana your right handed , right?"

Diana nodded, now a little somewhat calm.

"Drake hold out your right hand and Diana hold out your left hand ."

Both students gave one another hatred looks before doing as Ms. Reed demanded.

Quickly Ms. Reed took advantage of their confused looks and took out the hidden handcuffs and cuffed Drake Merwin and Diana Ladris together.

"What the hell !" they both shouted thinking Ms. Reed finally lost it.

"Ms. Reed take this off of us !" Diana demanded trying to take her left wrist out of the handcuffs.

"Sorry I can't" she faked a smile .

"What do you mean you can't?" Drake bite out, his wrist turning red from pulling on the cuffs.

"I mean I'm tired of you two getting sent to my office every week for fighting with one another ." She said exhausted, " So here's how it's going to go down . You two are going to be handcuffed for the rest of the day and if you don't get sent to my office again . I'll come find you two and remove the handcuffs myself, but if you get sent to my office again, you will be handcuff together for the rest of the week do you understand me?

Drake was about to start yelling up a storm, but Ms. Reed saw it coming and stopped him before he got started . " I don't want a word Mister Merwin, all I need is a nod of understanding.

Drake snarled thinking that Ms. Reed just made it on his top 5 people to kill, before he gave her a stiff nod of understanding.

Diana knowing that they could not get out of this one, just started to walk towards the door furiously while pulling Drake along with her.