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Drake took a deep, sharp, breath as the cold water hit his pale face and went dripping down to his chest soaking his shirt. "Diana!" he warned dangerously before he quickly went to grab the hose from the girl.

"No, you are not getting me wet" Diana hissed fighting him, not willing to hand over the item.

Every teen in the room gasped in shock not believing what was going on between the two, most feared students in Coates Academy not including Caine Soren, of course.

"Give me the hose " Drake demanded ripping it out of her hand and soaking her wet.

"OH... MY... GOD ! " Diana shouted , cold water running down her body and quickly turning to the sink to turn off the water." You ass ! You can see my bra now!" she snapped looking down at herself.

"You sure can " Drake smirked amuse as Diana's see through white school shirt showed off her red bra.

Diana growled before forcing herself to smile darkly . "Drake " she said controlling herself thinking that she would kill him after she won this game of theirs. "We need to sneak out before we get sent to that bitch Ms. Reeds office again."

"Fuck "he cussed remembering what would happen if they were sent back to the counselor / police officer again. "Lead the way Ladris" Drake muttered .

"Fine" she said before turning to the rest of the class, that still had their eyes glued on them. " Listen up "Diana snapped getting everyone attention on her." If Mr. Wooderson ask what happened and where we went off to? You all will say that Drake got burned and that I am taking him to nurse Temple. Got it?"

To scared to speak, all her classmates nodded before quickly going back to their baking.

"Good "Diana murmured smug loving the feeling of her classmates fearing her. Grabbing Drake's arm, they slipped out the back door where all the stations where located.

" We seriously aren't going to the nurse , right ? Drake questioned as they walked down the hall.

"No " Diana said thinking that this boy had no brains." We're going to your dorm room it's closer then mine , we need to change."

"Fine, but this way is faster " Drake stated making a left rather then a right and taking the lead . Thinking if they get caught out of class he would make it his life mission to kill this girl.

Going down one to many stairs. They continued to run once they got out of the building and through the court yard . Racing towards the student dorm building, 5 yards away not getting caught so far.

Reaching the double doors to the boys dorm building , Drake and Diana paused trying to catch their breath. Seconds before Diana went to grab the door handle Drake looked through the little side window, noticing that someone was coming and stopped her. Quickly dragging Diana to the side of the building with him.

"What are you do?" she asked confused her back hitting the brick wall.

"Shh... there's someone coming" Drake muttered pressing himself into Diana, pushing her further up against the wall.

And he was right Diana observed , a second later the door opened and out came the female dorm advisor .

"That was close" Drake whispered as he looked down at Diana's short frame .

She agreed not knowing why, all of a sudden she was feeling nervous as she stared up at Drake's stormy orbs and close proximity." Um, Drake ..."

"Yeah?" He muttered not knowing why Diana's lips where getting his attention before quickly deciding to look back up into her amber eyes.

"We can go in now" she stated as the blond gave her a nod before stepping away from her.

Not saying a word Drake walked back towards the entrance, opened the door and went into the building with Diana close behind him. Not wanting to let his mind wonder on his previous thoughts. He stormed down the hall towards the elevator with no concern whatsoever if anyone else was in the building at the time and if they got caught.

Diana frowned as she stared at the back of the blonds head . Keeping her mouth shut from saying some smart ass comment, about what the hell happened outside with him. She shrugged off the way he stared at her back there, thinking that the day couldn't come to an end soon enough .

They waited for the elevator to open. Both thankful that the other didn't open their annoying mouth and made a hurtful remark to the other like they normally did on a daily bases.

Stepping into the lift, Drake pushed button number 7 and watched the doors close trapping Diana and himself into the small space.

Diana only had one word in mind, 'awkward' as they waited to get to the 7th floor.

Once on the 7th floor the blond and brunette went down to the end of the hall and came to the last door on the left with the number 710 on the wall next to the wooden door with the name Drake Merwin under the number.

Getting his key card out to unlocking the door. Drake stepped into his unshared dorm room. Who would want to room with a psychopath? not even Caine was that stupid.

Diana closed the door behind her and no longer could keep quiet. " Ok what the hell was that outside? she bluntly stated.

Drake raised a blond brow at her over his shoulder. "What are you talking about Ladris?"

"Oh don't give me that shit, Drake " she snapped as they stood in front of Drake's bed side dresser.

Drake acted clueless as he opened his dresser and grabbed two of his shirts and threw one at her.

Diana rolled her brown eyes before dropping the subject knowing that she wouldn't get anything out of him. "Drake" she said.

"What?" he snapped annoyed with her already.

"How are we suppose to change, if we have this in the way?" Diana exclaimed shaking her wrist , looking down at the cuffs still linking her to him.

"Just great " Drake sighed frustrated before throwing his shirt on his single bed and heavily sitting down on his mattress. "This was your brilliant idea , so fix it". he gnarled before laying back onto his bed.

Diana glared at him as she sat beside him . Not coming up with a solution, she too laid down on Drake's small bed next to him.

They stayed silent for 10 minutes, all that could be heard was their breathing and the clock on the wall ticking.

"Oh my god" Diana shouted as she sat up straight on the bed while Drake opened one eye to look at her.

"Oh my god" he mocked before saying "What?" .

Diana smirked at him before touching her hair and seconds later taking out a bobby pin that held her bangs out of her face." Wala" she said showing him the black bobby pin in her hand.

He raised a brow thinking he could hug her but of course he didn't instead he said as he held his right hand up in her face ." Good, now get this shit off of me."

"Ummm" Diana paused dramatically "No".

"WHAT" Drake snapped.

"You heard me" she smirked evilly. "If you think I'm going to let you off so quickly, then all those dumb blond jokes are true."

He growled at her with hatred in his haunting grey orbs. "What do you want Diana?" he hissed.

Diana wasn't going to make it easy on him. " Tell me what you were thinking, When we were outside ?" God she loved making him uncomfortable when it came to the opposite sex. She smirked thinking that she somewhat knew where he thoughts were at, at that moment.

"I'm not telling you" he glared trying to snatch the pin but Diana saw it coming and moved her free hand behind her back.

"Well as much as I hate being cuff to you ." She stated. "I guess another 6 hours wouldn't kill me" she shrugged uncaring .

"Give me the fucking bobby pin ?" Drake snarled with anger , right hand out stretched ." because if you don't..."

"Because if I don't then what? Drake." She challenged him ." What are you going to do? Choke me again." She laughed darkly.

God he just wanted to kill the girl but then how would he get away with it? Her blood would be on his hands and no amount of money his father had would keep him from going to jail . He sighed before speaking " I wouldn't choke you because you would love it to much, Masochist". he murmured before a great idea came to mind causing him to show off his shark revealing smile.

Diana shivered from the way Drake was smiling at her. "What are you doing?" she asked suspiciously as Drake stood up.

"Oh nothing" he ridiculed looking down at her still sitting on his bed. "Now this is your last chance." he told her " Give me the pin Diana".

"N O " she spelled having a feeling that she wasn't going to like what the blond had up his sleeve.

"You asked for it " he warned before he grabbed the back of Diana's head and smashed his lips onto her's.

Diana froze with her eyes wide open as the boy kissed her brutally.

Drake smirked into the kiss at Diana's reaction.

Blinking away her shock , she tried to fight him off but Drake was to strong. Putting his right arm around her waist, Drake pulled her up to stand with him. Making her chest touch his as they stood at the center of Drake's room.

Diana felt like a caged animal and was getting angrier as Drake kept on kissing her. Thinking that once she got free he was so dead, fuck their game she was going to kill him.

Kissing Diana for a good 30 seconds he thought that, that was enough for now Drake pulled away but still held her close. " Are you going to give me the bobby pin now?"

Diana growled, "No".

"Wrong answer" he said before he slammed her in the nearest wall and kissed her again.

Being a Masochist Diana moaned at the pain coming from her back and not at the kiss .

Drake knew she liked that so he did it again and slammed her into the wall, hard a second time. Making her mouth open as she moaned again. He took advantage and snaked his tongue into her warm mouth.

Diana thought about biting his tongue until it bleed but just as quickly, the thought left her mind as Drake slammed her into the wall for the third time. The anger she held was starting to fade and become desire . Her last thought before it went blank was that she knew that she would be bruised later but didn't care as she kissed Drake back with hunger.

The blond was surprised that Diana kissed him back but his mind didn't linger to long on it because Diana bite his lower lip softly before kissing him once again.

Completely forgetting why she was angry at him to start with . Diana dropped the bobby pin she held behind her back and slowly glided her free left hand up Drake's chest and stopped at his neck to play with the ends of his hair.

Drake moaned no longer remembering why he was kissing her and for the moment he didn't care as Diana ran her fingers through his hair. He wasn't thinking, Drake for once let himself feel something other then hate towards the girl that stood before him doing wicked things with her tongue.