Chapter three

I staked out the Cullen's house with directions from Ashlee. I sat in one of the trees directly opposite their kitchen invisible of course I cant have them seeing me. I figured that at night and been as their a family that there go hunting together when its dark and half the town are asleep so I came at 1am.

It is now two hours later and I'm still here. Sighing, I get up to go because two hours is long enough my limit when they come out and I were right.

Smiling, I waited till they were far gone then I picked their lock with magic and stepped inside.

I approved. Except I liked the simple life even when rich, which they were definitely screaming. A bit too white as well.

I went on up the stairs, seeing high school graduation after high school graduation Jesus is this what they do go to school all over again and again(how sad), to what were their bedrooms? I put my hand against each closed door closed my eyes as each name popped into my head.

When I reached Edwards the one dating the human girl I opened it. The first thing I see is he has no bed. But then he probably is fucking the human in her place but she lives with her dad and human dad's are way overprotective over boys and don't even mention anyone older which Edward for sure is. Ooh must be a secret place then. Or gasp horror, they don't get up to ANYTHING.

How can a man cope without sex? What a strange man is Edward 'Cullen'.

I leave a condom on a chair sofa he has.

I go to their kitchen and get out my spray paint as I spray across a wall with an TV on words I have been told to say. I wanted to play around with the Cullens more but I got an order to basically get a move on and its the night world council like I would disobey them!

Plan in mission; I leave.