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Harry watched as his child toddled on unsteady legs for a moment before stumbling over to Zack and letting out a pleased sound.

"Aww... He's so sweet. Harry, you make a really good Mum." Hermione said, honey eyes warm as she held her firstborn, Cian letting out a small whimper as he held out his chubby little arms for Sephiroth. Harry blushed as Seph stumbled over to him and nuzzled his chest, whining softly.

"Ahaha... C'mere, Seph."

"Mummy?" At the clear, dulcet tone, he started. Zack froze as well, jaw dropping. "Mmm." His baby nuzzled him again and he retreated to Sephiroth's nursery. He self-conciously unbuttoned his shirt and offered it to his cub. Latching on instantly, Sephiroth gave a contented purr and looked up at him through half-lidded green eyes that were so very familiar to him. Harry cooed softly at his and Zack's precious cub.

"So you do make for a decent parent, Potter." The blush deepened and spread across his cheeks; he heard a growl from the doorway.

"MINE." Zack roughly shouldered past Draco, standing directly in front of the sight of him feeding their cub. "Out, now."


"Dray... Honey, this is the time to make a strategic retreat."


Zack rumbled softly as he watched his gorgeous Lion and his cub sleep. Such moments were only for the dominant to see; even if the man was his best friend. He growled again as Draco quietly slunk into the room.

"I apologize; that was most unbecoming of me."

"Hmph. My Lion was very upset because of you. He is very insecure and you have preyed upon his greatest fear." He snarled lowly, not disturbing his cub or mate. Silver eyes widened as the man realized his mistake. "It took much to allay his fear. He has only just fallen asleep."

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