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The Virgin Next Door

Chapter 1: What a Feeling

Once again I was spending my morning playing hide and seek with the daily newspaper. For the six months I had lived here the local paper boy couldn't seem to throw the damn thing where people could find it. So every morning I would stumble out my front door, in my overly glamorous sleepwear, and dig around the front porch in hopes of locating it.

This morning was no different and took me a good five minutes until I spotted it somehow wedged part way beneath the side of the stairs. After retrieving it I stood up only to catch my gaze on something completely new and different.

In the lawn next door stood a man. A man who was only wearing a low slung pair of plaid sleep pants. I watched as his head moved from side to side as if searching for something.

Before I could stop myself I called out, "You might want to check the bushes."

He turned around and for a split second I was speechless. Green eyes rested beneath eyes brows that were raised in curiosity. A mess of reddish-brown hair graced the top of his head and for a second I wondered if he had stuck his finger in a light socket before coming outside. His chest was defined but didn't resemble one who spent all of his time at the gym but maybe someone who was a runner or swimmer. And there at the top of those blue plaid, dangerously low slung pants, I could see the tops of his hip bones and swear I felt drool on my chin.

"I'm sorry?" I watched as hand ran through that mess of hair.

Crap! He was speaking to me. "If you're looking for the paper, it's probably hidden somewhere. The boy who throws it doesn't have the best aim."

He nodded and smile appeared on his full lips. "Thanks."

"No problem." Turning I made my way up the stairs only to stop and turn back around when I reached the top. "Welcome to the neighborhood."

He was standing on his own porch, a victorious look on his face as he held the missing paper. "Thanks again."

Inside I shut the door and slid down to the floor. In my twenty-six years I had never seen anyone like that. Certainly none that had gotten my attention like he did. I didn't even know his name. He probably had a beautiful leggy blonde waiting in bed for him.

My brown hair and eyes to match along with my short stature did not scream 'Notice Me'. This would explain the non-existent dating life I had. I had never been on date. I had never even been kissed. This was an ongoing joke between the few friends I had.

Throughout my life I had dedicated myself to being there for my parents and being the child they wanted. I threw my energy into school. By time I should have been paying attention to boys and how to make the most of my looks, I was too comfortable being by myself. Social situations made me uncomfortable nevermind the fact that a boy could ask me out.

I dived into taking care of my parents. At times I felt as though I had two children. I made sure bills were paid and food was in my mother's house. For my father I prepared meals and let him know how to warm up each just to make sure he lived off more than pizza and snacks.

Over the years I'd come to accept that I wouldn't ever be asked out or shown interests in. Not when men could tell I wouldn't be focused on them or a relationship. Plus who wanted a girl who had no clue where to begin.

Most of the time I was fine with spending an evening reading one of my favorite books or catching up with mindless television, but there were times where I did realize how alone I actually was in the world. I would see others out and it would hit me that there was a good chance I would never have that. Those times hurt.

After all this time though it was embarrassing about my status in the dating world and it was easier to hide than to put myself out there where others would judge me.

No, I wasn't one who is waiting for marriage. I just hadn't had the opportunity or the desire to date. God that sounds pathetic doesn't it? This morning though…that sparked something and it kind of scared me. One glance, not even a real conversation I was wonder who this guy was and if he was single.

I guess there wasn't anything wrong with me after all.


At work I half way managed to forget about the new sexy neighbor next door and concentrated on my job. Having a classroom of twenty-one kindergarteners will accomplish that for you. During morning meeting I was able to focus on the routine knowing that if I forgot something or changed it up at all, that I would be called on it and it could set a pattern for the day.

I was able to successfully see to the individual reading groups without staring off into the distance. At lunch though I had a problem.

"Hel-lo, Bella?" A spoon was waving in front of my face and following that up I caught sight of my best friend Alice. I raised an eyebrow in question.

"Where are you today? I've been trying to tell you about the plan for the weekend but you're off in some faraway place. Please tell me there's a beach there with hot guys delivering tropical drinks with little umbrellas in them." She dug back into her yogurt.

"Sorry. It was a strange morning." Seeing as I had only a few minutes left of the thirty minute lunch break, I began eating my forgotten sandwich again.

That got her attention. "Your class isn't having problems are they? Is it Austin? I swear if things don't straighten out at home for him, then school is the last place where his mind is going to be. Do you want me to spend some time with him this afternoon?"

Austin was probably one my favorite and most challenging students. His home life was a mess since his parents had a habit of separating and then getting back together. He never knew what each day would bring so being at school was either a relief away from all that or it was just another issue for him to get through. To help Austin have a more supportive and normal experience somewhere in his life, I tried to set him up with a few other teachers to give a chance to be a kid. Alice was great at this since she saw the class once a week because she taught art, so she was able to visit with him at other times.

"No he's doing great today. It was before school."

"Really? What on earth could have happened in your perfectly mapped out routine?"

I threw my napkin at her. "Oh stop, you make me sound like some kind of nun that suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder."

"Um honey you are."

"Well then the thoughts I've been having today will certainly get me kicked out of the convent." I got up and began cleaning up the trash from our lunches so I could pick up my class in the gym.

Alice shot up and followed me out the door before grabbing my arm. "We'll walk and talk. Now explain. What would have caused these thoughts, which I can only imagine, to form?"

"The new neighbor." I smiled as the principal passed as in the hall.

"So the new neighbor is a hottie. Oh I want details!" She immediately began to walk backwards in order to see my face. "On a scale of one to ten how does he rate? Is he hotter than Jasper?"

"That's not a very actuate scale since you're in love with Jasper and I am not. I will say that in my opinion he's off the scale but I only saw him for a few minutes this morning when I got the paper."

I could see my class sitting in their line waiting for me. Some were being the usual wiggle worms they normally were while one was sitting off to the side. I hated that they pulled kids away like that. Singling them out made the issue worse.

"Well we'll have to continue this later because whoever is making little miss innocent thinking dirty thoughts deserves my attention." She turned towards Austin who was sitting against the wall. "You want me to take him and talk about what happened?"

I waved him over and watched as he made his way over with his head down. "That'll be fine, but let me ask him what he wants to do."

After getting things settled with Alice and Austin, I led the class back to the classroom. We had a fun afternoon of math and science to explore. Mr. Sexy Neighbor would have to work hard to get my attention this afternoon. When the kids were at specials though could be a whole other story.

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