Layton is sitting in the pub. Katia is serving at the bar. Only 3 other people are in- Janice, Clive and Anton.

Layton- 'Nother one please Katia.

Katia- getting a cup- Right you are, Professor.

Janice, Clive and Anton are talking in hushed voices, occasionally looking over at Layton.

Janice- I heard getting work is hard since the university fired him.

Clive- I know. It hard enough after he got that police record. His life has really gone down the hill since Claire was murdered.

Anton- Ssssshhh, he's looking over.

Layton notices them staring at him. He walks over to them, holding a pint of beer in his hand.

Layton- Whatcha talkin' 'bout?

Clive- What's it to yah?

Janice- Clive, don't.

Layton- No, it's quite alright, gorgeous.

Clive- Don't talk to mah girl like that.

Anton- I think you better go.

Layton- I don't think I will old man.

Katia calling over- Take this outside gentleman.

Clive- I just remembered, Layton, where's that money you owe Chelmey? Yes, we know all about it.

Layton growls. He drops the pint and makes a leap at Clive. Clive jumps up, and flies at him. They being to fight.

Katia- Hey! Don't make me call the Inspector?

Janice- Clive! Stop it!

Anton hurries out. The fight stops as soon as it starts. Layton shoves Clive onto the floor. Layton growls, then leave. Clive touches his nose- he has a nose bleed. Janice helps him up.

Janice- Here's money for our drinks and Layton's. Sorry about that.

Katia- Thanks 'hun.

At Luke and Flora's house. Flora has some news for him. They sit on the bed, holding hands.

Flora- Luke…I'm pregnant.

Luke- Aw, babe, this is brilliant.

Flora- Umm…yeah…

Luke grabs Flora and starts kissing her. They start pulling each others clothes off.

Luke into Flora's ear- At least we won't worry about getting you pregnant again, eh?

Flora- Yeah…

Shoots to a view outside. Don Paolo is looking up at Luke and Flora's bedroom window.

Music starts.

End of episode one.