In hospital. Luke in on a bed, unconscious, with a heavy bandage wrapped around his head. He had a mask strapped to his mouth, helping him breath, and he had stiches running across his cheek. Clive sits, head in his hands, next to him. He is covered in simple bruises, and has a bandage on his hand, but seems to be ok.

Clive- Luke, I'm so sorry, this was all my fault.

He sits there. A Doctor walks in.

Doctor- I'm sorry Clive. It's bad news.

Clive- What?

Doctor- Luke's in a coma.


Yula and Tony sit at their end of their dad's bed. Dimitri has two legs in a cast.

Yula- Are you going to be ok, daddy?

Dimitri- I'll be fine dear. You look after Tony, ok?

Yula pulls Tony close to her. A look of horror spreads over Tony's face. Out of the corner of his eye he sees a pocket knife pocking out her pocket.

Yula- Always, daddy.


It's visiting hours. Don Paolo is seeing Layton.

Layton- Whatcha want?
Don Paolo- I'm here to tell you something.

Layton- Hurry up then.

Don Paolo- Anton murdered Claire.

A sudden look of anger crosses over Layton's face. He jumps up, and knocks over a table. Don Paolo smile's.

Don Paolo- Just what I thought.


Emmy is rummaging about, looking for something. She finds its, and smiles. Lando walks in.

Lando- Hello, Emmy.

Emmy- Hello Lando.

Emmy suddenly swings the baseball bat over Lando's head. He falls with a sicken thud to the ground, blood around his head. Emmy smiles evilly.


Flora is sitting there, crying. A Doctor walks in.

Flora- How is my baby?
Doctor- I'm very sorry to say this, but you're babies died.

Flora- Babies?

Doctor- You had twins, but they both died. I'm sorry.

End of episode.

A/N: you're probably wondering why it was so dramatic. Well, this is the LAST. EVER. EPISODE!


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