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Fandom:The Mortal Instruments.



Warning/Rating:No spoilers. No angst —which definitely is surprising. [K]

Note:Jace is 11 and Alec is 12 and they are two cuties —but you already knew that.

That day where it all begin

Alec wasn't like Jace. Oh, but there was one thing they were alike. They didn't like showing weakness. Jace because he was raised that way —the way where weakness doesn't exist in a shadowhunter. Alec because since he was little he took the roll of the big brother, so he wasn't allowed to be weak in front of Isabelle, or Jace, or his parents, and specially not in front of Max; he, also took the protective brother roll, he would always receive an attack that went to any of his siblings.

And that was what happened that afternoon when they went on that battle and a demon tried to attack Isabelle and Alec put in front and the demon bit him. They won the battle, of course, but thanks to Robert, so Alec didn't felt good, he hasn't been enough for his family. That night, he couldn't sleep, he rolled in his bed for two hours until he decided it was enough and he sited in the hall, and without even noticing he started to sob. When he was ready to leave for his room, he heard some naked footsteps, and then he felt someone sitting by his side; Alec didn't turn to see who it was, he always knew it. And he didn't mind, he didn't worry in wondering if Jace had heard him sob or not, because somehow it was okay, somehow Jace was the only person who Alec could be weak with, because when he was with him, Jace took all the weight, when they were together, Alec felt more relief, more trusted. He felt he could always trust his life on that guy.

"Can't sleep?"

Alec shook his head no and then remembered they were in the dark, "No", he whispered with dry voice.

"Do you want me to tell you a bedtime story?"

"The falcon one?"

"I was going to tell you a fairytale, but if you wish to hear that one…"

"Ha" Alec said sarcastically.

"You were really brave… today… with the demon"

Alec stayed quiet.

"I think I would have run in the very moment he had bit me, and you stayed there"

Alec knew he was lying; Jace was the bravest shadowhunter alive.

"I wanted to stand for my family"

"Isn't it too hard? To always be the big brother?"

Alec swallowed hardly.

"It's fine"

"Well, you're great at it—but, someday you'll have to ask for someone to carry it with you" Jace, partly wanted to tell Alec that he would be that person, that they would be great Parabatais; but another part of him didn't want to ask, because didn't want to get rejected, he assumed Alec would take Isabelle as a Parabatai. "Because I don't want you to die" Alec's heart speed its race "—ever" Jace added really quiet, so Alec wasn't sure if he had heard well.

But Alec knew in that moment when Jace put his hand in his knee that he loved him, more than he would ever love anyone, and he wondered how wrong could it be to love your brother and he decided it was fine and that someday they will marry and run some institute in Europe, because Alec always dreamt of Europe… and Jace.

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