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Nashikiri High School have to be renovated due to some mysterious events that burned down the whole school. Therefore, Recca, Yanagi and Fuko have to transfer into Cross Academy! What would wait for them from now on?

Pairing: Recca x Yanagi (and vice-versa), Aidou x Fuko, Kaname x Yuuki

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Chapter 1

It was like everyday's fine morning, and the sky was very clear.

Blood.. Why is there bloods everywhere?, Recca thought as he recalled the strange dream he had last night. But he shook it off when he heard a sweet voice that he loves so much called him. It was his Hime, Yanagi Sakoshita's voice.

"Ohayou, Recca-kun!" said Yanagi as she spotted him at Nashikiri High School

"Aa~ Ohayou, Hime!" Recca said as he give her his trademark smile when he saw her

"What happened?" ask her as she saw everything has been burned down like there was a war between ninjas takes place in their school yesterday

There is also a strange note in the wall near the place they were standing right now. It says that the school will be renovated without a specified time limit

"Oh my gosh!"

"What's up?" suddenly a voice came. It was Mr. Tatesako's. He came with Domon and Fuko

"We're going to transfer school!"

"WHAAAT?" Fuko and Domon said in unison

"Aw man..! I nearly fond of this school and now we're going to transfer?" Domon lied, only to find no one buy it

"By the way," said Yanagi. "It seems that everyone has been gathering in school yard right now. I thing we should be going"

In the same time in Cross Academy...

"Are you calling me, Chairman?" ask Yuuki as she entered the Chairman's room that morning in the middle of class. "Yes, i'm" said Kurosu Kaien as he saw his foster daughter came into the view

"What it is?"

"Aww.. Am I not allowed to see my beautiful daughter anymore?" Kaien childishly pouted

"Ah.. That's not what I mean!" said Yuuki, forgetting the fact that she ain't his daughter

"You know, I still have classes, soo.." She lied, hopefully Kaien will buy it

"It's fine" said Kaien. "And there is something that I want to ask you to do"

"Okay.." said Yuuki as she sat, waiting for Kaien to tell her

"There will be three transfer students coming tommorow. They're from Nashikiri High School. Can you please show them around the school?"

"Ah? Surely, i can" said Yuuki. "But, why now? We're still in the middle of semester, aren't we?"

"Well, from what i've heard, there is an incident occurred and burned down their entire school and they're still renovating right now. Beside, isn't it a right thing that we can help other peoples in their times of need?"

"Aa? You're right.." said Yuuki as she sat up

"Oh! By the way, please look at this!" Kaien show a photo to her


This is a long day.. Recca thought as he went home

"I'm home, mom!"

"Welcome home" said Kagehoushi after she notice her son enter the house. "Oh? Yanagi and Fuko are here too?"

"Yes, we're here. Good day, mam!" Yanagi and Fuko said, somehow in unison

"Good day to you too, both of you"

"By the way mom, where's dad?" questioned Recca. By the time he says 'dad', it means Shigeo Hanabishi his foster father who works as a fireworks manufacturer

"He's in his working place"

"Thank's mom!" And then he dashed out of the room

Meanwhile, Yuuki gasps as she saw that photo. It was a photo of a mother and son with Chairman Cross and a stranger in it. The woman's face is looks very like Juri Kuran, her mother. And the boy looks like her and Kaname, her brother. Could that mean..?

"Who are they, Chairman?"

"Oh? The woman is a friend of mine. Her name is Kagerou. And that is her son, Recca" Kaien said as he pointed at the photo

"Her son and his friends will arrived tommorrow at 5.00 p.m and they will be placed in Day Class"

"Oh? I see.."

"Okay then, Chairman! I'll show them around the campus tommorow. Now, if you please excused me.."

"You're dismissed. Both you and Zero, have a nice day okay?" said Kaien back to his usual cheerfullness. Yuuki nodded as she left the room..


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