Chapter 6

Fanning the Flames: Part 1

Sorry for the long wait. Been busy with all sorts of stuff. Not to mention I want this chapter to be different. Instead of following the episode completely, I've divided it into two parts, making it one of few original chapters in this fic. The name I created at the end I used the Dragon Language translator. The name means "Fire Lord Fury."

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Manipulated by Word Paynn, Pyrrah seeks the Furox bonemark with the help of Kitt Wonn. However, the bonemark has some side effects not only to dragons, but to Dragoons as well.

It had been about three weeks since the joust before Dart's sprain had finally healed. She was watching the day's race as Lance cheered while Parmon gave Artha hints about what to do next. The eldest Penn boy and his dragon were racing some familiar faces, including Kitt Wonn. Dart could hear from the communicator in Parmon's hand the conversations between the two riders. Kitt was giving racing tips to Artha. As she listened, Dart folded her arms and narrowed her eyes at the female racer.

Nearly a month had passed since she met Kitt and Dart was still fuming at her. Her quarrel with Kitt had been postponed thanks to Conner Penn stopping them, Beau accepting Dart as his Dragoon rider, and the attack on Penn Stables. Still, Dart never forgave Kitt for the things she said about her homeland.

"What does he see in her, anyway?" Dart growled quietly as the race went on.

She wanted to show-up Kitt, but with her sprain at the time, her lacking in dragon riding lessons, and her fighting crime alongside the Dragon Booster, Dart had nothing to show-up Kitt other than how to wield a sword.

Noticing Dart's angry look, Lance took the initiative and spoke.

"You ok, Dart? You seem mad."

"You think?" Dart thought bitterly, but kept her mouth shut.

This made Lance worry. Dart was usually the calm and collected-type and rarely let her anger show. But it was usually towards dire situations like the incident at the Fire Caves. Lately, however, Dart was feeling angrier than usual. What no one noticed what a faint glow from the Dragoon Spirit around her neck.

If they had, then the events that happened later that day could've been prevented.

A smile finally cracked on Dart's face as Artha pulled off a move that Kitt had instructed him earlier to bypass a dragon pile-up, leaving Kitt in Second Place.

"Atta boy, Artha!" Dart called out from the stand, surprising the boys next to her.

Seeing their expressions, Dart shrugged her shoulders.


At the Team Tents…

"Drac move, Artha!" Lance congratulated his brother in excitement.

The triad of non-racers met up with Artha at the racers' tents in a secluded part of the racetrack. Taking in the praise, Artha's ego grew.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just how good am I?"

A grunt and a "seriously?" look on Beau's face caused Artha to back away nervously.

"Uh…I mean, we."

Dart couldn't help but laugh.

"Come on, Artha. Everyone knows that it's the dragon that does the work, not the rider."

Wait a while on that statement, if you will. It will haunt the group in a few months.

"I still can't believe you beat Kitt! I can't believe you won! What a move! How did you do that?" Parmon asked, still in complete disbelief.

Artha looked down to his feet, completely unaware of Kitt Wonn and Wyldfyr stopping a few feet away.

"Ah, well. I guess I have someone to thank. Someone whose talent and perseverance has been an example to all."

From the corner of her eye, Dart could see Kitt giving Artha a hopeful, appreciative smile.

That was, until Artha opened his mouth.


Kitt's smile was replaced with a look of shock and a frown.

"And?" Parmon and Lance asked simultaneously, hoping Artha would get the hint.

Unfortunately, he didn't.

"A-and you guys. That's it! Nobody else."

Dart face-palmed herself and groaned in annoyance. The boy's ego could not be filled that quickly, could it? Normally, she'd ignore the situation. But her conscious was not having any of it and was telling her to do something.

"Seriously, Artha? Are you sure you are not forgetting someone? Maybe someone who has more experience on the track than you?"

Kitt was surprised at Dart's wording. True, they've been on each other's toes since their first meeting. But she'd never expected the Westerner she openly insulted to try to subtly as she could to let her teammate know where credit is really due, especially her of all people. Was she…was she wrong about Dart Feld?

"I don't know what you are talkin about, Dart. I don't know anyone else who I should thank." Artha replied, gazing upon his trophy.

Dart slapped her forehead again and groaned while Kitt called out angrily to Artha before riding off.

"I know when I'm not appreciated!"

Artha looked at the departing rider, confused. He looked back to his team, but found looks he was not expecting. Parmon ran off to tinker with their gear, muttering something about calibrations. Lance somehow decided that homework was interesting at the moment. And Dart? While he had seen her angry before, but this new look was different.

It was anger mixed with disappointment.

Later, at the Dragon Temple…

"Oh! You should've seen it! They don't just give these away to anyone, you know." Artha bragged on as he showed his friends his trophy.

One of them was clearly not impressed. The look of anger and disappointment continued to rage on as Dart glared at Artha. Sure, she was happy he won. But how he was handling his victory was something else. It was absolutely disgraceful.

"You mean that shiny drinking cup you won with the move Kitt Wonn taught you on the track, Artha?"

Artha gave a nervous smile to Dart, hoping it would cleanse her of her anger. It failed miserably. Seeing that she wasn't going to get anywhere with the subject, Dart proceeded to walk to the elevator.

"I'm going to go for a walk. I think the air down here is becoming too stuffy for my taste."

The group, Beau included, cringed at Dart's statement. Artha found himself getting frustrated with her. What was her problem? She was cheering for him in the stands one minute, and now she was angry with him.

Dart had just entered the elevator when she heard Mortis congratulating win in the same subtle way she gave earlier that afternoon. Curious as to what the Dragon Priest wanted, Dart held the elevator door open slightly and eavesdropped on the conversation.

"I have learned that Word Paynn has sent the Down City crews on a terrible and dangerous quest."

Dart raised her eyebrow as Parmon asked in confusion.


Mortis answered again, his voice sounding more ominous by the minute.

"To the forgotten Scale Citadel. A fortress that protects an ancient red bonemark."

"Bonemark?" Lance asked.

"What the heck is a bonemark?" Dart whispered as she continued to listen.

What Mortis said was clearly not good.

"Bonemarks hold the spirits of ancient War Dragons. In this case, Furox. He battled against the original Dragon Booster and the Dragoons. This bonemark will be very powerful. Powerful enough to mutate a dragon into a terrible force. And powerful enough to affect humans, too. Almost similar to the Dragoon Spirits. The difference, however, is that spirits inside the Dragoon Spirits were far more powerful and honorable than those of the bonemarks."

That was all Dart needed. She would've exited the elevator had not Artha asked Lance to polish his trophy. Dart held a snicker as she watched Mortis "polished" Artha's trophy with a beam from his staff, making the trophy too hot to hold. This gave her some amusement as she decided to go on ahead to the Scale Citadel alone.

However, just as Artha and the others were about to leave, Mortis' voice stopped them.

"I must warn you. Whatever you do, do not let Dart come with you on this task."

Confused, the three humans and Beau looked to the Dragon Priest for answers.

"W-why not? Dart's a major part of this team." Parmon asked, wanting to have his friend's magic on their side in a mission like this.

Mortis then proceeded to give his most dire warning as of yet.

"During the Dragon-Human War, Furox encountered the original Dart Feld. While he fought valiantly, Furox's arrogance and hatred towards humanity was enough to bring out the wrath of the Red-Eyed Dragon himself. Instead of being summoned like he should, the Red-Eyed Dragon forced himself to take over his Dragoon's body, using powerful and fearsome magic to allow the Lord of Fire himself to completely manifest in the physical realm."

The youths' eyes widened with shock. The Red-Eyed Dragon, a spirit trapped inside a small red stone, was able to manifest in the real world? And taking the original Dart Feld over in doing so?

"Wh…why?" Lance managed to ask, still in shock.

Mortis answered, speaking as if he had witnessed the event himself.

"The Red-Eyed Dragon felt that he, as Furox and all Red Draconium dragons are descended from him, had been disgraced and dishonored. He willingly gave up his existence in the physical world to become a Dragoon Spirit, knowing it would be the unity of all creatures, especially humans and dragons, that would win the Dragon Campaign 14,000 years ago. To see his descendants throw away the unity that had held to many humans and dragons for, then, eleven millennia of peace, especially with all that he witnessed as both a dragon and a Dragoon Spirit, enraged the Lord of Fire."

Mortis then tilted his head down in sadness as he spoke the next part.

"The wrath of the Red-Eyed Dragon was powerful and undiscriminating. Many humans and dragons on both sides died during his fiery rampage. The Dragon Booster and the Black and Gold Dragon were nearly annihilated in helping Dart regain control and quelled the Red-Eyed Dragon's anger."

Mortis then looked to the youths, whose faces were filled with both sadness and fear. Sad for the victims of the rampage. Fear of the wrath of the Red-Eyed Dragon.

"This is why we must keep our Dart away from Furox's bonemark. In fact, I fear she may be sensing Furox without knowing it. That may be why she's been so agitated as of late. So take extreme caution. I don't think Dragon City would survive the onslaught if the Red-Eyed Dragon's rage surfaces once again."

With Dart…

As the Penn crew made their way to the Scale Citadel, Dart was already there. For some strange reason, her Dragoon Spirit "pulled" her in the right direction despite not having asked for the citadel's location. It was as if the stone was telling her where to go. Dart kept her thoughts to herself as she walked into the citadel.

"I don't see any crews. Either Mortis' info was wrong, or my Dragoon Spirit took me on a detour. If that's the case, I should be careful."

"What are you doing here?" a familiar voice spoke.

Dart turned on her heels to find herself facing Kitt Wonn and Wyldfyr. The racer had a look of confusion in her eyes, yet her posture was firm as if she was anticipating a fight. Dart did not smile, but did not opt to argue with her. But there was a question: what was Kitt doing at the Scale Citadel? The Dragoon's instincts told her that she may be after the Furox. So, she decided to tell a white lie.

"Just doing some exploring. And burning off steam."

Kitt raised an eyebrow at the Westerner, folding her arms out of curiosity.

"Burning off steam? What happened?"

As much as Dart wanted to tell Kitt to back off, she kept her cool as she spoke again.

"One person: Artha Penn."

Kitt found herself surprised by Dart's answer. True, Kitt herself was mad at Artha for showing now appreciation for her advice. But she had never seen Dart so angry with her temporary brother. Remembering the girl's reaction at the track, Kitt spoke again.

"I saw you trying to get Stable Boy to remember. I just have one question? Why?"

Dart raised an eyebrow, curious as to what Kitt was going on about.

"Why what?"

"Why did you get angry toward him for not thanking me?"

Hearing this, Dart's memory snapped and she cooled off. Slightly. Seeing that they were currently talking without going at each other's throats, Dart decided to indulge her.

"Because what he did was absolutely disgraceful. And after that incident, he's gone on an ego trip that's making him unbearable to be around. So that's why I'm here. Mostly for the serenity of silence. And I wanted my feet to be on actual earth again."

Kitt was caught off guard by the sound of maturity in Dart's voice that she failed to notice the Dragon Booster standing between the two of them and the center of the temple. Having come to the citadel, Artha caught sight of Kitt racing through the citadel only to stop and talk with Dart. He was unable to hear the conversation as he donned his Dragon Booster armor and rode Beau to where they were. He looked to Kitt and spoke.

"I know what you are after! The Furox!"

Kitt was surprised at the Dragon Booster's statement, only to raise an eyebrow at him. Dart, however, was becoming agitated once again.

"And how do you know that?" Kitt asked.

"It's very dangerous and must not leave this temple." The Dragon Booster explained before asking a question. "Who put you up to this?"

Kitt scoffed as Dart moved back, getting the feeling that she would get trampled if she stayed there any longer.

"Someone who appreciates me. Pyrrah and the Dragon Flares. What's it to you, anyway."

Hearing this, Dart's instincts went on fire. Pyrrah? As in the sister of the boy she had saved in the Fire Caves? The one who gave her the mysterious trinket she had in a box back at the stables? That Pyrrah? Hearing this made Dart's unknown anger grow stronger. And Dart herself was beginning to worry about the extent of her rage. Her thoughts broke when the Dragon Booster spoke again.

"People do appreciate you. A few might even look up to you. Others may view you as an equal in some part."

Dart realized the last part was meant for her and Kitt. But how were they equal? Was it their fiery tempers? Once again, Kitt scoffed.

"Yeah? Like who?"

The Dragon Booster gestured to Dart, who was caught off guard.

"Like Dart here. She's practical like you and can be quite fierce in battle like you. You two may not have started out well when you first met, but she did show appreciation by trying to remind your other friend, Artha Penn, that you helped him win that race."

Dart folded her arms in thought as Kitt scoffed at the mention of Artha Penn.

"What? The Stable Brat? All he cares about is himself. Miss Westerner, here, furthered my claim. He is no friend of mine!"

Hearing her nickname, Dart glared at Kitt as she growled between her teeth.

"I have a name, you know."

Ignoring Dart's anger, the Dragon Booster dismounted his dragon and approached the female rider. Dart raised an eyebrow, wondering what he was going to do.

"Uh…yeah, Kitt…"

To Dart's surprise, the Dragon Booster removed the amulet from his gauntlet, revealing himself as Artha Penn. Dart's eyes widened at the act while Kitt was surprised beyond belief as Artha spoke.

"…he is."

Surprised, Kitt dismounted and approached Artha.

"Artha Penn? You're the Dragon Booster?"

She then looked to Dart, noticing the red stone around her neck.

"I already know you were a Dragoon. But the Stable Boy?"

Dart kept her arms folded as she leaned back against a pillar.

"It was not my secret to tell. I knew who the Dragon Booster was since the beginning. But I had no right to spill his secret."

Kitt's shock turned to anger as she shoved Artha down to the ground.

"You didn't tell me!"

As Artha sat up, Dart became agitated as Kitt glared at Artha.

"What? Don't you trust me?"

She then looked to Dart.

"Don't any of you trust me?!"

Hearing this accusation, Dart's anger flared before the rage she had against Kitt Wonn for a month exploded.

"Hey! It's not like we're exactly friends, Princess! In case you've forgotten, you've called me out on my country on my second day on this continent. Not to mention you've insulted my people by calling them liars and I am certain you were going to call us 'idiots!' You already knew I was the Dragoon of Fire, so why are you taking you anger on Artha on me?!"

Her agitation clouding her judgment, Dart transformed into her Dragoon form and flared her wings.

"You can insult me, Kitt Wonn! But my country has remained true to our history! We have people dedicated to making sure the ruins we find are not frauds. It's closed-minded Draconians like you that tainted our lands by spilling our blood ages ago! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get the Furox so no one can ever use it!"

Dart then took off, her fiery trail still burning.

"Dart! NO!" Artha cried out.

But his voice fell on deaf ears as Kitt followed her.

Though she was still angry at Artha's deception, Kitt's thoughts were more toward the Dragoon that blazed passed every trap in the temple unfazed. She had completely forgot about how the day they met turned out other than Dart putting her in her place by being accepted as the Black and Gold dragon's Western rider. When Dart exploded at her, it was then that Kitt became worried for Dart. Who knew she could hold a grudge?

"And people say I'm vindictive."

If anger was a sickness, then Dart would be extremely sick. Ignoring Artha and Kitt, the Dragoon flew down the twisting corridors. Not slicing blades nor crushing stone was going to deter her from her mission. She only stopped when she found herself in a corridor with a winding platform. At the other end was a glowing object that made her Dragoon Spirit and her eyes flash red.

"The Furox."

Having delved into booby-trapped crypts before, Dart kept on flying. Once she got to the other side, she picked up a rock and jammed it into the gears by the doorway.

"Closing-door traps must be universal."

Once she knew the door was secure, Dart turned her attention to the glowing object at the end of the room. Again, she felt anger as she got closer. It was a glowing cube with a fiery design. Placing a hand on her Dragoon Spirit, Dart recoiled as the stone burnt her hand.

"What the-?"

She looked away at the cube, once more feeling the anger. But something was wrong. In the back of her mind, a voice began to echo.

"Kill him… Destroy him…"

Dart narrowed her eyes as she gazed on the stone in her armor. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

"I guess I should have asked you first, my fiery friend." A familiar voice spoke.

Dart looked away from the box and was surprised to find Pyrrah standing by her.

"P-Pyrrah? What…what are you doing here?"

Pyrrah approached the box and reached for it. But before Dart could stop her, her chest began to feel hot. And not good hot. Pyrrah, not able to notice this, answered her question.

"Just doing a little treasure hunting for Word Paynn. I had asked Kitt to help, but I guess a Dragoon helps, too."

Pyrrah pressed a button on the box, causing it to open. Inside was a flame-shaped object that radiated heat. The sight of it was causing more adverse effects to Dart. Hugging herself, Dart began to worry.

"What's wrong with me?"

"What is this?" Pyrrah asked in amazement, her gaze not leaving the object.

It was then a third voice made itself known. And one Dart was not particularly fond of.

"A bonemark. The concentrated essence of Furox: the Red Battle-Dragon of War."

It was Moordryd. The sight of him made Dart snarl. Merely smirking at her, Moordryd turned his attention from Dart to Pyrrah.

"I must congratulate you, Pyrrah, on a masterstroke of manipulation. It's always nice to let others take the risks while you collect the reward. Even if the one you've manipulated didn't make it first."

Dart snarled at the pair, her anger brewing hotter than a volcano.

"So you played Kitt while I was just in the neighborhood?"

Moordryd turned his attention back to Dart, unaware of the magical build-up inside her caused by being in viewing distance of the Furox.

"Don't blame Pyrrah for yours or Kitt's mistakes. You were all too angry to think straight."

He turned his attention to Pyrrah once again. He held out his hand expectantly.

"Give me the Furox. I'll take it to my father."

But Pyrrah had other plans. Ensnared by the power of the bonemark, she spoke defiantly.

"No! I was going to give it to Word. But now… It is…so powerful… I…"

Dart's eyes widened in a panic, realizing what Pyrrah was going to do. Simultaneously, her dragoon spirit was acting up in a weird way.

"Don't you dare, Pyrrah! This bonemark is nothing but bad news! Whatever Word is paying, it's not worth it. Remember that gear that controlled you? Just throw the bonemark away and go home!"

She then said something that did NOT sound like her. Both in words and voice.

"Or better yet, destroy him!"

Dart covered her mouth, taken completely aback by what she had said. Moordryd was just as surprised. Even though the two of them were adversaries, he knew her well enough to know that she would not say something so vicious. And her voice. It sounded like there were two voices; Dart's, and a baritone male's.

But before he could question anything, the two of them noticed something was wrong with Pyrrah. Her eyes started to glow a fiery yellow and strange maroon markings appeared on her cheeks. She ran to Phorrj, jumped onto him, and held up the bonemark.

"Now I rule the council! And much more!"

Instincts overtaking her, Dart ran toward Pyrrah and Phorrj, hoping to get the bonemark in time. Unfortunately, she wasn't fast enough as Phorrj absorbed the bonemark. Then, to her horror, Dart watched as Phorrj underwent a horrid transformation. His crimson scales became maroon, his back grew orange spines, and yellow and lilac markings appeared on his body. His eyes also had a monstrous change. His sclera were a fiery orange, his irises were a golden yellow, and his pupils took the shape of the bonemark he absorbed.

This was Furox: the Red Dragon of War.

Furox, with a possessed Pyrrah riding, roared before glaring at Dart and Moordryd. Moordryd, seeing there was no way he could take Furox on, jumped off the platform and into the darkness below.

"I'm out."

Seeing Moordryd parachute to safety, Dart bore her teeth as she shouted down to him, her anger, both natural and unnatural, reached its peak.

"Damn you, Moordryd! When I'm done here, I'm coming for your hide next!"

Unfortunately for Dart, Furox heard her and turned his attention from the fleeing Moordryd to the winged girl. Furox snarled as he readied himself to attack, only to halt as he recognized a familiar scent coming from the girl. To Dart's surprise, Pyrrah spoke, though not as her.

"You… I remember you… Ancestor…"

Dart's heart raced. Was Furox talking to her through Pyrrah? Or was he talking to her dragoon spirit. Either way, the stone's heat reached scorching levels. Enough that she was feeling pain. What's more, Dart felt her own mouth move. But it wasn't her voice that came out.

"And I you, traitorous descendent."

Furox laughed as he continued to communicate to the Dragoon. Or rather, the dragon inside the stone.

"Still calling me 'your descendent' after all these centuries. Perhaps this time, you'll listen to reason and agree."

Dart uncharacteristically snorted, her body moving like a marionette and the Red-Eyed Dragon was the puppet master.

"And here I thought you would have cleared your head of the Dark One's lies. Humans and Dragons were meant to be equal after what we had accomplished during the Dragon Campaign."

Furox paced in front of Dart, clearly not intending to attack. Yet. He spoke again to the dragon that was using the golden-haired human as a puppet.

"And yet we are not equal this day! I have seen the memories of both this body and its pathetic human. The humans treat our kind, your descendants, like pack animals and mere mounts. They work us to the bone, pulling heavy loads and racing others of our kind. And for what? A misbegotten glory for the humans when it is us that do all the work! Some humans even have the gall to force us to breed and take the eggs that are laid. Our children, ancestor!"

"Dart" snorted as she folded her arms. She nodded her head for a moment before she, or rather the Red-Eyed Dragon, spoke.

"That may be true, but I have seen humans that do the opposite. My host…she and her clan are good, innocent souls. They seek the good for both dragons and humans. Yes, I was angry at first when I saw our kind race and do menial labor. Yet as I continued to…observe…I found that much of our kind actually enjoys their new purpose."

"A purpose forced upon them by pathetic humans!"

"Dart" narrowed her eyes as she countered Furox's outburst.

"Even so, I rarely see any complaints. And if I did, I would've made sure my host knows of my displeasure. There were good, innocent humans you had killed three millennia ago, Furox. Humans who wanted nothing more than peace between them and our kind. Yet you went on to listen to one whose heart is as corrupted as Melbu Frahma's. The worst piece of filth that had ever walked on this planet. That is why things are different now! Because you listened to the poisonous words of a would-be tyrant!"

"Yet it was Armeggaddon's words that helped us realize that we were being used!"

It was then that the Dragon Booster entered the chamber, followed by Kitt, Parmon, Lance, and their dragons. When they arrived, they found Dart, Pyrrah, and the transformed Phorrj having some sort of argument. And from what they were watching, things were extra-freaky and was about to explode into something fierce. They jumped as Dart spoke in a voice that was clearly not hers.

"If you would just shut up for a moment-!"

"I've had enough! You still prattle about a so-called peace we were supposed to have, yet you are blind to the suffering before you! One way or another, I will make sure humans will never enslave dragonkind again!"

"And you still hold no honour in what I had sacrificed so that you and every creature on this planet could be free! If you want a true tyrant, then look no further than Melbu Frahma! That lunatic was willing to destroy the world to get what he wanted!"

"And I will do the same if it means freeing our kind!"

Furox then charged toward the exit. Whether or not he acknowledge the appearance of the Dragon Booster remains in debate to this day. Angered at the sight of his descendent fleeing him once again, the Red-Eyed Dragon roared through Dart's mouth.


To the Dragon Booster and his comrades, there was something very wrong with Dart. Even in Dragoon form, her Dragoon Spirit kept pulsing this anger. As Furox lunged toward the group, the spirit of the Red-Eye Dragon roared. The roar coming out of Dart's own mouth. Upon hearing the roar, everyone in the chamber, including Furox and the hidden Moordryd froze.

Dart, on the other hand, was doubled over while clenching her chest in pain. Noticing the Dragoon's pain, Artha motioned Beau to let him dismount. The Black and Gold Dragon, feeling something was terribly wrong, used his mag energy to move Artha past the revived Furox and setting him down a few feet from Dart. Once Beau released him, Artha cautiously approached Dart, holding out his hand to her shoulder.

"Dart? Are you ok?"

His question was immediately answered as his hand recoiled from Dart's shoulder piece. Artha's eyes widened behind his visor as he looked at his hand.

"She's burning up!"

As he exclaimed her condition, Dart's Dragoon armor transformed into pure flames, her wings still attached to her back. The sudden power from the stone around her neck caused Dart to roar in agony as the fire consumed her. The entire Penn Crew and Kitt reached out toward the Dragoon, forgetting about Furox.


But it was too late. A column of fire engulfed the Dragoon, making her disappear. From the flames, a new shape emerged as it shifted from fire to flesh. What appeared from the flames froze the group completely, for from the flames materialized a gigantic gold, brown, and red dragon unlike anything the Draconians ever saw. Not only was this dragon massive, but it resembled a missile warhead with six crimson eyes. A volcanic heat emitted from the dragon itself, threatening to cook everyone in the room alive.

The dragons, especially Beau and Wyldfyr, immediately sensed the dragon's burning rage as their humans froze in absolute fear. But it was Furox through Pyrrah that uttered the creature's name. A name he had not spoken in three thousand years.

"The Lord of Fire himself. The Red-Eyed Dragon…Yoldrognah…"

Next time:

The wrath of the Red-Eyed Dragon is unleashed and a raging inferno has begun to spread in the wastelands. With their friend's very life on the line, the Penn Crew meet one with the ability to stop the Lord of Fire. One who has done so centuries ago.

Who is this mysterious saviour? Will Furox and Yoldrognah be stopped before all of Dragon City goes up in flames?

Find out next time on "Dragons and Dragoons."