The sky is so open here

A wide, open sky

Full of promise

If only we knew what it was saying

We could read its promises on the wind

And in the clouds

Across the stars

That glitter at night.

The land is so wide here

A wide, vast land

Full of promise

Promises it will make

And break

And sometimes keep

You've got to watch out

Keep your eyes open

Watch everything

And you may see

The promises it keeps

The dreams it has, itself

And those it keeps warm

In the cold

And cool

In the heat.

This land is alive

As the Earth is alive

Its heart beats

As our hearts beat

It breaths and sighs

It has dreams and aspirations

It lives and dies

But it always lives again

The cycle of life is renewed


Once more.

Life will go on

And the dreams it dreams

Will live forever.