Bleach and Rosario Vampire

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In the small town of Karakura things were going on as they usually did with people going around doing their own thing and minding their own business. Yet up in the sky there was a monster that was enormous in size and had a mask shaped like a bull. The monster was extremely ugly looking as it roared loudly. The monster, called a hollow, had an enemy that it was facing.

The hollow then opened its mouth wide and a red ball, called a Cero, formed and the hollow shot it at his opponent. The opponent simply lifted his left hand and flicked it into the sky. Sighing the opponent said, "Let's get this over with" the voice was very masculine identifying the person as a male.

The man was wearing a black hakuma with black pants and sandals with white tabi as well. The man was very tall in stature, easily a towering 6'1 maybe 6'2. The most distinguishing features on him was his tan skin that glistened in the sunlight, a long sword was also strapped securely to his back and to finish it he had long, shaggy, orange hair that went down a little past his shoulders and the front was slightly obscuring his piercing brown eyes. This man was called Ichigo Kurosaki.

He was a Substitute Shinigami that defended Karakura from all the Hollows that had invaded. He had been doing this for about a year now, but had to stop for a while after he lost his powers. It had started during the Winter War when Ichigo had returned from Hueco Mundo when he rescued his friend, Orihime Inoue.

He had fought an evil Shinigami named Sosuke Aizen to stop him from destroying his home to create something known as the King's Key, which he would use to assassinate the Kind of Soul Society to become the new King.

With the help of his father, Isshin Kurosaki, Ichigo had been able to train in the Dangai world to perfect a new move from his Zanpakuto. He had fought his Zanpakuto spirit and Hollow while they were fused for three months to get the technique, but in the end he had succeeded.

Then Ichigo had returned to Karakura with his new look and power and then he fought Aizen in a furious battle on the outskirts of Karakura. Ichigo used the new move he learned from his Zanpakuto.

The Final Getsuga Tenshou

In this form Ichigo would become Getsuga itself, his hair grew down to his waist and turned blacker than the dark sky itself and grey bandages would wrap around the rest of his boy and his eyes would turn a stormy grey color. Ichigo used his Mugetsu and enveloped Aizen in the attack; it was all over in an instant.

The transformation on Ichigo ended and he reverted back to the form he had when he reappeared in Karakura. To his shock Aizen was still alive and able to regenerate, but then Kisuke Urahara showed up and used the Kido he placed on Aizen earlier and then he sealed him away forever. With that it was over and Ichigo now experienced the one weakness of the Final Getsuga Tenshou.

Complete loss of all of his Shinigami powers.

First thing he felt was overwhelming pain and then he passed out in front of all of his friends. About one month later he had woken up looking like he did before his training in the Dangai world. He had then been told by Urahara that when one loses their Shinigami powers they experience an incredible amount of pain before passing out and waking up a month later looking the same as they did before they gained their powers. That's why Ichigo's hair was shorter, not because they cut it, but because of the side effects.

Ichigo had then spent the next two months powerless and unable to help the others while they went off and took care of the hollows. That was when Ichigo sought help from Urahara in secret to find a way to get his powers back. Urahara did have a way and in order to do that Ichigo would simply have to go back into his spiritual world and locate his Zanpakuto.

Simple, no

Well it wasn't simple because he only had five minutes to find his Zanpakuto, but Ichigo was stubborn and advent about it so Urahara stabbed his Zanpakuto through Ichigo and Ichigo appeared in his spiritual world. He ran around every single area he could find and before he knew it four and a have minutes had passed.

Here's where the real problem is, if he didn't accomplish this in the required time limit of five minutes then he would never be able to do it again and all of his spiritual pressure would be lost for eternity, even if he died, his spiritual pressure would never return.

Right as the clock struck five minutes he had found Zangetsu standing on the flagpole and his hollow standing next to him. Both of them had smirks on their faces as Ichigo smirked back while panting slightly.

Once he found them and returned to his physical body he underwent some changes. His body grew a few more inches and his hair grew out back to its length when he faced Aizen. Ichigo thanked Urahara for the help. Urahara said it was no problem and to thank him Ichigo only had to do one thing.

He had to keep his hair long.

Ichigo sweat dropped and asked why and Kisuke responded with a grin, "Because you look much more cooler and badass with it long." Ichigo sweat dropped again and left the training room thinking Kisuke was nuts, but once he looked in a mirror and checked it out he decided that Kisuke was right, he did look cooler, but he would never say that out loud or say it to Kisuke… ever.

Anyway during the next three months he had kept training with Zangetsu and his hollow, since they had come to terms over time to except each other, and actually managed to seal Zangetsu back into his original from. This time the sword was much smaller than when he first got it. It was still the size of a daito, but it was a few inches shorter than his Bankai form.

The first time Ichigo appeared in front of his friends with his powers back he enjoyed the look of shock on their faces as he got rid of all the hollows in less than three seconds and then he slowly walked up to them and said two words, "I'm back."

Now that leads us to where we are now as Ichigo was staring down at the hollow with an extremely bored look on his face. "This is getting dull, time to end this" Ichigo said lazily wiping some hair from his eyes.

The hollow did not like his lazy attitude and charged at Ichigo with a loud roar. When it got close to Ichigo all he did was draw his Zanpakuto as the hollow charged past him. Then the hollow split cleanly in half and dissipated.

"How boring" Ichigo said swiping his blade down to get rid of the blood and then sheathed it and walked away. Despite Ichigo's lazy attitude right now he was not arrogant. He just knew that this hollow was extremely weak, but if he sensed a hollow with a Menos level or higher he immediately took it serious.

Now we find Ichigo walking home carrying his book bag over his shoulders with an extremely bored look on his face. Ever since he had defeated Aizen and gotten his powers back things had been boring around here. Sure he was happy that he no longer had to worry about Aizen, but he also wished something exciting would happen to him.

"I'm home" Ichigo announced walking inside and slipping his shoes off.

"Welcome home Ichi-nii" Yuzu greeted smiling. Karin simply turned and gave a wave. Ichigo was not the only Kurosaki in the house to grow longer hair or get taller either. Yuzu had started to develop into a beautiful girl. She had grown to a small 5'4 and her brown hair was now a little bit shorter than Ichigo's, but still went past her shoulders. Karin had also grown as well standing about an inch taller than her twin. Her dark black hair had grown in length as well, but she kept it in a ponytail on top of her head.

"Hiya" a man yelled as he roundhouse kicked Ichigo in the face knocking him to the side, "You let your guard down. Always be prepared when entering a room my son." Ah, who could forget their father Isshin Kurosaki? He looked like an average middle aged man with an unkempt beard, and spiky black hair wearing normal clothes and a white doctor lab coat.

Faster than anybody could see Ichigo sprung up and socked his dad right in the face, "Again with this crap, give it a rest old man" Ichigo shouted very annoyed. Isshin shot up and they continued on one of their little fights to the amusement of Karin and the chagrin of Yuzu.

"Would you two stop fighting long enough to eat dinner, please" she asked them as they continued to fight.

"One minute" Ichigo grunted since he was no in a headlock. Getting several tick marks on his forehead Ichigo elbowed his dad in the gut and then turned to deliver a Chuck Norris style double round house kick to the face. "Bitch please" Ichigo muttered quietly.

"No charge" Isshin grunted from the ground as Ichigo sat down and began to eat. The evening was as it usually was and dinner soon finished afterwards and while Yuzu did dishes and their dad went to finish some kind of paperwork Ichigo and Karin was sitting on the couch watching T.V.

"Any trouble with the hollows earlier" Karin asked Ichigo quietly.

"Not at all" Ichigo answered. It was another thing that happened overtime. Ichigo and Karin had grown even closer because the both of them could see hollows and Karin told him the stories of how she, Yuzu, Jinta and Ururu fought hollows with Don Konoji while Ichigo was away in Soul Society. After that Ichigo had told some of his stories as well and the two of them could now talk about this kind of stuff freely.

"More have been showing up though" Karin said.

Ichigo nodded, "I know, but they've all been weak. Either the hollows are stupid or something is testing us."

"Is it possible that Aizen could have escaped" Karin asked a little nervously.

"Not possible" Ichigo said immediately. "Hat n' Clogs has been checking in with Soul Society almost every month and Aizen is still rotting away in the prison."

"But how do they know he can't escape" Karin asked.

"The Hogyoku was Aizen's main source of power" Ichigo said, "Not that he wasn't weak without it, but the Hogyoku gave him a major power boost so he's at the same level as a normal captain now and the Central 46 placed him inside a special chamber to drain his spiritual pressure over time. His sentence was twenty thousand years, so he'll be long dead as the prison will drain every ounce of power from him."

"That's a relief" Karin noted, "But I thought you told me Aizen could cast illusions with his Zanpakuto? How do they now that they're not under an illusion?"

"Cause when I fought and mortally wounded him the Hogyoku destroyed his Zanpakuto because it thought Aizen no longer needed it. So with his Zanpakuto destroyed by the Hogyoku he no longer has the power to cast illusions."

Karin was silent for a while, "Ichi-nii" she said quietly getting his attention. "When are you gonna let me become a Shinigami?"

Ichigo sighed and touched her shoulder softly, "We've been over this Karin. You're still too young."

"I'm 13 years old, I'm not too young" Karin said furiously.

Ichigo gave her a stern gaze and Karin backed down crossing her arms. She would never admit it to anyone, but his stern gaze was the only thing that would make her be quiet. His eyes were scary sometimes, "Karin" Ichigo said quietly making her look up, "15, okay?"

Karin looked at him, "15" she repeated.

Ichigo nodded, "That's the same age I was when I first started being a Shinigami and it's the earliest I'll let you be a Shinigami, deal?" he asked.

"Deal" Karin said smiling slightly as Ichigo patted her shoulder and they relaxed together for a while. After five minutes Yuzu was done with dishes as the three Kurosaki siblings relaxed and on the couch together with the two sisters resting against their brother's shoulders.

About an hour later it was 9:30 and the twins had fallen asleep against Ichigo, who smiled as he looked at them. A door opened and closed quietly and Isshin walked in and smiled at the site, "C'mon, let's get them to bed" Isshin whispered to Ichigo.

Ichigo nodded as Isshin picked up Yuzu and walked towards their room. Ichigo carefully picked up Karin bridal style and walked towards their room as well. He got inside just as Isshin had tucked Yuzu in. Ichigo walked over to Karin's bed and tucked her in as well. He leaned down and kissed her forehead slightly, "Good night Karin" he whispered and did the same thing to Yuzu before father and son left the room and shut it silently.

Isshin looked at his son and smiled, "You know Ichigo, you'll make a great father someday."

Ichigo got a shocked look on his face, but then smiled a bit, "Thanks dad."

Isshin got a serious look on his face, "Come down stairs, there's something I have to tell you." Ichigo turned serious as well and walked downstairs ready for anything because anytime his dad got serious it meant that something was wrong or something big in his life was about to happen.

Sitting down in a chair Ichigo asked, "What's up dad?"

Isshin sat down with a sigh, "An old friend of mine has asked for some help…"

Ichigo interrupted with a flat look and said just as flatly, "You have friends…"

Isshin had comical tears going down his face, "Oh my son, why must you be so cruel to me?" Ichigo simply bopped him on the head and Isshin cleared his throat, "Anyway, he runs a special school reserved for Youkai."

"Youkai" Ichigo repeated with a frown on his face.

"You surprised?" Isshin asked with a raised eyebrow.

Ichigo sighed, "Dad I've fought hundreds of things ranging from dumb gang bangers to a corrupt, psychotic megalomaniac bent on world domination. Nothing supernatural surprises me anymore."

Isshin grinned and scratched his chin before continuing, "Anyway he has reported that there have been a few hollow sightings outside of his school."

"So what is the problem" Ichigo asked.

Isshin sighed, "His school is in a separate world, much like Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. It is surrounded by a special barrier that prevents humans and hollows alike from getting inside. Yet there is something must be going wrong."

"Because hollows are getting inside," Ichigo finished.

"He has requested that we send someone into the school disguised as a student to keep an eye on the hollows and protect the other students" Isshin said.

"Let me guess that someone is me" Ichigo said.

Isshin nodded, "You are the best that we have for the job."

"I just have one question" Ichigo said. "If this is a school for Youkai, then why can't the students simply destroy the hollows since they should have powers and abilities of their own?"

"The Youkai are like under developed hollows" Isshin said. "They have their own rankings in their world, from D-Class Youkai to S-Class Youkai. Even though S-Class is the highest ranking Youkai they have they only have the power of a recent Shinigami academy graduate. And they only have Three Dai Youkai in their world as well and they could barely handle a Gillian Hollow."

Ichigo was silent for a bit, "What do I have to do?"

Isshin smiled slightly, "Straight to the point as usual son. Anyway all you have to do is pose as a student and act the same as you usually would. You can make as many friends as you want at the school and just keep an eye out for hollows. You'll be posing as a second year student in the Academy and back to what I said earlier. You should really make friends because odds are you'll be there until your graduation."

"That long" Ichigo said shocked getting to his feet. "That's over two years away," he said outraged.

"I'm sorry son, but that's what he requested and you already agreed to it" Isshin said.

"What about Karakura, what about my friends" Ichigo said.

"Your friends will be fine and they can defend Karakura in your absence" Isshin said trying to calm Ichigo down. "And if something too bad happens then we got me, Kisuke, Yoruichi and Shinji and the Vaizards. Everything will be fine."

Ichigo sat back down rubbing his forehead, "What about Karin and Yuzu?"

"I'll make up a story," Isshin said. "Karin will take in silence because that's just how she is, but Yuzu will be advent about it."

"You're telling them, not me" Ichigo said quickly when he saw his dad look at him. Isshin snapped his fingers muttering to himself. "When do I leave?" Ichigo asked.

"In two days on Monday, 7:00 a.m. sharp" Isshin said. "Any way you should get some sleep because the next two days are going to be hectic for you." Ichigo nodded and was about to go upstairs when Isshin slung his arm around his shoulder and whispered in his ear. "By the way I heard that all the girls there wear extremely short skirts so make me proud and bring a girlfriend home."

Ichigo's face flushed a deep red starting at his neck and worked up to his forehead, "Pervy old man" Ichigo shouted and drop kicked his father away from him. Ichigo then stormed up to his room, shut the door and went to sleep.

And sometimes Ichigo hated it when his dad was right because the next two days were indeed very hectic for him. Telling his friends he would be going to a new school for a mission wasn't easy to do. Chad, Uryuu and Mizuiro accepted it easily and bid him a goodbye. Keigo did his usual overdramatic goodbye that got him a bop to the head from Tatsuki, who gave him a small hug goodbye. Orihime was the hardest to say goodbye to. She got teary eyed and practically hugged him to death. All poor Ichigo could do was softly pat her on the back and blush slightly as he felt her breasts against his chest.

That day he had spent with his friends as a farewell. The next day Ichigo had to pack up some stuff while Isshin explained the situation to his sisters. As they predicted Karin did except it, but wasn't happy to see her big brother leaving again. And again, as they predicted, Yuzu got teary eyed and grabbed Ichigo begging him not to leave again.

It tore at his heartstrings to see his sister cry. All he could do was try and comfort her the best he could, which is why after he finished packing he took both his sisters out into town for one last day together before he left.

They had a lot of fun with each other. Ichigo took them to the movies, to the ice cream shop and they ended the day by playing soccer in the park. Ichigo played the goalie while Karin and Yuzu had to try and score on him, but that was proving to be a challenge because of Ichigo's hardened reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

"C'mon, that the best you got" Ichigo taunted clapping his hands getting ready.

"We'll show you Ichi-nii" Karin shouted back "Let's go Yuzu." Yuzu nodded back and they charged towards Ichigo passing the ball back and forth between them. Then Karin passed it to Yuzu and ran towards Ichigo and jumped in the air. Yuzu quickly kicked it into the air towards Karin and Ichigo was prepared for Karin's move.

However, he wasn't prepared for Karin to head butt it back to Yuzu and kick it inside the goal. "Goal" Yuzu shouted jumping for joy as Karin landed on Ichigo and knocked them both to the ground with all three of them laughing. Yuzu then lied down next to Ichigo as all three Kurosaki siblings looked up at the now orange sky. Yuzu giggled slightly, "Ichigo, your hair is the same color as the sky."

Karin smirked next to him as Ichigo twitched slightly, "Think its funny do you" Ichigo said turning to Yuzu and then grinning maniacally. "Well I'll give you something to laugh about" he said and began tickling her mercilessly.

Yuzu laughed loudly, "No… fair…" she laughed "Karin… help."

Karin jumped on top of Ichigo and began tickling him back, but Ichigo was strong and quick as he easily wrestled Karin off of his back and began tickling both of his sisters until they were red in the face. Ichigo then sat on his knees as he looked at them panting with a satisfied smirk on his face, "Give up" he said.

Both sisters looked at each other and grinned, "Dog pile" they shouted and tackled a surprised Ichigo to the ground and lied on top of him and all three began laughing again. It was truly a wonderful site to see. A strong, scruffy older brother playing with his two little sisters with all of them laughing together.

To end the day Ichigo took them up to a tall hill to watch the sunset. It was a beautiful sight as they sat on the grassy hill and watched the sun go down, "Well, what do you think?" Ichigo asked, "Was this one of the best days you guys had?"

"The best" Yuzu said hugging Ichigo around the waist.

"Agreed" Karin said also hugging her brother around the waist.

Once the sun went down and the sky got darker the town lit up with colorful lights making it look almost like a wonderful light show. "C'mon, let's go home" Ichigo said pulling them up.

As they walked home Karin looked to Ichigo, "Why exactly are you going to another school" she asked. She had never asked earlier.

Yuzu also looked at him curiously and they waited for an answer. Ichigo just decided to come clear since he had nothing to hide. After the Winter War he had come clean and told both Yuzu and Karin about the Shinigami. They took it well. Karin wanted to become a Shinigami and Yuzu just wanted him to be safe.

"A friend of Dad called in a favor he owed him" Ichigo stopped when he saw the disbelieving looks on their faces. "He has friends I know, shocked me to" Ichigo said and they all laughed slightly. "Anyway this person runs a school for Youkai in another world. Dad wants us to go in and be undercover as a student until the hollow problem stops."

"How long will that take?" Karin asked.

"Dad said it could take up to my graduation for it to be done," Ichigo said.

"You mean you'll be gone for over two years" Yuzu cried.

"I'm afraid so" Ichigo said. "That's why I took this whole day to spend with you two because it'll be my last day here for a long time until I see you again during summer time."

"Thank you Ichi-nii" Karin said as they continued their walk home. "Thanks for spending all day with us."

"Anything for you two" Ichigo said as they held hands till they got home.

The next day Ichigo got up at 6 a.m. tired as hell. He always hated waking up this early. Wiping his eyes he walked into the bathroom to do the usual morning stuff. Looking at himself in the mirror he fixed his hair until it looked the way he liked it.

Walking downstairs with his duffel bag he was immediately greeted by his family and his friends. He gaped slightly, "What are you all doing here?"

"We live here" Karin said sarcastically. Ichigo gave her a half glare, half exasperated look.

"We wouldn't be that good of friends if we didn't see you off" Tatsuki said.

"Yeah" Keigo agreed.

"Thanks guys" Ichigo said. Then they heard something driving towards the house.

"That must be the bus" Isshin said looking out the window and sure enough it was. "Okay, time to go Ichigo." Ichigo nodded and they all headed out the door and saw the yellow bus waiting for them. Before Ichigo could get on Isshin whispered some last serious words to him, "Remember Ichigo, they're Youkai, which means they're not used to humans or outright hate them. So be careful and don't reveal your human identity unless it's to someone you trust no matter what."

"I understand" Ichigo whispered back.

"Also some Yokai have quirky habits so if something weird happens to you then don't go off the deep end" Isshin whispered back.

"Look who's talking about over the deep end" Ichigo hissed back and smirked when his dad recoiled "Later everyone" he called waving and getting on the bus. Everyone kept waving even as the bus disappeared and Ichigo kept waving until they were out of site.

Ichigo finally sat down with a sigh and began thinking about what to prepare himself for, "Hey mister" the bus driver called. Ichigo looked up and thought the bus driver was kind of creepy. He had on normal clothes and a normal hat, but his glowing eyes and creepy smile is what creeped him out. "Are you a Freshman at Youkai Academy?"

"I would technically be a Junior, but do to special circumstances I'm to be transferred into the end of the Sophomore year" Ichigo said.

"I see" the bus driver said. "Then you should mentally prepare yourself. Youkai Academy is a terrifying place" he finished turning to him with a scary grin on his face. Ichigo just raised an eyebrow at the bus driver and spent the rest of the time just relaxing.

He had gotten the new uniform and it was a green jacket with a white undershirt and tie. Ichigo didn't like green that much because it wasn't his color so he ditched the jacket and he had always hated ties so he didn't wear the tie either. So all he wore was the tan pants with black belt and the long sleeved white undershirt that he had rolled up to a little above his elbows.

Then darkness surrounded the bus and Ichigo looked up and around. Then, before he knew it, a small amount of light surrounded him, but not much and Ichigo looked out the window and saw gray clouds, and below he saw a red sea. 'What the hell, is it made of blood?' he asked himself in his mind.

The bus stopped and Ichigo got off and in front of him he saw a jack-o-lantern scarecrow. Looking out he saw a bunch of dead trees and could see the top of a building in the distance. "Be careful young man" the bus driver said still having that creepy smile on his face. The doors closed and he drove back through the entrance he came from.

"Ah, you're here" a female voice said. Ichigo turned to see a young woman with fair skin, purple eyes wearing a pink button up shirt and a small red shirt over it and a black skirt on that went down a little above her knees. She had black hair with a two pig tails on the side of her head. "You must be Ichigo Kurosaki."

"Yes I am" Ichigo responded reaching into his bag and pulled out a letter. "I am supposed to give this to the Headmaster when I got here."

"Alright" the woman nodded. "Oh where are my manners, my name is Ruby Toujo. I'm the Headmaster's Assistant. Give me your hand and I'll take you to the Headmaster." Confused Ichigo just gave her his hand. She grabbed on and she waved her wand, at least Ichigo thought it was a wand, and they suddenly disappeared only to reappear inside an office. "Headmaster, he is here" Ruby said.

Ichigo turned to see a man dressed in a Priest's robes and he had the same kind of eyes as the Bus Driver, which creeped him out a little. "Welcome to Youkai Academy Mr. Kurosaki" the Headmaster said pleasantly.

"Thank you sir" Ichigo said bowing his head slightly. He walked up and gave the Headmaster the letter. "My dad told me to give you this letter when I got here."

The headmaster opened the letter and after a few minutes began laughing surprising Ruby since she had never seen the Headmaster laugh. Come to think of it she hardly saw him move. "Yep, this is definitely your father. How is he doing?"

"Still as insane as ever, maybe worse" Ichigo said.

"That bad eh?" the Headmaster chuckled. "Well I won't waste your time since I'm sure Isshin already informed you of the full details of the assignment. Here is the key to your dorm room and a map of the school. If you get lost or can't find anything then just go and ask any student around campus. Ah, before I forget, here is your school schedule, classes begin tomorrow."

"Thank you sir" Ichigo said taking all the stuff.

"By the way I would listen to your father and get a girlfriend. You look much too tense" the Headmaster said grinning.

Ichigo was half tempted to shove Zangetsu up his ass, but that would be an insult to his Zanpakuto. So with his eyes twitching Ichigo just left the room. Ruby looked confused as she looked towards the Headmaster, "Who was that sir?"

"Someone about ten times more powerful than I could ever be" was all the Headmaster said leaving a shell shocked and even more confused Ruby.

On another side of the Campus a young boy with unruly black hair was in a tug-a-war with two hot girls. One of them had long pink hair and a smoking hot body while the other had blue hair in a ponytail and a body most women would kill for.

The lucky son of a bitch in the middle is Tsukune Aono. The reason he was in the tug-a-war between the two beauties, whose names were Moka Akashiya and Kurumu Kurono, was because Kurumu had come onto him again by rubbing her breasts against him nearly making him pass out. Moka had not liked it so much and began pulling him away, but Kurumu began pulling back creating the tug-a-war.

Then a knife made of ice came from nowhere and struck Kurumu in the forehead making some blood gush out. Another pretty girl came from around a building. She was wearing stripped purple stockings, white shoes, the standard girl's skirt, a white sweatshirt with blue sleeves, and a black singlet underneath and had a belt strapped to her left thigh. She also had short purple hair that went down to her shoulders, deep blue eyes and a lollipop in her mouth. To finish her look she had a small yellow pendant around her neck. Her name was Mizore Shirayuki.

With that happening Kurumu and Mizore engaged in their usual cat fight by trying to bonk each other on the head standing in one spot, but swinging their arms at each other. It was quite a comical sight.

"Tsukune-san, Moka-san" a young girl voice called out. It was girl that looked to be only 12 years old. She has short brown black hair and purple eyes. She wore a different kind of uniform than most of her classmates. She wore a yellow pleated checkered skirt like other female students, but she also wore a brown cape, a pink top, a yellow bow to keep everything together, and a light brown witch's hat. She also wears brown shoes and pale yellow knee socks. In her hand she was carrying a wand that looked like it had a pentagram attached to the end. This was Youkai Academies smartest, youngest student and final member of Tsukune's Harem Yukari Sendo.

"Hello Yukari-chan" they both greeted.

Tsukune eventually managed to break the fight between the Succubus and the Yuki-Onna making them both blush because Tsukune touched them both and when they saw each other's blush they glared at each other.

Eventually they just began talking about stuff when Yukari spotted a bunch of big guys coming their way. There must have been at least five of them and each of them supported nasty grins on their faces, "Um… guys" Yukari said nervously.

"What is it Yukari-chan" Tsukune asked. Yukari simply pointed ahead of them and each of them stood up and stood in front of Tsukune protectively.

The apparent leader laughed as he stopped in front of them, "Look at this boys, little wimpy Aono needs a bunch of girls to protect his pathetic hide."

"What do you want" Moka asked slightly nervous, but attempting to put on a brave face.

"Well that's easy" the leader said. "We want what every guy on this campus wants. The four beauties of the Academy that hang out with this wimp. And we are not leaving until we get what we want."

"It's only Monday and we already got to fight jerks like them" Mizore said in a calm sarcastic tone "Not cool." Yet despite her tone she was nervous. These guys were huge and slightly intimidating.

They began advancing towards them when they heard the sound of a punching, kicking and grunting. They turned around to see one of the guys get thrown towards them and onto the ground. His face was all bruised and slightly bloody.

They turned to see a tall orange haired guy standing there with his right hand on the back of his head standing there lazily. As the girls stared at him they had one thought on their minds, 'He's kind of hot' they all thought.

The leader glared at Ichigo, "You got a death wish pal, no one jumps one of my boys for no reason and lives to tell about it." Ichigo gave a bored drawn out sigh while wiping some hair from his eyes. "That's all you got. Say something you…" he charged for a punch.

He was blocked when Ichigo's foot came up and kicked him in the face. Ichigo didn't shift his position at all as the huge guy crumpled to the ground where Ichigo began stomping on the guy's back hard making him grunt and cry out in pain. "Leader's down" one of the conscious guys said "We've gotta help him."

The other two were shaking, "Are you crazy, there's no way I'm taking on that psycho."

Ichigo then stomped on the guys head hard enough to crack the ground and kept stomping until half the guys head was now buried in the ground. The others winced from the sound of the ground cracking. Well either it was the ground or the guy's nose, but they didn't know and didn't want to know.

"Shut up" Ichigo said coldly glaring at the guys making them shiver, "Now first question, what are you doing to these guys? You, asshole in the middle, answer" Ichigo said furiously pointing at the guy.

"Wha…" he stuttered, "You talking to me?" seeing Ichigo glare at him he managed to choke out, "I guess we were going to ruff up that Tsukune kid a bit." Next thing he knew he had Ichigo's foot implanted in his face as he flew ten feet back and unconscious shocking all others present.

"Correct" Ichigo said and stood up to face the other two, "Now the next question, why are you bothering these guys?"

The other two guys were shaking badly, "We were sick of him getting all the attention of the girls." Then before either of them could blink they were pounded down into the ground by lightning quick punches and kicks.

"Petty reasons for petty wimps" Ichigo said his voice like ice making all, but Mizore, shiver. "Now go and apologize or else the next time I'll send you to Hell itself." They all screamed in fright and picked up the unconscious ones and ran away screaming sorry at the top of their voices. Ichigo sighed, "That should keep those bastards from showing their ugly faces around here again." Ichigo turned around to face them, "Sorry about those guys, are you all okay?"

"Yeah" Tsukune said, "Thanks for stopping those guys."

"No problem" Ichigo said, "I can't stand stuck up bullies who think they can get whatever they want."

"Um… who are you desu" Yukari asked.

"My name is Ichigo Kurosaki" he introduced "I just transferred here so I'm a new student. Who are you guys?"

"Tsukune Aono"

"Moka Akashiya"

"Yukari Sendo"

"Kurumu Kurono"

"Mizore Shirayuki"

"Nice to meet you all" Ichigo said, "I gotta go now. I still need to drop my stuff off at my new dorm room. See you guys later." Ichigo turned and walked away giving a small wave.

Kurumu looked over to Mizore and saw her face was bright red and she had a small smile on her face, "Mizore are you blushing" Kurumu asked shocked.

Horrified, Mizore felt her warm face and the smile that was on it. Covering her face she only muttered one word, "Shit."

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