Club Sign Up Day

Getting Winthrop Out Of His Shell Chapter 3

Friday finally arrived. Winthrop couldn't be more anxious about club sign up day. Very few activities on the list that Amaryllis had given to him struck him as interesting.

"So did you find anything you wanted to sign up for?" Amaryllis asked

"Not a lot of things really interest me and this could pose a problem." Winthrop said honestly.

"Nothing we can't fix." Amaryllis grinned at her friend. "Spring sports are starting soon. Why don't you try out for the baseball team?"

"Not sure how good at that I'll be."

"You don't know until you try."

Winthrop pulled out his list again. "I did circle Spanish Club and Debate Team."

"Debate team won't be accepting new members til the fall semester but I'm in Spanish club and we're always looking for new members."

"Okay, I'll sign up for that then." Winthrop was relieved that Amaryllis would be in a club with him. It would feel less awkward for him if he knew someone else in the club.

Winthrop headed over to the sign up table for Spanish club and noticed someone from his band class also signing up.

"Hey Winthrop, are you singing up for Spanish Club too?"

Winthrop nodded. "Yeah Rachel, I am. Amaryllis is in the club and says it's a lot of fun."

"We should have a good time." Rachel said.

Winthrop all of a sudden got shy. Rachel sat two chairs over from him in band and he thought that she was really cute. He had not been able to confess his feelings for her yet.

Once he was all signed up for Spanish club we walked around the gym and found the table for Debate Team. 'Might as well put my name down for the fall." He thought to himself. He also decided to pick up information about baseball tryouts which wouldn't be until early March.

Amarylis met him at that entrance to the gym. "You had luck I see?" She said smiling.

"Yup. Thanks for suggesting this Amaryllis."

"You're welcome. Hey, I noticed you talking to Rachel Allen at the Spanish Club table. Did she join too?"

Winthrop blushed. " Yes, she was in line in front of me."

"Why are you blushing?"

Winthrop didn't answer.

"Oh, my gosh Winthrop, do you like Rachel?"

"I think so." He said in a barely audible whisper.

Amaryllis wanted so much to be happy for Winthrop but deep down inside she was jealous that Winthrop was showing interest in Rachel and limited interest in dating her.