Romantic Friction

Getting Winthrop Out Of His Shell Chapter 4

A/N To be honest I have been really struggling with trying to figure out which direction the plot of this story should head in which is why I haven't updated it in awhile. I would like to thank Morfiwien Greenleaf for beta reading this story… hopefully her suggestions will give me some new insight and fresh ideas. I own no characters from Music Man. Winthrop's love interest Rachel is my original character. Hope everyone who has been reading this is enjoying it. Happy Holidays!

From the moment Amaryllis found out that Winthrop liked Rachel jealousy settled in the pit of her stomach. She desperately wanted to get Winthrop's attention and get her to date her. She knew that the fact that Winthrop had feelings for Rachel would pose a problem.

Rachel was in her Biology class. Their teacher didn't really like them passing notes but Amaryllis often disobeyed this rule.

The note she passed to Rachel who sat in front of her said

Winthrop likes you.

Rachel turned around and faced her completely shocked.

"We'll talk after class." She mouthed.

When the bell rang Rachel met Amaryllis at her locker.

"So when did he tell you this?"

"At club sign up day after you two signed up for Spanish Club.

"I'm completely shocked. I didn't think he had any kind of romantic feelings for me. . He's so quiet in Band. He never says anything to me."

Amaryllis smiled. "He's really shy. He's been like that since we were little."

"You've known him for a long time then?"

Amaryllis nodded and looked at the floor uncomfortably.

"Do you like him?" Rachel asked

Amaryllis nodded. "He'll never liked me as more than a friend though."

There was awkward silence between the two girls for about 5 minutes or so.

"Do you like him?" Amaryllis asked.

Rachel shrugged her shoulders. "I don't really know him very well so it's hard to say."

"Would you consider hanging out with him sometime … just to get to know each other better?"

Rachel shrugged. "Couldn't hurt."

Later that day during band class Rachel approached Winthrop before class started.

"Hey Winthrop, what are you doing after school today?"

Winthrop was caught off guard by the question. "I've got no plans. Why?"

"Would you like to go get a soda with me?"

Winthrop blushed.


"Okay. I'll meet you by my locker after last period."


Rachel went to take her seat in the seat that was three over from Winthrop. Winthrop heart skipped a beat. He wondered if Amaryllis had mentioned anything to her about his feelings for her.

When the last bell of the day rang Winthrop met Rachel by her locker as he'd promised and they walked the few short blocks to the soda shop. Once there they grabbed a corner booth and started glancing at the menus.

"So are you excited about being in Spanish club?" Rachel asked.

Winthrop nodded. " Yep. It should be a lot of fun. Do you know when the first meeting is? I haven't really noticed if there are any signs up anywhere."

" Next Monday at 3:15."

"Did you join any other clubs?"

"I'm trying out for the baseball team at the beginning of March and I signed up for debate team in the fall. What about you?"

"I joined French Club and Photography Club."

They sat in silence.

"So did Amaryllis mention that I like you?" Winthrop asked

Rachel nodded.

"Do you feel the same way about me?"

Rachel shrugged. "I honestly don't know yet. I think we need to get to know each other a little bit better before I decide anything."

Winthrop nodded. "Seems fair."

Winthrop was happy that his feelings for Rachel were out in the open and was hoping a relationship with her would bloom. Little did he know that Amaryllis had told Rachel that she had feelings for him too.