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This is based after the buu sage where gohan has gained the ability to go ultimate.

Chapter one: uh oh!

the z- fighters where summoning the dragon to restore the earth and those that kid buu killed. The sons of Goku (and kid trunks) where having an argument a little bit away from the summoning.

" Please Gohan"

"Goten no I might hurt you two."

"Oh you're just scared we'll beat you."

"Trunks you can taunt me all you want, I'm not going ultimate just to beat the crap out of you two as gotenks just to prove a point."

"It's not to prove a point it's to help us train!" the two demi sayian boys yelled together. They had been trying to get gohan to go in his ultimate form and train the while they were fused they tried attacking, he dogged, taunting, he stayed cool, and now they were flat out arguing.

"Hey brats shut up we are trying to summon the dragon. Trunks what have I told you about belittling yourself arguing with kakarots brats?" an angry sayian prince yelled back at his sons, he was pretty steamed seeing as how Goku beat majin buu when he himself couldn't.(I think he died but I haven't seen the buu sage in a while so he gets to live deal with it.)

"Please please please please please please Gohan!"


"You don't know what it's like to be soo young and feel so helpless!" Goten yelled

"Oh yeah how about all the times I had to stand by and watch dad get killed? Listen Goten , Trunks you two need to calm down and rest then ill train you ok?"

"No! We want to train now!" a certain purple haired sayian child yelled

"I said no."

"augggghhh! I wish you were a kid again so you know how it feels!" trunks screamed

"go away Gohan I wish you'd go far away!" gotten screamed

Suddenly Gohan was shrunken to his twelve year old size as he gazed down in wonder at himself he began to get enveloped in a white gold light. Then he vanished.

Your wish has been granted farewell.

"What have you two done!" chi-chi yelled bringing out the frying pan of doom.

The boys looked at each other and sweated

"uh oh".