ok so ive been thinking should i have made gohan 3(wouldnt it be funny to see cute baby gohan whooping up on orchimaru?) instead of 12? so review or pm me what you think the options are

1)start a new story where gohan is 3 and goes to naruto

2)keep going with gohan goes away

3)do both

kotina:i see where youre coming from but if there are people coming to earth in a space ship and they are clearly not human (black skin yellow eyes with no eyelids) and one of them has a baby in the earths atmosphere then she has another on earth. is the baby she had in the atmosphere an alien and his brother a 'human'? just a question anyone can answer but mainly kotina i wanna see how you think about this

juan link: yeah i kinda expected more reviews too but atleast i got some my other story the lunar flower kitsune(hinata and hokage naruto have a baby with a fox tail and ears and she replaces cheza who died in wolfs rain) didnt get anything until like a few months after i cancled it i restarted because people reviewed (only 3 and 1 of them doesnt count cuz shes my best friend and we go to school together) my motto for story writting is as long as there is atleast 1 person reading and reveiwing i will continue it. but im glad gohan goes away is a bit of a hit.