Title: A Fishcakes affair

Author: IhateHeroes

Rating: Mature 18+ contains all genres because fanfiction doesn't let me…

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To get on with this story there will be changes in the following;

The Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan does not allow its user to summon or control the Kyūbi no Yōko.

That means that Madara doesn't control the Kyuubi but they do know each other…

Hashirima's Mokuton can still calm demons THAT'S IF THEY WANT TO BE…

So the following events didn't happen

Madara didn't have the ability to summon the Kyūbi no Yōko in his fight against the Shodai Hokage. Mito Uzumaki did not become the first Kyūbi Jinchūriki in result Kushina didn't become the second Kyūbi Jinchūriki.

Naruto is the first Kyūbi Jinchūriki as Kyuubi attacked for another reason that will be explained throughout this story.

Beside I believe that if Naruto is the first Kyūbi Jinchūriki their relationship will be better to write.

So Kushina wasn't the one that released the Kyuubi but she and Minato sacrificed their lives to seal it into Naruto using the Shiki Fūjin, The Dead Demon Consuming Seal a seal created by the Uzumaki Clan.

PS what is said in this fic will be purely fantasy based...

italics means the person is thinking...

Bold is a demon or god talking...


What's with that woman!

It's a beautiful day the sun's shining birds are flocking and people can be seen together in harmony as some couples are holding hands or kissing in public. Yes it's a beautiful day indeed.

The sounds of birds can be seen flying right next to an open window without a care in the world. The curtains can be seen flying open due to the gusty winds.

What lays behind this window you may think. Well right next to the window laid a golden haired whiskered boy or a man he would like to be preferred?

Well while this man laid on the bed, one would expect he would be serene in this calm beautiful morning.

But the man looked anything but calm as he looked petrified while being frozen stiff because if he moved even once he will be in a world of pain.

Yes he will experience hell.

The reason why he is in such frightened mood was because next to him on his chest laid a very, very beautiful long crimson haired woman she had light chocolate skin looking like she loved the outdoors. Her eyes however were closed showing her calm tranquillity look of peace as she laid there sleeping. She shifted closer to him making her ample breast be squeezed on the boy's sorry man's surprisingly well defined chest.

One thing for sure is that under those covers is that the woman is well…naked wearing panties of course. The man blushed furiously as he felt the woman's hard nipple.

The woman carried on moving making the man's body her new teddy bear as the Man felt up her perfect figure.

Back to the subject at hand what made the boy scared, however we will find out on the next episode of Dragonbal (cough) (cough) sorry got out of hand there.

"DING DONG" "DING DONG" the doorbell rang making the man all of sudden sweat in fear he looked at the woman lying next to him she was still asleep.

He sighed in relief so he waited until she loosened her hold and substituted himself with a couple of pillows, sneaked quietly out of the room and ran to the door like his life depended on it.

The man was not wearing any shirt only his trousers as he was bare footed. He opened the door and checked who it was.

It was the Sandaime Hokage and he wasn't pleased he had a look of disappointment. The man looked curiously at him and the old man making him sigh.

"Naruto I let things slide a lot of times with you right" said the old man to the man identified as Naruto who nodded remembering what his jiji done for him.

Naruto well you would expect he is the same Naruto we all know but no he is anything but the loud brash orange loving boy.

He is different because the loneliness and abuse he suffered as a child made him into one thing parents feared worse for their child would be and that is a delinquent.



"Sorry old man talking to myself here ehehehehe" laughed Naruto lightly who scratched the back of his head comically making the old man twitch in irritation as he sighed again.

Boy this kid makes him do that a lot.

"Naruto why didn't you come to the after graduation meeting to meet your Jounin Sensei" Said Sarutobi to the boy he views as a grandson. Naruto looked around to see if a certain someone is awake as he responded apologetically

"Old man I couldn't make it, I was busy sorry" while he scratched the back of his head

"Naruto you're a Genin now you should listen to your Hokage in whatever he says" Said Sarutobi showing his authority,

Naruto just looked at him ludicrously basically a wtf look as he thought that if the woman in his bed told him to jump and the old man ordered him to stay put.

You know what he will choose. But still I will answer it for you

He will most certainly jump!

"Now Naruto get your clothes and follow me to meet your new Sensei" Gestured the old man but Naruto stood still ignoring the old man making said old man ask him again

"Come on now hurry"

Naruto still stood where he was

"Naruto do I have to tell you twice" said the old man getting annoyed as something interrupted them

"Narutoooo come back to bed" said the most beautiful whining tone voice the old man ever heard of as he blushed at what he saw.

He saw the most good-looking, Gorgeous, Dazzling crimson haired woman as she wiped her closed eyes due to just waking up she held the grey blanket to cover her naked visage and her well defined chest. So the old man too froze as he looked at Naruto who turned around and then blushed so the old man added two and two together.

His nose bled

He then smiled a perverted smile and grabbed Naruto's shoulders and said the four words he never said to Naruto….ever.

"Well done my boy" and then the old man walked off no he actually skipped off.

A horrible sight to see an old man skipping especially the Hokage no less

:/ huh?

Naruto looked on and then all of sudden his eyes went wide in shock as he ran to the old man not caring that he is typically half naked

"OLD MAN WAIT" the old man ignored as he skipped on but he stopped and turned around and gave Naruto the most perverted old man look he ever seen.

He shivered.

The old man gave him two thumbs up at the stunned Naruto then disappeared before Naruto screamed one final thing as held his right hand up helplessly



Everyone in the streets who heard him looked at Naruto in disgust and speechless thinking that the demon brat batted for the other team.

They shuddered at such thought

Their question was answered however as they saw the most beautiful woman on earth grabbing hold of the brat putting his head in her blanket covered breasts as she said one thing that made all the males in the area jealous of the demon brat and question their wives or girlfriends.

"The bed is cold without you…let's get you warmed up" cooed the woman in the most angelic voice in the boy's ears as she possessed the most amazing ruby eyes more so than that of the eyes of the Genjustu specialist Jounin her name is Kure something

Yes Yuhi Kurenai.

The street went quite as everyone was flabbergasted at what they saw one man even screamed


Naruto cried comically while in the hold of the woman as the woman smiled a wicked smile.

Back inside

Naruto was getting dressed furiously as he wanted to get the hell out of here rummaging through his closet.

"Going somewhere" said a serious voice behind Naruto as he turned around looking at the woman from earlier leaning on the wall.

She was wearing black tights which shows her voluptuous figure Naruto looked up and down at her figure making her smirk as he suddenly took out a jacket went to her and putted on for her. She looked incredulously at him surprised at what he did.

"Wear something for god sakes" said Naruto irritated who then found his clothes and tried to usher her out but she still didn't budge.

"Ummmm excuse me but I'm trying to dress" said Naruto quietly to her as she suddenly smiled when she walked closer to him her head went his ears and she whispered

"I have seen your body countless times" said the woman as she caressed his face looking at him lust her eyes "and yet I can't seem to get enough"

She then all of a sudden licked his ears lobe as she breathed in his ear.

Naruto wished there and then he could die.

He then took out the closest clothes he could find and ran off.

Not knowing that he took his horrendous orange jumpsuit.

Women as evil as her can make a man do things you wouldn't dream off.

Naruto is proof of that.

Naruto looked at the clothes he took and sighed as he took the clothes he should've thrown away ages ago.

"What's with that woman" thought the now orange wearing blonde

He then suddenly remembered when this woman came to his life. As looked up questionably at the wall and started reminiscing (you know like what JD does in scrubs).

1 year ago at the academy

"Ding ding dong ding" the academy bell rang as the final year of their ninja career began. Everyone gathered round in the classroom listening to Iruka's boring lectures.

Iruka's lectures was so boring that he was starting to fall asleep Naruto heard the speaking voice of Iruka slowly becoming just small niose as he started to sleep

"Arghhh" yawned Naruto as he welcomed sleep.

Naruto all of sudden woke up in an empty classroom. He looked around and then came to a conclusion.

"The class is over…"sighed Naruto "someone should have at least waked me up.. its rude" said Naruto tiredly yawning.

"Ohhh the class is not over yet Naru-Kun" said a melodic voice this startled Naruto he looked at the direction of the voice. Right on Iruka's table at front of the chalkboard sat a very fine-looking woman she had Crimson hair that shone just like his golden hair. She stood up showing him her rear end.

Man that stood out just like her breast what's with this woman.

Her rear stood in a perfect angle that caused his tool to slowly grow as she wore a navy blue jeans that made the rear end stuck out even more. His tool still grew "fuck stop it" thought Naruto as he still looked at her his eyes glued on her navy blue jacket which was buttoned up with small white buttons that went along her chest and stomach making her seem like a perfect business woman showing how confined her breast was because it looked ready to pop out any second.

His tool was growing at a fast rate now.

She also wore glasses covering her striking crimson eyes.

"Is this a dream….No woman can look like that."

"Shit….. Someone please wake me up."

There was one smoking hot lady.

Naruto's tool succeeded to grow upright going hard right there. Luckily she didn't notice because he was sitting down and his tool was under the table begging to get out of his confinement.

"Naruto...Naruto my dear Naruto" sang the lady as she made the boy woozy at her melodic voice like she was a siren there to tempt him.

She walked towards him making her rear and bosom bounce and sway. Naruto mentally screamed for her to stay put and stop tormenting him as she came to his table and sat down right in front of him pulling out a report card.

God she smelled so good

"What's the meaning of this Naruto" scowled the woman as she looked even hotter when she was angry Naruto groaned as he put his head down. A finger pulled up his chin up making Naruto look at her

You better explain yourself mister…" her legs swung as she sat on Naruto's table while her arms wrapped into a pretzel shaped knot, resting just beneath her large kegs, which instinctively made them more pronounced, this woman hated to wait.

Naruto looked sad making his eyes downcast he looked so cute to the woman

"My report card" Said Naruto quietly.

"Yes your report card now do you know what it entails" said the red haired lady adjusting her glasses.

"No ma'am but I know what to expect" Naruto looked broken wanting to die in a corner somewhere the lady's eyes looked sad for a second but went back to what she was saying.

"Yes Naruto they are all F's if you keep this up you will fail do you want to retake for the fourth time cause there isn't a fourth time" scolded the lady with the glasses

"I'm trying miss I really I am no matter what I do I keep getting the same grades" said a dejected Naruto as he for the first time almost went to tears.

The woman's light chocolate hand grabbed the boy's face making him look at her as she suddenly caressed his face she then went close to his face as she whispered

"Keep trying and don't give up and if you graduate I will give you a reward" said the woman huskily making Naruto blush. "What kind of reward and why give it to me of all people" Screamed out Naruto slowly getting angry.

How dare this lady think she can help him….Naruto never needed no one and he won't start now.

Suddenly the lady bit his ear making Naruto moan loud "Naru-Kun I know you more than anyone you look at me and see if I'm lying" said the lady

Naruto looked and saw no hint of deception and then suddenly gulped as the woman started playing with his hair.

"You asked what you reward is let me give you a taste" Said the lady sweetly. She then asked him to stand up.

Naruto looked at her and said he can't. The lady asked again this time ordering him to stand up making Naruto sweat frantically

"I can't ma'am my legs are tired" said Naruto remarkably not stuttering as he tried to make an excuse desperately trying to get rid of his hard tool in between his legs he looked down and then looked up.

The lady wasn't there as he suddenly felts someone's hand shoot at his confined tools

Naruto moaned. He looked at the hand rubbing his tool and was surprised that it belonged to the lady as she sat next to him. She smiled when she rubbed his tool slowly teasing him looking at him lustfully

"Is this the cause for your legs Naru-kun" cooed the lady as she put her hands under Naruto's trousers measuring him up. Her eyes took a gleeful turn making Naruto not know why she looked happy.

"You're a big boy Naruto….A very big boy" the lady suddenly giggled as she started working his tool with her hands moving his tool up and down over and over again.

Naruto moaned again, again and again

"What are you…doing stop"

The lady kept giggling as she then bended over as she said

"I'm giving you a taste of your future reward baby" she took is tool in her salivated mouth and Naruto moaned loud as when he saw he red feverishly eyes.

He busted right there!

"NARUTO WAKE UP" screamed Iruka making Naruto quickly wake straight up. He was drooling as he looked around and tried to stand up but felt his wet pants.

"Man you were moaning, never knew you could do that…..ahahahaha" Kiba laughed as the class laughed right at him.

Except for Hinata and surprisingly Ino who blushed

Naruto groaned as he looked at his pants which in result made his trousers wet. One thing Naruto was glad for sure was that his trousers were black.

Thank god for that.

When it was Home time Naruto ran straight home much to Iruka's surprise as straightaway he took a shower after the shower he had dinner and then started turning on the television as he sat down to watch Kazahana Koyuki who stood in a beach wearing an all-black bikini performing an advert about a deodorant


"Now guys make sure you take on the "all strong" deodorant as when a man who is strong won't be wrong ehehehehe" giggled Yukie as then the advert switched telling people where to get the deodorant. (You know the stores available etc.)

"Man this chick's untouchable…." said Naruto out loud as he then turned off the television. Thinking about Yukie made him think about a certain crimson haired woman.

"What was that dream….who was that woman "thought Naruto as he started to get into his shorts he liked to sleep with his shorts on. Naruto closed his eyes all he thought was the beautiful woman.

In the next morning

Naruto woke up thinking why he didn't dream of her again

He then went to the ramen stand before going to do academy. He met Ayame and Teuchi as they greeted their favourite customer.

"What you ordering today Naruto" Said Teuchi to the boy he considered as a son and favourite customer.

"Um…Two bowls of Beef ramen Teuch-Ossan" Said Naruto who was in long thought. Ayame came from the back while Teuchi went back in to get the boy his orders. She noticed Naruto's mood

"How are you Naruto-Kun" Asked Ayame curiously Naruto ignored her however as she then asked him again while she waved at him.

"huh….sorry Ayame was thinking of something" Said Naruto who then looked delighted at his meal in the table.

Ayame then put her elbow on the table as she put her chin on her hand as she amusingly said"then you better explain yourself mister"

Naruto had his eyes go wide as he recollected on his dream yesterday

"What's the meaning of this Naruto" scowled the woman as she looked even hotter when she was angry Naruto groaned as he put his head down. A finger pulled up his chin up making Naruto look at her

" You better explain yourself mister…" her legs swung as she sat on Naruto's table while her arms wrapped into a pretzel shaped knot, resting just beneath her large kegs, which instinctively made them more pronounced, this woman hated to wait as her crimson eyes glowed zealously.

"NARUTO HELLO" screamed Ayame getting annoyed at Naruto who shook his head as he suddenly stood up shocking the poor waitress.

"SORRY AYAME GOTTA GO" Screamed Naruto and off he went leaving change that is more than enough and an unfinished ramen.

"GOOD LUCK NARUTO-KUN" screamed Ayame who sighed as she smiled and shook her head.

"Sigh...Naruto-Kun…..you silly boy" thought the girl as she smiled blushing and then went back to work

In the Academy

Back in the academy Iruka can be seen in a deep session as surprisingly everyone is listening intently.

"Now in the second Shinobi war the Sannin's were named when they were defeated by Hanzo…."

"Sensei can I go to the bathroom" yawned Naruto who put his hands up. Iruka sighed allowing Naruto to go.

"Tch who wants to learn about people getting their ass kicked anyway" said Naruto who walked towards the toilet yawning again.

So Naruto did his business in the toilets then went to wash his hands. He then started walking towards his class when he bumped in to someone who had a stack of papers.

"Ah sorry….let me get that" said Naruto trying to help the person he accidently bumped into as suddenly a hand shoot out to stop him.

A hand he knew too well.

Naruto looked up and he saw the woman that was on his mind all night.

She smiled right at him "You starting coming to class much earlier Naru-kun…working hard I see" giggled the crimson lady as she saw the dumbfounded look of Naruto.

"Y….YO…YOU" screamed Naruto panicky as all of a sudden the lady pushed him into the female toilets as Naruto hurried .

"What are you doing?" Said a scared Naruto getting afraid that he will be beaten up by the girls for being in here

"Don't worry no one will come. You." The lady started walking towards Naruto who started to back away "and I. Every step getting closer to Naruto "Need to Talk" Said the voluptuous woman poking his chest sensually as Naruto backed up to the closed toilet door.

"What do you want from me!" screamed Naruto frightened looking for a way out.

The woman giggled making Naruto jumpy as her giggles will haunt his dreams for years to come.

"It unbecoming for "Tornado Naruto" to be a scared like little rabbit" smirked the woman as Naruto saw fangs coming out of her lips.

What FANGS Naruto shook his head in disbelieve looking at the lady again this time not seeing the fangs making him sigh in relief.

"Thought I was seeing things" thought the young blond not noticing the sinister smirk from the crimson haired lady.

She then went close to him now that the boy has nowhere to go and started to speak sensually

"Now Naruto we didn't get to finish off last time" making the mystery woman lick his face so that the boy won't ask any questions.

Naruto blushed furiously as he moaned loudly forgetting that he had any questions. The woman carried on with her ministration as she started to unzip his black jacket and then went under his white T-shirt.

They carried on lust enveloping both of them as Naruto opened the toiler door behind him as they both went inside.

The woman pushed Naruto on the toilet seat making him grunt as he fell. She then sat on his lap with her back turned and grinded her hips making Naruto moan at loud.

His tool started to grow as it started to poke the woman thighs.

She smirked and turned around suddenly kissing him making Naruto go wide in shock as she forced her tongue to enter his mouth and entwined her tongue with his.

Their tongues played for a while as all you can see was saliva being exchanged but suddenly Naruto's hands moved towards her breasts making her eyes gleefully go wide as they look ready to fuck right there.

"Yes that's it…let the lust control you" but the unexpected came suddenly Naruto stopped

He stopped!

This made the woman go into shock no one could stop a woman like her when she is doing this to man.

No one!

Well Naruto wasn't like all people as he looked flushed and was huffing while he looked at the striking woman laying on him,

"What and who are you" said Naruto questioning the woman before him. She ignored him however and tried to carry on but Naruto surprisingly put his foot down as he suddenly pushed her off him and out of the toilet door.

This shocked the woman greatly no one rejected her NO ONE

Naruto being Naruto who is an oblivious idiot who didn't know what he was missing out on stood up and tidied himself up.

He looked at her accusingly at the shaken woman before him knowing he is going to regret it.

"Hey lady now you listen here. You will leave me alone and stop coming after me… you…. CRAZY LADY"

The woman stood up eyes downcast as the bangs in front of her hair covered her face.

She looked pissed! Red chakra can be seen coming out of her

"What red chakra" this made Naruto's eyes go wide as he was overwhelmed

"You dare….you dare reject me…reject this" the woman silently spoke shaking her body hypnotising the poor boy as he shook out his euphoria,

This made her even angrier

"When I'm done with you... you will beg for my attention" spoke the woman however Naruto interrupted as he kept digging his own grave

"EH….UZUMAKI NARUTO NEVER BACKS DOWN" screamed Naruto all of a sudden he felt the air turn cold.

The woman smiled a very cold smirk making the boy shiver.

She took off her glasses as she suddenly laughed.

She laughed.

Naruto was dumbfounded as he suddenly laughed with her thus they laughed together.

As suddenly killer intent thundered the whole toilet as the room shook,

"YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR INSOLENCE" screamed the woman in a demon like voice showing her fangs while her eyes glowed red making her look like the devil ready to smite him.

Naruto did what any man would do he screamed like girl

"EEEEEEEEE" then he fainted


"Ahhhhhh" woke a dazed Naruto who shook his head. He realised where he was and was greatly embarrassed.

Naruto was still sitting on the toilet seat. So he quickly finished up and ran off home forgetting about class. Not knowing the complications of his actions.

1 week later at the academy

Naruto looked angry, no he looked downright pissed as he looked like a man that suffered nightmares and had sandbags under his eyes. People looked afraid as they were making way for him because this whole week he was on a rampage.

No like a tornado….

He was pondering on what happened this past week making him angrier and angrier as he went passed the academy training ground he saw the pnly person he didn't want to meet waiting for him at the gates.

Uchiha Sasuke with people surrounding him i.e. his fan girls

Naruto sighed knowing what he wanted…

And then smirked a cruelly similar to a certain red haired vixen

"Time to lose some stress" muttered Naruto cracking his neck

There was a crowd covering the training ground as two people looked ready to fight much to the enjoyment of the crowd.

"SASUKE-KUN BEAT THAT BAKA" screeched the Sakura surprisingly no one minded but one person as she and Ino looked to rekindle their friendship for now. A certain blond haired youth glared at her with narrowed blue eyes promising pain

Sakura shut up right there and then

"Eh why is Sasuke trying on Naruto… doesn't he ever give up" said Kiba with Akamaru who barked in agreement.

"Troublesome its Naruto we are talking about for some reason he is the lowest in the class I think that's why Sasuke is refusing to believe the dope is stronger than him". Said a tired looking Shikimaru

"Chump….he is chump….chump known as…chump Tornado Naruto" said an eating Chouji

"Yeah" shudders Kiba all of sudden "He is one dude I don't want to meet in the dark alleyways"

Kiba remembers when he called Naruto a dobe remembering the first day of the academy he wanted to make his mark when he started to pick on Naruto.

All he saw was cold scary blues eyes and suddenly his sister pulled him out of the trashcan.

A trashcan can you believe that what kind of brute beats up a guy and puts him in a trashcan you might as well kill him and save him the embarrassment.

His mum found out about this and instead of helping her son like any mother would do she laughed at him all she said is this

"Brat…From what you told me he is a future alpha, a scary alpha but an alpha. So if you want to get revenge then beat him and take his place" laughed Tsume knowing Kiba will never do that as he shuddered in fear.

Kiba never called Naruto a dobe ever again since that day.

"Ummm Kiba-Kun the fight is starting….should we stop it" said a stuttering Hinata who poked her hands together showing everyone she is really Hinata.

"And risk getting involved hell no" said Kiba as shino nodded in agreement as he didn't need to say a word they all looked on.

Hinata looked down struck as she thought about Naruto

Well Hinata has a huge crush on Naruto as everyone questioned her to why she has a crush on that dangerous delinquent simple as…..

Hinata saw Naruto's sweetside…


Hinata looked at Naruto in class asleep making Iruka scream at him thus waking him up. Everyone looked on in amusement to see the dobe getting punished. It was time for lunch as the academy then decided to close after. Hinata was sitting in the classroom table deciding to eat her lunch here and then go home she saw Naruto clean up and then leave but he suddenly dropped his wallet.

Hinata being the good Samaritan picked up the wallet and then ran after him.

He wasn't in the academy as she couldn't believe how fast he was, he just left a second ago. She then looked at the window and saw him walking out of the gate with his hands in his pockets, him wearing a black Jacket wasn't hard to spot.

She ran outside and then saw something she couldn't believe

A brown haired kid was struggling to get his money into the drink machine he tried and desperately tried and was about to cry then a shadow covered the kid as he then looked up.

He saw Naruto who went on his knees so he could be able to look at the kid in the eye and smiled

"Hey there kid what's wrong" Said Naruto who surprisingly smiled a kind smile shocking Hinata greatly. The kid looked up not trying to cry

"I….cant….get money…in machine mister….i want drink" stuttered out the kid trying to control himself. Naruto shuffled the kid's hair and told him he has a secret move that will let him get his drink. The kid brightened up and asked him to show him.

So all of a sudden Naruto lifted the kid up by which he gleefully enjoyed and then suddenly the kid found out he can put the money in the machine.

He looked at Naruto happily making said boy smile. So the kid put the money in the machine and pressed the button to get his drink.

Naruto put the Kid down and gave a thumbs up as the kid too replied with a thumbs up.

"Thank you mister" said the kid looking at Naruto his new hero from now on.

"Don't mention it kid" said Naruto who walked away when the kid's mum ran to the kid

"Keisuke are you alright I was worried sick" said the kids mum. The kid looked at his mum and smiled which startled his mum as she never saw her son smile like that "its ok mama I just met my new hero"

Hinata's eyes went wide as Naruto walked right past her taking this as an opportunity she told him that he lost his wallet and that she found it.

She was again surprised because Naruto suddenly smiled a kind smile making her blush

"Thanks Hinata" he then took it and gave her a pat in the back as he walked away not before saying something that made her get her first crush

"I like women like you I will never forget this" then Naruto walked away leaving a blushing Hinata behind

"He likes me…..LIKES ME"

Hinata fainted for the first time ever…..

End of flashback

Hinata looked at the fight with a blush as she thought of him ever since that day.

"Hrn dobe you will lose to me as Taijutsu is all your good at" said the smirking Uchiha Sasuke arrogantly looking at Naruto like he is better than him

"Is that so" sighed Naruto all of a sudden he has one fight with Kiba and then everyone calls him a delinquent. "When I fight back to the people that call me a demon they label me something I'm not. For crying out loud this is a ninja village I don't think the word delinquent doesn't mean squat around here." Thought Naruto who sighed again

Sasuke in his intercepting fist style an Uchiha fighting style charged at Naruto thinking Naruto left an opening.

He aimed a punch at Naruto's face thinking it was about to connect much to the crowd's glee but Naruto dodged as he ducked and then grabbed a fist full of sand unknowingly to Sasuke and threw at his eyes.

"Argh!" screamed Sasuke tending to his eyes as he fell onto his knees and then got an uppercut effectively knocking him out.

the crowd in horror screamed in anger

"Damn he fights dirty" "Woof"

"He hurt Sasuke-kun's eyes"

"Now he can never get his Sharingan" (delusional much)

"NARUTO-BAKA YOU CHEATER" screamed both Ino and Sakura as their combined voice can be heard miles away.

"WHATS HAPPENING" screamed Mizuki with Iruka. Naruto seeing them turned around and ran without turning back.

"NARUTO-BAKA HURT SASUKE-KUN" screeched Sakura with Ino nodding in agreement while Kiba winced in horror due to him being the closest.

"So where is he now" said Mizuki looking for the demon brat but he is nowhere to be seen

"HE RAN OFF" screamed an angry Ino as Naruto's disappearance surprised everyone.

As night was beginning to descend in at Naruto's department

Naruto can in his shorts seen looking at his bathroom mirror.

He looked focused however as he looked at the reflection of himself for some reason today was the day of reckoning in his opinion.

"I have a feeling she will appear to today….I just know it" said Naruto who then turned on the shower.

It was a cold shower for him today for some reason it suited him just fine.

As the shower was washing up his figure Naruto stood there frozen as he put his right hand on the wall "Naruto…you can do this don't break your promise this time" Thought Naruto while his eyes was closed .

He finished up and then prepared for bed but before that it was time to listen to one of his favourite songs. As he leaned on the side of the wall of his bed under the window as the moonlight was his only source of comfort and light he put on his headphones and started listening to the song he can definitely relate to.

He was doing anything not to go to sleep so he sang along in really good voice.

Bon Jovi "Its my Life"

This ain't a song for the broken-hearted

No silent prayer for the faith-departed

I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd

You're gonna hear my voice

When I shout it out loud


It's my life

It's now or never

I ain't gonna live forever

I just want to live while I'm alive

(It's my life)

My heart is like an open highway

Like Frankie said

I did it my way

I just wanna live while I'm alive

It's my life

Naruto eyes all of sudden felt blurry as he tried to stay awake no matter what but it seemed fate didn't allow it.

He was going back to the lands of dreams.

As Naruto fell asleep as he suddenly felt someone on top of him he looked and closed his eyes straight away

"Shit she is finally here again" thought Naruto as the red haired woman smiled and then roamed her hands under his T-shirt and started massaging his chest.

" Mmmm my how firm….you must train a lot Koi" Said the woman as Naruto still closed his eyes wanting this nightmare to go away.

This happens all the time now ever since that incident, Naruto didn't sleep and when he did sleep nothing happened and when let his guard down the woman came in his dreams and repeatedly tried to rape him, fuck she's like Freddy Kruegur but hell of a lot sexier and scarier.

The woman leaned closer to his face while Naruto leaned desperately away trying to not open my eyes as this was a battle of wills.

Naruto got ready for what was to come.

Naruto's POV

The woman came and won the last two times as the first time she started licking me all over I was stupid then because I watched perversely as she moaned my name.

Who could blame me a vixen like her saying my name over and over again while licking my face, hands and fucking hell even my feet! Giving me looks that promised bliss.

So I did what an ordinary man would do I busted there and then not noticing the scary smirk the woman had so when I woke up my sheets and pants was wet.

I felt utterly embarrassed as I never felt like this before…yes I watched porn like any teenager but she beat any porn stars hands down.

So I promised to myself that I will never be this weak again. So the next time we met in in my dreams I will be a hell of lot stronger and things will be different.

But one mistake I always did was that I kept fucking looking at her. Even though I was stronger as she even complimented me for that she did something surprising for our second meeting.

Heck what she did could have made Freddy Kreuger run in terror

She grew tails NINE TAILS in fact as whisker marks like mine came from her light chocolate cheeks.

I was flabbergasted as I was astounded.

Then she did another thing that made me lose my mind there and then even though I promised I will try harder.

No! I Uzumaki Naruto will never admit that I broke, any guy would break in seconds to what she did.

What she did was that she slowly undressed me using her tails to hold him tight. I was greatly scared thinking I was going to get raped although I will never say that because any man would kill to be in my situation.

Ok back to the story she first undressed as she brought out my erect tool to play. She then whistled saying that she is always aroused and amazed every time she sees it as she then blew air on my tool making me moan out loud she then giggled saying she likes the way I scream.

So she did something unexpected she sat down opened her legs for me to see her wet area brought out one of her tails and wrapped it around my tool damn it was so soft.

I then moaned when she ministered me as she too masturbated herself putting fingers inside her as she moaned while her tails ministered me while I moaned. She said a lot of dirty things like how she loves drive her virgin pussy into my long tool my eyes widen in disbelieve at the word virgin.

HER A VIRGIN I lost it I completely lost it as I busted again who could blame me…..can you.

Normal POV

So this is their third meeting this week and Naruto knew he was going to lose so he thought, all this time he defended himself and he lost embarrassingly.

"You know what they say a best defence is good offence and this is my dream anyway so it's safe" Thought Naruto as he then pounced at the red haired woman

The womans POV

"This brat is surprisingly strong even though he lost the last two meetings he gets stronger each time. For a teenager that's impressive "she then licked her lips while she bit his right nipple her objective was to make her container suffer yes people she is the Kyuubi no Kitsune as once she had him wrapped around her finger she can make him do anything she wants him to do. The fact that he is very handsome makes it more fun.

"Ehehehehe I will make him live a life of ecstasy no human would be stupid enough to fight against me while in bliss" thought Kyuubi.

Well she doesn't know Naruto that much then as he is the true definition of stupid.

Kyuubi felt Naruto shuffle and push her away she thought she had him as she gleefully smiled. She looked at Naruto and he wasn't there….where was he she looked around and then all she saw was blue eyes as he pounced.

"Argh" screamed Kyuubi as she and Naruto fell to the ground

Back to Normal POV

As they rolled over they fought for control, Kyuubi being a bit arrogant let him win boy did she regret as she felt something wrap around her she looked what it was and it was chains.

Her eyes went wide in shock. The kit learned how to control his mindscape what he did next caused her to see Naruto in a new light.

He did what she did to him as you know what they say pay back is a bitch.

Firstly he too licked her naked body while she surprisingly moaned shocked that she is liking this human ape dong this to her.

"for…for some reason his wet tongue feels good ohhhhh its so wet" Kyuubi thought as she moaned Naruto complimented her "well said you sound so good" he said huskily in her ear as she blushed "no one ever done this to me he dare ah ah he dares" Kyuubi liked some action but only when she is the one dominating as she done it with Nibi countless times.

She never saw someone so foolishly brave.

Then she felt it Naruto's fingers in her wet parts as he twirled his finger around it "Ahhhh ooooh" Kyuubi moaned she put her finger in her parts before but it never felt this good when this human is doing it.

Her youki was surprisingly is accustomed to him as her eyes widened thinking she finally found her mate but she refused to admit it as she trashed around trying to break free.

"Don't worry I won't bite….it will be fun" said Naruto his hot breath tingling her neck as she moaned at the intimacy.

Naruto then licked her breast while also biting her nipples at the same time making her eyes go wide

"How did he do that " she suddenly screamed when he put his fingers inside here and ministered her breast at the same time making her finally cum.

"Ehehehehehehe surprised aren't you" said Naruto arrogantly as he finally smiled because he has won.

Kyuubi thinking he will take her prepared herself as she huffed in exhaustion and closed her eyes knowing full well Naruto is not tired yet.

"How is he not tired yet…..his stamina is unreal" thought the Kyuubi

Naruto reading her mind said "well I always ran when I was little from the villages and then suddenly took it as a hobby you know for my future career as a ninja"

"mmmmm future… I can see that" said Kyuubi huskily as Naruto smirked walking toward her with his tools erect she thought he was going to get started but suddenly felt free as the chains gone away.

She looked at Naruto in shock finding ways to why he didn't carry one.

"You didn't go all the way when you were doing it to me." Said Naruto as he suddenly looked down and muttered "I am so stupid for doing this shit"

Kyuubi smirked excitedly and jumped at Naruto. He did not expect this as he fell to the ground hard he then looked at Kyuubi at top of him feeling familiar with this situation he closed his eyes in fear.

Kyuubi licked his cheeks as she kissed both of his closed eyes softly and giggled at the shaken form of Naruto. She got off him then sat down in front of him.

Naruto knowing Kyuubi got off him laid there not moving as he looked for a signal to get up once he knew the woman means no harm he got up.

Kyuubi and Naruto looked at one another Crimson eyes meeting Azure eyes.

"Naruto do you know who I am" said Kyuubi looking at Naruto as he dumbly nodded. She smirked and asked "ohhh who am I then"

"Well you are my dream girl who likes to dress up" as Naruto looked accurately at her naked appearance surprisingly making her slyly blush "most certainly indeed… are they actually real" smiled Naruto who looked amazed while Kyuubi gave him the most absurd look she can muster.

She just met a handsome guy but damn he is the most clueless idiot.

She smirked as she had a glint in her eyes.

"Why yes Naruto you see I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune I was forced to be sealed in you at birth" Naruto looked at seriously all of sudden she was shocked at the mood change.

Out of the blue she cried "You were treated badly because of me I was forced Naruto-Kun for you to be a weapon for this damnable village" Kyuubi decided the truth approach well it is the truth as Jinchuurikies are known to be weapons.

Although she wasn't controlled or anything she just wanted to trample some humans who could blame her it's in her nature.

"I know although you're not telling me the whole truth" Kyuubi's eyes went wide at that "thanks for not lying as if you did lie I would have noticed." Smiled Naruto

Kyuubi cried again shocking Naruto "Did you know the reason why I did what I did it's because it's mating season for us foxes Naruto-Kun and that even though I can endure it being sealed in here makes it hard to control my urges" this made Naruto's eyes go wide as he finally found the reason of all those tortures he went through he looked at Kyuubi who suddenly coughed blood this scared Naruto he ran at her checking if she is ok.

"It's alright Naruto-Kun… "she bit her lips as she had a twinkle in her eye she was up to something

"You see Naruto being sealed means I don't have my powers and which in result I can't control my urges and if I hold back my life shortens." She had her head down in sadness as she carried on "….I will die Naruto-Kun" this made Naruto's blood run cold as he trembled.

Sure this woman tormented him in his dreams, sure she was the reason why he was scared to go to sleep and the hatred he is going through in Konoha but she told him the truth straight away as he couldn't detect any lies from her.

Kyuubi was smirking "Naruto do you ever fall in love" Naruto looked downcast as he said no remembering what he has been through.

Kyuubi felt a pang of sadness and guilt just a little as that means a lot for her as she never felt this way. Maybe the intimacy they had made her feel like this "God he is good"

"Naruto I never felt what love is like because I am a demon people just either run away from me or try to use me because of my body do you know what that feels like DO YOU" screamed Kyuubi all of sudden making Naruto nod a bit "yes a bit people always treat me like an outcast and when I fight back they treat me like a criminal…..either way they look down on me" said Naruto suddenly clenching his fist.

Kyuubi nodded knowing his life all too well although some memories she couldn't enter but she planned to change that. As all of a sudden she grabbed Naruto and putted her head against his.

Naruto blushed at how close they were.

"Naruto you made me feel so special….me a demon I finally got to feel what love felt like." Kyuubi looked down avoiding eye contact with Naruto as she bit her lips.

"Would you kiss me willingly from inside you heart…I want to be loved Naruto-Kun" pleaded the Kyuubi.

Naruto was a heartbroken as here is a woman that was just as lonely as he was maybe even more.

Naruto's fist clenched as he closed his eyes in frustration.

Kyuubi smirked.

"What do you want me to do…." Said Naruto who made up his mind

Kyuubi brought her hand towards him.

"Kiss my hand and say I deprecate myself to you" Said the Kyuubi looking at the confused Naruto

"Deprecate what does that mean" thought Naruto as he asked Kyuubi what she meant.

Kyuubi was in a turning point of the century. She was right in him not being that book smart but he was street smart and was very creative. So she knew he will found out if she was lying and then will run straight off and be wary of her next time.

She didn't want that oh she definitely did not.

Earning this boys trust was easy to get but hard to get back.

Besides she had a feeling by earning his trust life may be fun and boy was he fun.

She then bended the truth "well it means give my heart to you as I already told you"

Naruto had a serious look as his eyes glowed in the bedroom making him look

Dare she say it…divine?

It made her heart beat just a little

Just a tiny bit.

She looked right in to his eyes like a battle of wills coursed through their eyes neither giving up.

Then Naruto made his decision as he nodded.

"Alright I will do it" Kyuubi inwardly smirked although she didn't show it. So she stood up while Naruto went onto his knees in a posture of a knight to his queen.

He held on to her right hands and saw a ring a golden ring with a red diamond on it. He thought nothing of it as he took a deep breath and said the words she dreamed for him to say.

"I Uzumaki Naruto…" Naruto held his head down towards his hands not noticing the evil smirk of Kyuubi while her eyes glowed promising terror.

"Deprecate myself to you" Naruto Kissed the ring and then the whole room trembled as the ring glowed and then both of them entered the mindscape.

Naruto looked at Kyuubi who looked to be smirking who suddenly glowed and vanished into the large cage in front of him.

Naruto looked as he then saw something that made his heart stop.

The cage shattered and right in front of him stood a large no huge fox with nine tails and huge fangs it laughed.

He then breathed in as it sucked the air around him.

Naruto screamed "ARGHHHH" as in image of his soul was going into the fox while the fox's soul the woman's soul actually went into him.

Naruto felt weak as he was about to faint but before he closed his eyes heard something that made his heart stop.

"May I pronounce thee Husband and Wife kukukukuku"

"URGH" screamed Naruto as he woke up in sweat he then looked at his bedroom window and found out it was morning.

"It was just a nightmare" thought Naruto in relief as he sighed as he then got up got dressed in his white shirt, black jacket and black pants with matching sandals.

He then walked to his living room as his bedroom was just next door then turned on the TV on the sports channel as a commentator spoke.

"Good morning sports fans if your one of Sora no Kuni Sky gliding fans or a fan in general a new stadium was just made and it looks spectacular..."

"Urg…who cares for sky gliding its only fun when you're doing it" Said Naruto who walked off to do the Kitchen but before that he got the newspaper that came from his door and took it to read it.

He sat down in the kitchen table as he started to read the newspaper as the front headlines was about princess Yukie.

Naruto sighed as all of a sudden he heard a plate land on the table

"Hear you go dear" said a voice making Naruto look at the food. It was sausages and fried eggs

"Thanks this looks delicious" responded Naruto going back to his newspaper.

"How are you dear" said the charming voice starting a conversation

Naruto let out a deep breath he was holding "Had a nightmare…" making the woman smirk as she asked if he was ok.

Naruto put the newspaper down as he feasted on his breakfast

"Yeah…but is over now munch munch anywhay…this food is so delicoOUS" screamed shocked Naruto all of a sudden swallowing the food to fast as he coughed.

What he saw was the smiling form of the Kyuubi no Kitsune sitting in front of him enjoying her meal.

"Honey its rude to talk when you're eating" Said Kyuubi who smiled at Naruto who ran to the tap to get some water.

"YOU WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE" screamed Naruto pointing accusingly at Kyuubi

"What are you wearing….Is that my clothes" indeed Kyuubi was wearing his clothes she wore an orange T-shirt who with difficulty tried to hold back her breasts from ripping free and also wore some panties.

Naruto blushed as he looked at her long shapely smooth legs as they had no blemishes.

He gulped making the woman in question smile "Darling its completely normal for a wife to be comfortable with her husband" she then blushed and put her finger in her mouth cutely as her eyes shined making her look like a cute puppy.

Or a cut kit as she looked at Naruto "After….we after we KYA" screamed Kyuubi all of a sudden putting both of her hands on her cheek as she shook in euphoria looking like a love struck school girl.

"We did what" Said Naruto wishing he never said that as Kyuubi looked at him blushing "Damn she looks hot in those clothes" Thought Naruto who shook himself to regain his focus.

"Naru-Koi….you were an impatient man, you insisted we have our honeymoon initiation early" Blushed Kyuubi.

Naruto looked like lightning struck him as he screamed "HONEYMOON …INITIATION" and then he

"THUD" he fainted.

Kyuubi giggled as she looked at Naruto "Life will be very interesting" and then picked him up to the living room.

"Urgh" Naruto opened his eyes as he woke up in the couch with a wet towel in his head he stood up as he said "what happened" while scratched his hair.

"You fainted Naruto" Said Kyuubi as Naruto looked at then stood up ready for battle

"YOU WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE" Kyuubi rolled her eyes at the familiarity as she suddenly disappeared "Fast" thought Naruto as the red haired vixen came from behind and then back handed him as he then flew across the room.

But he never made an impact as Kyuubi wrapped her tails around him in order to subdue him.

Naruto coughed as he had a busted lip he looked at the Kyuubi as she looked at him in the eye.

She was pissed!

"Now look here! I am here now and you are going to live with it" said Kyuubi heatedly making Naruto move around in order to get free


Kyuubi sighed as this boy irritates her to end "now that may be true but I am not fully free you see as I didn't trick you"

"Well then why are you free and not in my mind" asked Naruto

Kyuubi sighed again as she had a lot of explaining to do "I will tell you BUT do not interrupt me if you do it won't end well" Kyuubi threatened lightly well Naruto doesn't need to know that.

Naruto fearfully nodded in agreement as Kyuubi started to tell him the situation.

"Now although I'm out of the cage I'm technically not free." Kyuubi looked at Naruto who was listening intently as she sighed "why doesn't listen he be like this in class"

"Well I basically jumped from one seal to a more preferably better seal" Naruto put his hands up wanting to ask a question like he is in class.

Kyuubi ignored as she carried on "A seal that made us bond in a master and vassal kind of way you… can speak Naruto" gestured Kyuubi

"Well ummm so I am the master and you're the vassal" asked Naruto curiously making Kyuubi laugh

"Well before we get to that let me explain in more detail the bond we are in. Making the Naruto nod

Well the bond can never be broken because the same rule applies when I was sealed in you. I die and you die or vice versa"

Naruto nodded understanding everything so far as all of a sudden he was pulled towards Kyuubi making them face one another.

"To answer your question this isn't one of those movies where the dragon pledges his loyalty to the knight" this made Naruto eyes go wide at what she was implying.

She smirked and evil smirk "it's the knight that pledges loyalty to the dragon" she suddenly kissed him deeply.

Naruto's went in shock as his mouth got raped by the fox lady.

She let go of his lips as she then caressed his face what she said made Naruto's life turn sideway no it went upside down.

"Isn't that right my dear vassal" Kyuubi laughed as Naruto who was let go of by the Kyuubi stood there gaping like a fish.

He just sold his soul to the devil well a foxy devil but a devil nevertheless.

He was screwed.

He looked at her as she looked at him like a predator stalking her prey when she said in a demonic voice

"You are MINE"

End of flashback back original timeline

And here she is now living with him while she hid from the villagers.

"Well not anymore since the old man approves of her" sighed Naruto as he walked towards the training ground the old man Hokage told him to go.

It was time to meet his team and boy was he in for a surprise.

When he got there he saw a pink haired girl with a ridiculously large forehead, she looked at him as he looked right back.

Silence loomed as the wind bellowed furiously. The both pointed at each other screaming


Birds flew off as they ran from the area.

2 hours later in the Team 7 training ground

The new team 7 gathered around while the Genins sat on the grass with their new teacher standing up as he snapped his orange book closed and putted in his back pocket. He looked at his new to be students as he sighed.

"Now that we are all here we can get this underway" Said Kakashi who looked at Naruto accusingly when he said that making the boy twitch

"You're the one that's 2 hours late" Thought Naruto who was nursing his head looking at Sakura who was nursing her fists.

"Man that woman hits like a gorilla as much as she screeches like a banshee" Sighed Naruto who looked at Sasuke.

Sasuke looked stoic as always making Naruto cry comically "Why do I have to be in this team….I might as well go to the academy"

Kakashi looked at Naruto intently remembering what the Hokage told him


"Kakashi watch out for Naruto he is a handful" Said Sarutobi to his Shinobi who nodded

"Hai Hokage-Sama I know he was the one who defeated Mizuki" Making the old Hokage nod as he puffed his smoke.

"Yes he defeated Mizuki with a Kinjutsu he learned in two hours…it's rather unbelievable but since its Naruto I'm not too surprised"

Kakashi nodded as he looked at the boy's file as he asked his leader a question

"What happened to Mizuki" making the Hokage sigh

"Well his body is nowhere to be found as it is like he disappeared into thin air" Kakashi shook his head reading the boys ludicrous file

"What Hokage-sama you say something" said Kakashi to Sarutobi who sighed in frustration

"Just leave you are dismissed"

End of flashback

"Okay let's see how about we get through introductions." Kakashi said as he looked at Sakura. "You pinky your first."

The nickname made Sakura anger, thinking he was making her look bad in front of her Sasuke-Kun. "What do you mean?" Sakura asked.

"Alright I'll go first." Kakashi said with a sigh. "My name is Kakashi Hatake, my dislikes are I don't feel like talking about, I like many things, and I haven't really thought of my future."

"All we learned was his name." The three of them thought with a sweat drop.

"My name is Sakura Haruno and I like…" Sakura looked at Sasuke and blushed. "I dislike perverts and Ino-Pig and NARUTO-BAKA, and my dream…" She looked at Sasuke and giggled making Naruto roll his eyes.

"Alright you with the attitude and the duck hair." Kakashi said pointing to Sasuke who looked only slightly annoyed.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke said. "I have no likes and many dislikes. My dream… no my ambition is to revive the Uchiha clan and kill a certain man." Kakashi was slightly worried about Sasuke, but for the time being he had to put it off while Sakura had stars in her eyes

"Alright whiskers your next." Kakashi said pointing to Naruto who was who looked deep in thought.

"Urgh oh you mean me" making Kakashi annoyed as he didn't like to be ignored (hypocrite much)

"Ok My name is Naruto Uzumaki I like Music and Ramen, I hate people who judge others before getting to know them. My dream I don't have one but only to be as strong if not stronger than my foes." Said Naruto who thought of a certain scary vixen

"Alright I have a fan girl, an avenger, and a Jinchūriki who is dressed like a thug. My life is just peachy." Kakashi thought

"Alright since Naruto didn't come yesterday will commence for the Genin test now as Kakashi then held up two bells. "The ones who get the bells pass gets to eat while the other one is tied to the poll."

"But Kakashi-Sensei there is only two bells." Sakura screeched making Kakashi wince

"Exactly one of you will not pass and will be sent back to the academy." That got shocked looks out of everyone. "So you better come at me with the intent to kill. GO!" Kakashi shouted this out and watched as the group disappeared.

Except for one….

"You know you're supposed to hide right."

Naruto smilled as he cracked his neck "I like to fight head on" making Kakashi Sigh "Just like the report described him headstrong and a bit dumb"

Kakashi put his bells back in his pocket as he looked ready to pull out a kunai making Naruto tense but instead he pulled out his favourite orange book.

He then lifted his left hand while his right held his book and gestured a come and get me to Naruto.

"Come boy let's see what you got" Said Kakashi to Naruto who suddenly laughed

In their hiding places Sasuke and Sakura can see what's happening

"What's that Baka doing he is going to fail" Said Sakura quietly

Sasuke just looked on with interest.

Kakashi looks at Naruto from his book as he had a feeling that what he did was the wrong thing to do.

"AHAHAHAHAHA" Laughed Naruto as he said "You know what I like from this village" Kakashi look on curiously waiting for an answer "it's that for a ninja village it tends to underestimate others" as suddenly Naruto was behind Kakashi "Fast" Thought Kakashi "for one of the great villages to do such a thing is kind of pathetic" Said Naruto who then poofed out of existence "Kage Bunshin" Said Kakashi who jumped out of the way turning around to look for the boy while the smoke of the Kage bunshin cleared.

That was his major mistake as suddenly Naruto jumped out of the smoke and speared Kakashi from behind making Kakashi turn around in shock "What" Kakashi and Naruto fell to the ground with Naruto sitting on top of him as he screamed "When was that a Kage-Bunshin fool" Making Kakashi realize something

What Naruto did wasn't a Kage-Bunshin it was a smoke screen as that was really him that moved fast. This made Naruto right about one thing

He really underestimated Naruto thinking all he knew was the Kage-bunshin.

What Naruto just did would have been noticed by him if he really was serious. If Naruto was an enemy Kakashi would have been killed foolishly.

What is this boy hiding?

The Hokage needs to know about this.

Naruto swung his right fist intend to pulverise the Jounin when Kakashi intercepted him quickly and then twisted the boys right hand making Naruto go to the side has he suddenly smiled and then poofed

"THAT'S A KAGE-BUNSHIN" Thought Kakashi

"For fuck sakes we gotta kick his ass together?" Naruto asked irritated to both Sasuke and Sakura who looked unconvinced.

"Why would we listen to YOU BAKA." Sakura screamed, but even she doubted it but wanted to look good for Sasuke.

Sasuke just looked thoughtful while he looked at Naruto

"hn..I will do it myself" Sasuke jumped off making Sakura swoon at how cool he is.

Naruto looked at Sakura and asked to team up all he got was a punch


Leaving the girl alone to go after her crush

"Hmm you may have more potential than Naruto but look at you now" said Kakashi as he looked at Sasuke who was dug alive leaving only his head.

"KIAAAAAAA" a scream can be heard making Kakashi twitch in annoyance

"It would seem your other teammate has been apprehended" Said Kakashi Sasuke replied with a grunt making the man sigh "It was just a D rank genjutsu….is she really the top Kunoichi of the year" Kakashi thought believing what Naruto said was true as he walked to get Sakura.

This village really went down the drain.

But then Kakashi heard a ruffling from the bushes and in came Naruto who looked very serious eyes narrowed who glowed with vigour.

He looked very serious…he looked like


"Time to be serious with this young man" Kakashi thought as Naruto walked towards Kakashi intending to kick his ass as he then disappeared.

Kakashi although was surprised that Naruto was fast he knew where the man was.

"On my left" Thought Kakashi and was right Naruto did come from the left Kakashi aimed to punch him but Naruto dodged in mid-air and then did a spin kick to his head.

Kakashi blocked the kick as he slide a couple yards.

"Your good…as expected from Tornado Naruto" Said Kakashi as hiseyes suddenly went wide when Naruto did a series of handsigns "Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet" screamed Naruto as he shot amazingly multiple massive drilling bullet of destructive wind towards his sensei intending to kill him.

Kakashi responded with his own series of hand signs "Water Release: Water Encampment Wall" as a wall of water was formed around him. Shielding him from Naruto's attacks completely as it was intercepted by a fence of water blown out from the mouth, and is raised from below with tremendous might. The water is blown out in the form of a circle around the Kakashi making no room for openings.

The area was covered in water as both Shinobies stood on some land opposite from each other

"You keep surprising me Naruto any other cats you need to get out of the bag" Said Kakashi who smiled at Naruto

Naruto inwardly blushed while he was thinking of another certain secret he has been hiding in his home

Unfortunately the bell rung loudly as it can be heard.

Kakashi sighed as he said "Times up Naruto" Making the young man nod in agreement,

Kakashi sighed again as he looked at his soon to be failing group as the one that was stuck in the stump was Sakura as she was kicking and screaming.

"For a supposedly top Kunoichi you're rather dumb" Said Kakashi making said girl scream louder at being compared at Naruto.

"Well you should be he did better than all of you" Making both Naruto's teammates eyes go wide.

Sakura screamed "THE BAKA! WHAT DID HE DO" as she was denying anything Naruto done making the boy sigh as Kakashi ignored them.

"You all fail. Sasuke all you think about is yourself, Sakura all you think about is Sasuke, Naruto all you"

"Ching ching" Kakashi's eyes went wide at that sound he looked at where it was coming from and he saw Naruto playing with it. He touched the side of his pockets and was alarmed

"Where did you….how did you…"

"Our first encounter" Said Naruto Making Kakashi's eyes go wide remembering the clone incident.

Sasuke and Sakura looked frozen at what they just saw.

"So what are you going to do" Said Kakashi as Naruto suddenly smirked when he got another trump card.

The orange book

Kakashi's world just froze.

"Makie-Chan is going to…." Naruto was interrupted as Kakashi screamed frantically "NO don't say it please you... Ok...OK you pass YOU PASS"

Naruto smiled

All's well that ends well

Hokage tower in the office

The Jounins gathered in the Hokage's office to offer their verdicts.

"What's your verdicts" Said Sarutobi seriously to his Jounins.

"Team 10 pass" Said Asuma who carried "took time but their perfected their teamwork just like their parents….hope they will be greater than them" Sarutobi nodded at his son who then looked at Kurenai

"Team 8 passes also they had good teamwork since they were already friends…Hinata is shy but I will work on it and Kiba the same" Said Kurenai with anko who nodded in agreement. Kurenai intended to deal with Hinata's crush when she finds him and beat Kiba's perveted nature out of him.

Sarutobi shivered at her look and then looked at Kakashi who sighed "Team 7 passes" everyone was shocked since he made all of his teams suffer and fail before.

"What is it the Uchiha" Said Anko who rolled her eyes as Kurenai bumped her elbow to be quite.

Kakashi sighed "well it was the tornado…." Making everyone's eyes go wide

"What! It was Naruto, wasn't he considered a failure" Said Kurenai with Asuma in agreement.

Kakashi sighed as he told everyone what happened, what Naruto told him everything.

The room was shook in disbelieve.

Sarutobi sighed as he said "I knew it" everyone looked at him for an explanation as he just shook his head in sadness "the Academy screwed up simple as that"

"But sir how can they screw up" said Asuma as Anko interrupted him "he is known as Tornado Naruto because of his rampaging nature and also it is said he is involved with Yakuza don't think that's true but nevertheless he is a total enigma. Kurenai nodded in agreeing with her friend.

"Sir can you tell me more about him I thought he didn't know wind techniques and by the look of his eyes he was holding back" Said Kakashi

"Why do you think that Kakashi" said Gai as everyone looked one

"Is that well it's personal but he had the same eyes has Sensei" this made everyone look confused as to why he is comparing Naruto to the Yondaime

Sarutobi well he looked shocked as you can get because the fourth well his eyes were cold because of the war and all of the people he killed had took toll on his mind.

As the eyes was the window to the soul if Naruto had the same eyes than Naruto must of seen what his father seen at such a young age.

This made him even more mysterious.

Everyone looked at their leader when he said "Everyone come here tomorrow after you meet with your teams and Kakashi bring Naruto with you.

"Sir what do you intend to do" Said Kakashi surpised

"What I should have done long ago and speak with Naruto and get this done with once and for all" Said Sarutobi grimly making everyone gasp as he then screamed

"DISMISSED" everyone dispersed.

In the dango shop while Anko was eating furiously Kurenai looked deep in thought.

"Nai-chan whats wrong…you're not eating your dango" Said Anko to her best friend

"I was thinking of something that's all" Said Kurenai as Anko looked on and then smiled perversely as she said "Thinking of a certain Tornado that you wish to be blown away of"

Kurenai blushed as she screamed at her friend who laughed. Then Anko turned serious making Kurenai serous as well.

"I know what you're thinking he was known as a failure who failed the academy three times but at the office the Hokage thought differently about him. Something's off" Said Anko as Kurenai nodded as she said "he is hated by the village that's all I know about him" Anko all of a sudden patted her on the back as she smiled "Don't worry Kurenai your Romeo will be uncovered tomorrow" Making Kurenai blush


At the apartment Home of NaruFemKyuu

It was midnight as Naruto came late to his apartment.

"I'm home" Naruto shivered as he said that he looked around when he suddenly ran off to the kitchen took some food and tried to run back outside to eat knowing how grumpy Kyuubi gets when she is interrupted in her beauty sleep.

He shivered because he almost died when he disturbed her!

But when he was about to take his food outside he saw something he never seen before

He had a basement!

"I don't have a basement…do I…No this is an apartment at the top floor no less so it is physically impossible to have a basement in here" thought Naruto as he took a gulp and then went downstairs he was getting scared as he then saw an eerie red glowing room.

Naruto's heart almost stopped as he walked shakily when he suddenly put his ear to the door he heard moan like voices

"Ahhhhh Mizuki this feels soo good"

"I never felt such ecstasy in a long while"

"Mizuki…Mizuki" Naruto twitched as he had enough as he thought "She says I'm not allowed to see other girls or she will kill me but she is with Mizuki-TEME of all people"

Naruto opened the door as he rushed in.

What he saw made his world shatter.

He saw Mizuki on an operating table as he looked to be screaming begging Kyuubi to stop. He then saw Kyuubi while she had her back turned.

He called her name.

He wished he never done that….

As when she turned around she was in a fox like form. Her beautiful face was gone replaced with a fox face/human hybrid as she had long claws and her body was enveloped with furall the way to her back at least as he nine tails swirled around.

Her hair became wilder as it went all over the place, her red slit eyes glowed in terror.

But what scared Naruto the most was the organs she had on the table next her and what she had in her right hand.

He gasped it was a heart….

Mizuki's heart and it was still beating as Mizuki was screaming

That can be right…..he should be dead right…..

Naruto looked at Kyuubi who smiled compassionately to her husband.

But to Naruto was a smile of terror as she said

"Welcome home dear"

Naruto just froze as his mind completely shut down…..

Naruto went to his bed as he turned off the lights trying to get some early sleep a minute later the desk lamp was turned on as then a body landed softly next to him.

Naruto shivered as he knew who was sleeping next to him.

His wife!

"Freaking hell I married to jack the ripper" Thought Naruto as he trembled knowing that she is looking at him.

He was right because Kyuubi back in her human was looking at him. She then put an arm over him after she turned off the lights as she felt him flinch making her sigh.

"Didn't you like it" Said Kyuubi making Naruto eyes go wide while his back was turned. He turned around and looked right at her.

He was a brave man looking at her in the eye after what he experienced.

"You tortured Mizuki as you basically scavenged his insides" Said Naruto who gritted his teeth trying to hold back to scream at her or just scream in terror.

"You saw my hybrid form….you arent scared" Said Kyuubi ignoring her husband's question as she saw Naruto shake his head furiously.

"I DON'T CARE HOW YOU LOOK LIKE" screamed Naruto as he carried on this time he quieted down "I knew who I was with it doesn't matter what you are….who I'm I to judge" making him look downcast clearly showing how disturbed he was.

Kyuubi smiled brightly like a thousand suns.

"He doesn't care about how I look….that's rare" thought Kyuubi who smiled learning something new about her husband every day.

She liked this marriage thing….although he is her vassal she can get used to call him her husband.

"Answer the question" said Naruto shaking Kyuubi out of her thoughts.

Kyuubi looked at her man as she decided to tell him what he needed to know as here was a man who didn't care what she looked like.

She didn't want to lose a man like that.

Not ever!

She sighed as she looked Naruto in the eye "Mizuki….after the incident with you. I wanted to show him what a real demon is…..you're not one I am"

As all of a sudden two hands shot out to grab her cheeks making her blush although Naruto didn't see that because it was dark.

She was relieved because of that.

"Look Kyuubi…you're a demon I get that and I can't stop you from doing what you do." Naruto took a breath before he put his head against her making said woman blush furiously for the first time.

"But please don't do that….or just tell me we can sort something out because after all we are husband and wife….or I am just your vassal"

Kyuubi's was stricken for the first time as her eyes went wide as her thoughts was on one thing

"We will sort it out….We are husband and wife"

"Ohhh Naru-kun" blushed Kyuubi happily for the first time.

"Ok Kyuubi" said Naruto to his wife although it will take time to get used to.

"Kisara" said Kyuubi making Naruto raise an eyebrow as he asked her what she said.

"My name is Yoko Kisara" Naruto smiled as he introduced himself.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto. Nice to meet you Kisara-Chan" Said Naruto who daringly hugged her.

Kisara's eyes went wide as she felt a new feeling

She felt complete.

They then resumed to sleep but before Naruto asked her a question that was on his mind ever since they got married.

"Kisara-Chan when I chained you. You could have easily got out right" Said Naruto with his back turned as suddenly an arm started to wrap around him as said arm used its fingers to play with his back.

"Hmmmm….thats right Naruto-Kun" Making said man's eyes go wide

"What would have happened if I went all the way" Kisara grinned as she said "Well Naruto-Kun that depends as I was just seeing what kind of person you were?"

"When you stopped you met, no surpassed my expectation of you" Said Kisara as Naruto sternly asked again "If I didn't stop you what would have happened"

The kyuubi then smiled as she put her chin on Naruto's shoulders and whispered in his ear demonically

"You would have been dead before you landed the ground"

Naruto's eyes went wide in fear as he quickly closed his eyes to go to sleep.

Wishing the day will be over already.

Middle of the night

In the middle of the night while Naruto was snoring lightly.

Kisara can be seen awake as she sat up looking at her former host, now vassal/husband.

She suddenly caressed his sleeping face giggling as she wiped a drool from his mouth.

"All I have to do now is let him accept my "little problem" ehehehe" giggled Kyuubi thinking about the time Naruto was disturbed of her action.

"What a great husband you will be my vassal"

Kyuubi slept as she held Naruto on her grand firm yet soft assets.

Naruto slept comfortably tonight

While Kisara slept happily

Both not knowing that the calm is over and the storm is yet to come...

Author alert:

This is a Harem fic for Older Hot Women of the Naruto series ONLY... Naruto needs to be spoiled dont you think.

Kyuubi will be a jealous, evil pure demonic woman as she is going to be very possessive of Naruto and only wants him for herself!

Poor Naruto what will he do...

The word count of all my chapters will be around 10K-20K as a good fic is a fic will lots of word counts

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