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Black Lotus – Dark days.

Crow screeches can be heard as one landed at top of a clan house surrounded by a garden featuring a waterfall. Inside it was open but it was empty. The crows can be heard outside as one of them went inside the bedroom it picked on something and what it was…

Were four dead figures as blood pooled.

Wasabi Jirocho the head of Wasabi family has been murdered.

A blue haired middle aged man with an eye-patch over his right eye left the building. A group of Shinobies looked at him.

"Do it" soon fire spread the building and Ao sighed.

"I guess Mizukage-Sama won't like this one bit" he said to himself.

Ao felt like a storm was coming, he had a feeling as his Bykugan then felt itchy. Touching his eye patch he carried a solemn look.

A hand reached out to the messenger hawk running its hand on its head. Mei Terumi held a letter eyes on it with a deep thoughtful expression. It was from Tetsuko.

I have come across a stag, might need to stay longer than necessary. If it is what I assume it is then our reach will have a wider scope, much, much wider….

Mei without a hint of emotions looked up at her village.

Hokage's mansion – Tsunade's quarters

The clock on her console clicked, precisely four hours after she'd gone to sleep, and Tsunade was awake. Her movements were smooth as she stood and turned to make the bed. In her mind's eye, she saw the clock counting down on the morning routine she'd programmed into the years as a Shinobi.

Eighteen seconds to make the bed.

The clock clicked just as she finished tugging the last wrinkle out of place. Twenty-one seconds to stretch.

She stretched, her long, graceful body seeming to melt between each pose before holding like a statue. Her mind remained blissfully empty, her muscles having long since memorized the length of each movement.

The clock clicked. Forty-four seconds to dress. Her clothes slipped on easily, as flimsy as her clothes look, it was simple and light for her to move. Tsunade always carried a kunai under her blouse and with her light clothes made her swift.

The clock clicked again, and she was on the floor. Her exercises were as fluid as the rest of her morning routine. One hundred crunches, each done perfectly, without even the tiniest wavering. One hundred lunges. One hundred leg lifts. No mart of her body or mind was idle. She counted down the time in her head, the spaces between each second filled with furious thinking and mental exercises. She calmly muttered the credit value of each mission that was taken yesterday, then moved onto the names and titles of those who were majorly influential to Konoha and even against.

Many who don't know her labelled her as the legendary sucker due to her affinity of gambling addiction and wayward lifestyle, but she was a Sannin.

The Sannin wasn't a title giving so lightly, it was a title of the best and back then amongst the harsh lifestyle of war. Among all the candidates of killers in the ranks of Konoha she was chosen to represent the best of them all.

Now the title Sannin was used as a peace term amongst the village, they saw the title with respect something to aspire. While one has gone rogue it was still expected that one of them would become Hokage.

Tsunade loved to drink, the reason being was that she yearned to stop this lifestyle, where she woke up and like a robot done the routines that was instilled within her. Being drunk made her body unpredictable and that's what she always wanted. It made her feel more at ease.

The clock clicked again exactly as her mental count reached zero, and Tsunade rolled onto her hands. Her body was stock still as she lifted it straight up, heels together, and held it for a few seconds before lowering it again.

Her lips were moving….still going through the names, stopping and thinking of each.

Sandaime Tsuchikage - Ōnoki of Both Scales

That old man was still alive, Tsunade wasn't surprised considering the Sandaime kept the seat she had warm for so long.

Iwa was a long and ferocious enemy of Konoha especially since Kiri has fallen to the civil war. The war between them was long and violent. While it ended with a stalemate, it was Iwa who benefitted in the end making their village and its future generations strong through tough discipline. No doubt thanks to that at old man's influence and ways of his time. Onoki the Sandaime never accepted the new age and still stuck to the age he lived in which was the dark days of Shinobi. It was something that helped him as despite the peace term that everyone lived in it was still dark.

After all as long as the Jinchūriki lived, dark days will always shroud them all.

Tsunade thanks to Jiraiya kept tabs on the Tsuchikage and it seemedhis paranoia was still there. Onoki was always concerned with Kumogakure's unwavering militarisation.

Tsunade chuckled to herself, she imagined the old man drinking his morning tea laughing at how her village has grown in the past years.

Konoha bred legends to now breeding nothing but fangirls and emo boys. However now it has changed though and Tsunade smiled at the image of the Old man's rage over the death of his S ranked shinobi by one of their own.

Yondaime Raikage - A

Kumogakure's unwavering militarisation was well known all the way to Konoha. It was something that took their notice throughout the years.

While Konoha introduced civilians into the council bringing forth the umbrella called "democracy" which sullied them in the end. Kumo became tougher like Iwa, however kept breeding strong ninjas through and through.

Ninjas like the Black lightning, a Jounin of Kumo with a rare bloodline called Storm release. The man was a genius to even creating black lightning which the Yondaime Raikage learned from.

Another ninja was "Ghost" nobody knew who she was only that she was a Kunoichi. Ghost was renowned for her skills in espionage and the cloaks and dagger operation. She was a Kuniochi who lived towards its title. It was also known that she was really a ghost as people who met her never lived to tell about it only whispers echoed at how she disappeared like she never was there in the first place was echoed.

Not to mention that Kumo had two Jinchūrikies being the two and eight tails.

"My god" Tsunade thought but still carried on her task still analysing. They had two Bijus's did that village know what she knew now. However from their reports nothing was out of the ordinary but she still was wary.

After all their former Jinchūriki was greeted by a Biju every time he went home.

Talking about Jinchūriki Sunagakure has announced a new Kazekage.

Godaime Kazekage - Sabaku no Gaara

A Jinchūriki…a Kage?

Times were really changing and it looked to be for something worse or not she didn't even know anymore. But one thing she knew was it was something unstable. With what she knew about the Biju and their horrifying plans for their contact and accepted.

Yes, unstable was the word to be used for this occasion.

However her major threat still remained on her mind.

Godaime Mizukage – Terumi Mei

Mei as the Mizukage can be seen as a sign of change for the Kiri village as ninja with kekkei genkai were once feared and persecuted in that village. Mei's presence meant that the dark days of the village were over.

And an even darker days was approaching. Tsunade expected her next move was to re-establish Kiri as the strongest of the five. Kiri contained the most strongest of the bloodlines.

The Uzumaki was one of their most prominent clans. This extended to the days of the Clan wars where Shinobi were organised into small mercenary clans that knew nothing but battle. The Uzumaki clan resided in Whirlpool country and until now Kiri still protected that place.

It was a peace treaty between the clan and Kiri that as long as the Uzumaki lived in whirlpool they can send their people to Kiri. However the marriage between her grandmother and her grandfather brought conflict within the clan.

Supremacist of the Uzumaki believed that the marriage between the clan heir daughter and the Shodiame will bring massive change to the Uzumaki aligning the clan to Konoha. Whereas those who sided with the 2nd heir of the Uzumaki clan knew it would be beneficial. Since the alliance of her grandparents the Uzumaki and Konoha strengthened their bond of each other.

Uzumaki Kushina married their rising potential Namikaze Minato the Fourth Hokage and Yellow flash.

However it was funny though that an Uzumaki was truly mistreated in Konoha which would further help the supremacists but the clan was now scattered to even respond.

Tsunade knew though what Mei's plan was especially with Tetsuko by her side.

Uzumaki Tetsuko was pureblood Uzumaki to the bone. Being an Uzumaki was instilled in her blood and she did anything to favour her clan. Like Onoki, Tetsuko never left her "time" for the future.

Her favour of Uzumaki Naruto was one of them.

Jiraiya's report has told her how Tetsuko planned to make Naruto the heir of the Uzumaki.

Tsunade stopped what she was doing and just began to think.

"It's impossible to make Naruto the heir. He must be chosen first."

But Tsunade will watch Tetsuko carefully, the Senju know of Tetsuko well and her connections meant that in time she could reunite all the Uzumakies in the world once again. For now the elder was focused on Naruto.

Senju Tsunade wondered if Tetsuko was an Uzumaki supremacist the number of times she hailed Naruto was a bit disturbing.

Remembering the meeting with Koyuki after Naruto fought Earthbeast came to mind.

The Godaime Mizukage still planned to take Naruto away from Konoha. The alliance was just an umbrella to hide under for now. Tsunade was an analytical woman when she saw Naruto wear two pendants around his neck she knew something has happened at Kiri.

Terumi Mei carried an emotional link to Naruto, Jiraiya's report said so. Mei was a woman after all and seeing a man like Naruto who defied odds like that.

Well even she couldn't ignore that despite being much older than him. Tsunade developed a motherly bond with him something she long cherished.

Snow, Kiri and Konoha in an alliance, not mention how Wave allied with Kiri.

"I could demand Chairwoman to hand over Whirlpool Company back to Naruto."

Chairwoman Tsunami was a major financial backer of Kiri.

Tsunade revaluated and muttered her report.

"Kiri has Whirlpool, Wave and Snow. To add they are still recovering once recovered they would be stronger than they were before."

"Uzumaki Tetsuko, her plans must be about regrowth of the Uzumaki clan. No doubt about it, Kiri is undergoing reclaiming".

"If Naruto was to be the heir then…"

"I see" Tsunade said to herself now opening her eyes looking at her village, she now realised what it was.

Tsunade definitely knew Naruto wasn't loyal to them. He was in favour of them since he was their ninja however loyalty was something he didn't provide especially to the village that gave him hell and killed his brother.

It was because of his character and the bonds he has made that made him stay.

Naruto was a natural leader she has seen and heard it both in the black Lotus and his growth here in Konoha.

He practically owned the slums now, since people held the fort for him when he was gone. And he didn't even know they did. It was loyalty given to him unconsciously.

Ryoma's dismantle of the Fire lord's son was another issue. Was Ryoma his real name? Tsunade doubted that.

How could she get Naruto's loyalty?

How can she get that charisma, that fire under her banner? He was a genius, no...Genius was used a lot nowadays he was a master.

To be held back so much only having scraps and still get on top was terrifying and amazing at the same time.

If she got his loyalty then Tsunade knew for sure Konoha can match the other villages. The Godaime knew that her village lacked in many departments despite now being serious but one year wasn't enough. Her "apprentice" Haruno Sakura still fussed on about saving Uchiha Sasuke. She never liked the Uchiha clan, their personalities was a major issue with the Hokage.

Guess old habit never dies. Despite the fact Tsunade wanted to train Sakura only showing her a little bit of her teachings to the girl. Tsunade never intended to fully train her like she did for Shizune and didn't really have an heir to her legacy yet.

The legacy of the Senju still lived on within her. Just like the memories of the Uzumaki that stayed with it.

Tsunade's intention of teaching Sakura was to reign in her depression over the loss of the Uchiha. It took Jiraiya's insistence for her to teach the girl. Tsunade read the report which told of Sakura's confessions to the night of Sasuke's leavings was a disturbing fact that added against the girl's mentality.

She was a fangirl and looked to have a hard time growing out of it unlike her friend Yamanaka Ino who had a dangerous wake up call to get out of her fangirlish faze.

"If push comes to shove and things went beyond saving her…."

Senju Tsunade will not shed a tear, she was a Sannin and Sakura was a liability of team 7. Kakashi knew of this now that he prepared for whats to come. The amount of explosions the village has heard in the forest was the testament of his training. Kakashi intended to protect what was left of his team and legacy that was passed to him. Kakashi volunteered to let Sakura's problem be his problem, if her fangirl ways got in the way of the mission or the safety of the team…

Well it was Kakashi's responsibility on that one now.

"Yuhi Kurenai" Tsunade's eyes glazed over her village. That Jounin was another one that grew in a spectacular ways.

Tsunade reading her report believed her to be a bit piece player, despite her amazing skills in Genjutsu. Kurenai had problems on finding out who she was thus finding it difficult to motivate herself.

Unlike Naruto who knew what he wanted and put his life on the line for it. Kurenai fell under the pressure on what her looks provided the village, thus her ice queen status.

And it seemed that the meeting between the two truly benefitted Konoha. Kurenai overcame her deep personal issues and strived greatly.

"Naruto even gave her his technique!" That was truly surprising, nobody in this world passed on their skills it was something they cherished with their lives.

Tsunade wondered if Naruto didn't give a damn, his personality contrasted with his actions. It seemed the boy respect of others was a massive attribute of his. He saw Kurenai's dreams and did all he could to allow her to achieve it.

It was another reason why she wanted to gain that man's true loyalty. It was also why she didn't press him on what he knew about the black lotus. They gained his loyalty while this village and her predecessor /Sensei trampled what was left of his to them.

And the looks Kurenai gave him.

Tsunade held back a smile yet gained a glint in her emerald orbs.

It seemed the rumours around was true.

"I wonder what rumours will build now"

There was a knock at her door. When she did not answer the door opened and one of her Anbu's entered.

"Jounin Uzumaki has entered the village Hokage-Sama"

Tsunade smiled as the Anbu ushered himself out.

"What a strange affair for our fishcake" she said to herself now getting ready to go to her office.

She had files to fill and paperwork to do since Konoha had boomed.

God she hated those blasted paperwork.

Konoha - At the gates

Naruto walked out of the mission booth near the gates of Konoha, it was 11am in the morning and he just finished his mission. The "bandits" wasn't hard to find as he found them near Tanzaku Gai. No doubt Tsunade will be notified once his report got through to the mission office.

He looked to his right as there was quite a crowd covering the entrance booth. Izumo and Kotetsu looked to have their work cut out for them.

"Business seems to be booming" he said to himself. The invasion left Konoha on the economic brink and only by pulling triple duty on missions were we able to make up the difference. This was a godsend for businesses who would use ninjas for D ranked missions or attract suitors considering he was no the poster boy for the village. His eyes roamed on a few people who looked out of place.

"Refugees" he said to himself, they probably were looking for a way inside maybe considering Konoha to be some sort of haven. Since at the moment Kumo were on the brink of a civil war and Iwa looked to be between a rock and a hard place. Iwa was always a breeding ground for Yakuza the number of times he was urged to go there when he was younger always crossed his mind. Now Iwa had a problem and were dealing with it as quietly as they could.

His mind came back to the mission he just finished, the bandits were goons affiliated, probably to the Yakuza when he eliminated them Naruto found lots of drugs stashed in their camp. The group wasn't that big only 10 as it seemed they planned to get in Konoha more discreet that way.

"This is bad" he said to himself eyes narrowing. Naruto knew exactly what was going on.

It seemed the black Lotus's discreet infiltration of Konoha was close to being exposed. At the moment security looked tight but not red alert as it was only superstition that the group was in Konoha. If that group of so called bandits got inside Konoha along with their "spice"

Then the superstition will come true thus Konoha will be on red alert. Which means Black Lotus will have a difficult time moving and this also meant that Naruto himself will be on hot water.

"This is bad…" a frown etched up on him, the fire lord fiasco really put him out there. His emotions were very high back then therefore he exposed quite a lot and now because of it he was being monitored.

Things were going to hell, Kumo, Iwa, Akatsuki the Biju and Kisara. Naruto held back the numerous thoughts coming through his head.

"One step at a time" he muttered to himself it was always a motto of his. Work on things you see in front of you and right now he had to do missions for Tsunade and Honoka. Irony that he was the centre of all of the problems, Naruto knew he was on a thin line regarding his loyalty and no doubt Honoka was there to watch him. She wont be lenient like Ryoma that he was sure of.

Anyway the Tornado was glad that he dealt with the "bandits" making him smile. It seemed Tsunade didn't know what this mission entailed. The Uzumaki wondered how the black Lotus brought such mission under the Hokage's nose like that.

Did they have someone from the inside?

The irony of it all was to amusing considering he was brought back.

Naruto now had a deep expression. This really started to become complex.

Walking into the morning shopping centre he noticed the various smiles he was getting from the people. Naruto's eyes glazed hollowly for a split second.

Yes things indeed was getting complex.

"Hey you can't bring that drink here its illegal!" he heard Izumo's voice yelling at someone "if you want inside get rid of it"

Naruto just tuned him out and went on his way.

Hokage Tower – Mission Office

Being a very early riser was one of many duties Shizune had to take in being the secretary of Tsunade-Sama and the deputy head of Konoha hospital.

Sitting behind her desk she held a scroll given to her by her messengers.

"Naruto-kun's back" She said out loud

"I see" spoke a soft voice getting her attention; Shizune held back her surprise and sighed. There stood Uzumaki Tetsuko "he has gone back to his shelter"

The fact that she called Naruto's home a shelter came to mind but Shizune answered her "yes I believe so. He must be tired"

"Naruto…tired" Tetsuko walked out to leave "perish that thought"

Shizune sighed, there was something going on with Lady Uzumaki, Tsunade's apprentice knew she sent a report back to the Mizukage but the way she carried herself was like she held a burden now.

"Tsunade-Sama or Jiraiya-Sama most likely know about it" she thought going back to work.

"Excuse me" spoke a voice getting her attention again. Shizune needed to stop thinking too much or it would be the death of her if she kept getting caught off guard.

She looked at the source with professionalism and spoke.

"Ah…you been sent from the entry office" the person nodded.

"Right this way" Shizune pointed to her right "grab a ticket and fill out some forms. I will come and deal with you"

"Thank you very much" the person bowed slightly "this place looks much bigger…"

"It's Konoha" Shizune simply pointed out making the person nod "of course" he then went to the direction she pointed before.

"Enjoy your stay in Konoha. I know someone would love to see you" Shizune welcomed as the person.

The person frowned when she said that and left.

The medic Jounin just went back to work. Tsunade-Sama would be notified and will deal with this as usual.

Naruto's apartment

While going up the stairs and into his apartment block Naruto was greeted with a scene that surprised him.

He saw his Landlord Miss Samui standing before the apartment below which actually used to belong to Kisara. His Landlord was talking to men who from the looks of it were responsible for moving stuff inside the apartment.

"Is everything in place" he heard Samui speak, she wore her usual blank expression he met her as. It was like she couldn't express anything else.

"Yes ma'am everything is in place. The apartments are now ready" one of the men responded

"Good," she nodded "you will get your payments" the men all nodded as work was done they soon left. Going past Naruto who looked on Samui was about to go inside when he called her.

"Samui-San" he called getting her attention

"Naruto" she responded "good morning"

"Morning" he greeted back "if I may ask what is with the ruckus" he asked as Samui looked to freshen up his apartment complex. It wasn't only Kisara's apartment but other empty ones that she was filling up. They were all empty simply because Ryoma used them for his own purposes.

You're never out of the business that man always said to Naruto.

"Getting prepared" she responded "while you were away new tenants arrived and now I am preparing for some more"

"Some more" he repeated getting her to nod "I'm sure you know, Konoha is popular for business and this is my business of course" Naruto sensed the tone in her voice at the last part.

Was it a jibe on his person on what happened with the previous landlord?

"I see" he said expression becoming stoic inwardly remembering who this woman was. Their eyes met and just for a brief millisecond he saw it. Right there it was like Samui was scoping him, it was like she already knew who or what he was just like he knew who she was, that they both were now in a game where their life was up for grabs.

Peering into her cold blue eyes Naruto avoided it and looked inside "you did a very good job of the place"

"I did, didn't I" Samui just walked inside which Naruto took this opportunity and followed her all the way into the living room.

He was in her home a sign that this woman was willing to talk despite how closed she was in regards of communication. It would seem Naruto will have a tough time talking to this one.

Hopefully he was wrong and something good came out of it for once in his life.

"I Hope you like the change of arrangements. Naruto-san, me being in charge does not bring any alteration to your living arrangements"

"Apart from the sudden change of ownership" Naruto responded he held back on his prying and just crossed his arms over his chest and looked at her sideways. It was an act to show he was interested which worked for him sometimes.

Samui turned towards him stopping what she was doing. Now she looked at him in the eye.

"Interesting, now I got her full attention." Naruto thought.

"Worried about my qualifications? I may be young but I was entrusted this apartment for a reason" Samui said.

"A very good reason no doubt" Naruto analysed her "So I see you know exactly what you are doing then" he said.

"It's a tough world we live in" Samui responded.

The Uzumaki thought he could detect something in her tone, but couldn't quite put his finger on it. Glancing at the window at the other side of the room, Naruto asked, "have you known your aunt for long?"

"Very, considering she has entrusted me of her work" Samui gave her answer "alas the reason of my qualification" her eyes narrowed at this "she is my favourite aunt"

He sensed the tone again and immediately knew of his previous landlord speciality.

"So she was using the landlord she killed as means to shield her real self" Naruto was impressed, to think such deception was used at such a way. Samui used her fake relation with old lady Ayane, implying that she was trained by the previous landlord. Maybe that was why the people in the neighbourhood got under her spell so easily.

He backed off seeing that she was hurt over Ayane's death which was caused by her. A great act he had to admit, if he wasn't told this by Honoka he would have almost been bought over by such display.

Almost was key word that needed to be mentioned.

"I was trying to get know you as a human being." Naruto wasn't the type to back down but kept his character still pressing on but lenient.

Samui's eyes hardened. "I'm not looking for a friend, Uzumaki."

Yup, he was called "Uzumaki" now. The kind suffix of his name used before was thrown out of the window.

He fell right into her emotional display, man she was good. A woman who knew how to use her feminine attributes.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring emotional memories" Naruto apologised, he didn't like to back down but for this case he had to act it through.

"As long as the issue is sorted" she crossed her arms positioning herself more comfortably like him.

It seemed this woman liked to win, blatantly showing her victory over him.

"You are a very popular Shinobi Uzumaki" she was now asking the questions "you can see why there will be future tenants in my apartment complex."

"Popularity isnt a word that should be used for a Shinobi" he answered her "I'm glad your qualifications are top notch it makes me feel more….comfortable" he added extra incentive to his tone when he said that.

"Indeed" Naruto got his desired response when Samui's eyes gained light.

"Talking about being comfortable, I'm surprised…" Samui brought out a small smile "shouldn't the fiancé of the great actress and princess Koyuki be in a more comfortable setting"

"I prefer this kind of life" he smiled back "but it sounds like you want to get rid of me"

"Get rid of Uzumaki Naruto, perish that thought" Samui answered, Naruto felt like she was amused but didn't look it.

He laughed and his laughter got her to smile a bit.

But Naruto knew this wasn't getting nowhere, he needed more time and now wasn't it.

"Well I get out of your hair" he smiled trying to ease back into her "Uzumaki" defence. Before she gave a response he turned around and went on his way.

"See you later" he simply said and left.

Samui watched him leave with a stoic expression.

"You got to be shitting me!" were Naruto's thoughts when he got out of the apartment. What was he supposed to do when each road carried a threat? His nearest threat was fucking sleeping in the same apartment complex as his.

How can he make his move, Naruto knew that Honoka knew this as well but seeing her all calm. He expected she must have an ace up her sleeve, but she didn't. It was just them two and a few contacts. Whereas they were in a village where Black Lotus were being monitored i.e. him and a very special Kumo agent.

Uzumaki wasn't stupid, the Raikage sent his best! Otherwise it was a suicide mission but seeing her in with his own eyes it was like she was used to those kind of jobs.

"I guess I'm a job" he smirked, Naruto found it interesting at the fact.

This wasn't an ordinary job though.

Not when Naruto definitely was the job.

"She must got this place bugged" he predicted as he went up the stairs to his apartment. His house most likely was bugged with cameras and such. He needed to be careful.

The people who lived here were also being monitored. Samui had a year worth of Intel god knows what she found.

If she was good and he knew she was. That Kumo woman knew he was the Tornado of the Black Lotus.

A woman as beautiful as her, most likely had her ways on getting the job done.

His eyes narrowed glowing eerie. Uzumaki Naruto planned to leave no stone unturned. He will make this fast and swift.

"Ghost, I need to know more about her"

Giving the impression, Kumo wasn't the only one underestimating the Black Lotus.

It seemed "Tornado vs. Ghost" has begun and round 1 went to….


Team 7 training ground

If there was one thing Haruno Sakura always expected when being a Shinobi is the need to constantly train. Being the student of a Sannin that aspect increased profoundly once a scope called "expectations" was thrust upon her.

Being a Shinobi of Konoha gave her many surprises which she never expected when she first applied for the academy.

Being a civilian especially in such a time where to become a Shinobi was norm was out of the ordinary. Haruno Sakura knew almost all of the children in the academy or even the ones a year above her. Therefore being a Shinobi wasn't a surprise.

Ranging from her friend Ino to her crush Uchiha Sasuke to even the prominent "delinquent" Uzumaki Naruto, all the children knew of each other since Konoha was a tight village.

So when she became the student of The Hokage and Sannin Senju Tsunade. Not to mention Tsunade-Shishou was literally a royalty, Sakura's own status vastly increased. Not only was her mother proud of her so was the village.

The scope of expectation increased even more and she needed to step up in result.

Whispers of her being labelled a "Genius" among the village were as a result of being chosen by Tsunade-Sama.

There was an ever growing rumour that team 7 was becoming the next generation Sannin was also whispered.

It made sense though once she became Tsunade-Shishou's student it was the final piece to the puzzle.

Uchiha Sasuke, the last Uchiha and a well-rounded Shinobi was considered to be a genius. He was the last link to the great Uchiha clan and because of that was almost royalty. His rogue status would be easily swept aside because of it. Sasuke was now the apprentice of Orochimaru one of the Sannin.

It was Sakura's biggest goal to bring Sasuke back.

Finally there was Naruto who was the famous student of Jiraiya-Sama, who not only was a Sannin but taught the fourth Hokage. The growing belief that Jiraiya would hit home again with Naruto was evident throughout the village.

The Toad Sannin was responsible for the rise of their greatest Hokage and now had the son of said Hokage who was becoming well-known as well.

Not to mention Naruto himself who was the rookie of the year instead of Sasuke. Not only that he was the son of the Fourth Hokage.

Naruto, apart from Sasuke-kun's leaving was one of her huge surprises in her career. His unreal rise periodically changed Konoha's system. He became a Chunin to Jounin to being an A rank all in a year.

"8 months to be exact."

Team 7 was therefore very valuable to Konoha. Her mother was in the council and constantly stressed the importance of the village's needs. Thus to Sakura bring back Sasuke and making Team 7 whole again would make Konoha strong again.

It was Sakura's biggest goal to bring Sasuke-Kun back. Sakura wanted to show him that the village loves him and then show everyone how their expectations were well placed.

"I will bring you back Sasuke-kun" Sakura vowed

"Sakura" Kakashi came before her, Sakura looked at her Sensei, while she was already in deep thought another moment came by her. Unlike Naruto she knew full well of Sasuke-Kun's secret training with Kakashi and it was the right decision. Sasuke-kun back then and still was the important of the team. While Naruto had his moments the fact that Sasuke-kun has great importance was always to be noted.

"Sensei" she smiled Kakashi looked at her. He didn't have his book with him nor did he carry that amused/bored look he always carried.

"We have a meeting. Come we are going to be late" he simply said Shunshin away.

The irony of that statement would have been told but for the past year Kakashi-Sensei not once was late. He always came on time and trained on his own also. In fact all the Jounins were leaving her and the rest in the dark it was like they were preparing for something Sakura didn't know of.

She was the student of Lady Tsunade at least that would give her privilege of such information. After all the relationship between Naruto and Jiraiya-Sama showed how Jiraiya-Sama gave Naruto such privileges.

What she didn't know was that Naruto and Jiraiya did not have a student and teacher relationship and that Jiraiya still was in the process of convincing the blond to learn what his parents wanted.

Sakura had training to do, the schedule was the same as always. She had expectations to deliver after all.

She then left after her teacher.

One thing she also didn't know was that there was a huge difference between her and Naruto. A fact till now she didn't yet acknowledge, a fact that would conflict with her future goals.

Training ground 12

"On time as always Kakashi"

Was the first thing Sakura heard when she came to the training ground.

Aburame Shino, Nara Shikamaru and Tenten was who she came next to.

Sakura looked before her teacher who was with Yuhi Kurenai the Sensei of Team 8.

Her eyes narrowed slightly at what she said, it held another meaning and looking at Kurenai who looked at her proved it. She didn't acknowledge her!

"Alright" Kakashi now spoke as he took a step forward "Its early and now it is time to see what it is worth"

They all stood unflinching as Kakashi looked at Kurenai who stepped next to him.

"Kakashi wants to apply a famous tool that shows the fruition of our work" they all nodded at Team 8's instructor who carried a professional persona.


They all looked and Sakura's eyes went wide.

Kakashi held a small bell, but his eyes carried a grave intent.

"Come with me with the intent to kill"

Shikamaru was the first to strike without hesitation.

"Kagemane no Jutsu!"

The shadow attacked for Kakashi dividing for Kurenai as well.

Kurenai jumped and tossed Kunai it landed near the group as it sizzled.

Surprised Shikamaru gritted his teeth.

"Disperse….get into formation!" he yelled as everyone flurried away.

The whole place exploded.

It seemed a battle was going on and it just got started.

Konoha main district – towards the Hokage tower

"Here we go"

Naruto held the note had got the night before he left for the mission. It was from Honoka and it relayed her orders. He went past the shopping centre and towards the Hokage tower.

He held back a sigh, it seemed unlike Ryoma her intent was to rarely converse with him and if she did it was only to simply relay an information she needed to do face to face.

Honoka was perfect for this job. Especially for this situation since Ghost was his landlord and had his area monitored.

Naruto wondered how deep he will go into, since Honoka was now his go to woman instead of Ryoma it meant she had use for him.

Ryoma has told him about Honoka once on how she was an agent of the Black Lotus, when she was near so was the Black Lotus.

This meant that the Black Lotus had his eyes on him.

The Uzumaki thought of how the process would go it seemed to be the usual way of things.


The Uzumaki turned to see Tsunade at the front entrance. He smiled "having a stretch"

"Its crazy out there" She smiled as they went inside together "I've got your report"

"I thought you wanted to see me in person. Besides…" Naruto raised his hand as a gesture to his words "I don't like to stay cooped up in my apartment"

Tsunade laughed "you and me both!" she nudged him Naruto smirked

"So I see your apartment complex seems to be popular" Naruto wasn't surprised she knew, Tsunade was the Hokage and also had a year worth of information.

"So you know I have a very young Landlord" Naruto asked Tsunade nodded "you have a lot of them nowadays"

The Uzumaki thought he could detect something in her tone, there was sharp seriousness only briefly.

"Apparently her aunt passed on the deed to the complex" Naruto trusted his instinct.

"She seems to be of your age" Tsunade smirked now taking a jibe "or isn't girls your age your type"

"Going straight for the kill" Naruto sweat dropped

Tsunade laughed at that.

"Don't worry Naruto, Miss Samui's only 2 years older than you" she winked "take a shot?"

"A shot of whisky more like it" He countered

"You want to start brat" Tsunade's eyes narrowed. they sized each other up and then smiled both with fondness.

"It's good to see you around Naruto." Naruto felt something soothing inside him when she said that.

"I know but what can I say. Lasting impressions is my speciality" he smirked smugly but amused.

"Cheeky punk" Tsunade shook her head but an amused smile was notable. They went past the reception and Naruto noticed Shizune wasn't there; it was kind of strange considering the woman was such a workaholic and would notice Tsunade not being in her office. They took the outside route to her office towards the stairs.

"Shizune's at my office dealing with an enquiry" Naruto nodded not knowing why she told him this,

"Usual bandit, their intention was to simply get in Konoha" Naruto went straight into business as they went to her office,

Tsunade just turned her slightly but briefly and gave a critical eye. She took a sip as she walked on, he carried on.

"I investigated first before initiating the meeting thus finding their aim" she nodded "what is that"

"Drugs" he said seriously Tsunade was stoic at his answer. She stopped at the stairs and they enjoyed the sun.

"Drugs…bandits" he nodded at her "I found lots in a hidden stash it seemed they migrated from somewhere…"

"Iwa" Tsunade thought out loud it seemed their problem reached all the way here "did you make sure to leave no trace if Konoha was involved…"

"I did exactly that, it seemed they were in a hurry to die" he sighed "at the way they went to kill me that is"

"I see" she then walked up him following her. It seemed a storm truly was brewing when little shits started to think they were big showed something big was coming.

"Jiraiya expected as much" she said seriously Naruto nodded as the Toad sannin was briefly with him only to expect before going back.

"Do you think…" Tsunade interjected "not think, I know Kumo and Iwa have come in contact with the black lotus. Kumo especially they seem to be in battle with them"

Naruto darkened "I see" he sensed the deep stare thus looked at her.

Tsunade looked blank as they now in region to her office, her door was a few feet away "Naruto…it's not a surprise if they want to take you back"

"Here it comes" Naruto expected it and was kind of glad Tsunade was familiar enough with him to be blunt.

"It's past" he truthfully replied, she gave him truth and he replied with truth "I'm a ninja now I'm not part of them"

"Your answer isn't something that eases my doubts" Tsunade admitted making him nod with a serious look.

"And I really don't blame you" Naruto understood "considering what you know about me I should be in prison or worse"

Tsunade nodded "we understand and don't blame you" she had a soft expression.

"Then you know that I mean what I say" he responded "I was a black Lotus simply the reason you know of" Tsunade understood but he kept going it was something he needed to prove.

"I have neither debt nor a bond with them" he admitted thinking about Ryoma he also felt the same considering they both were brought back in. They had no love but it was something instilled within them to not disobey.

"They will come for you Naruto. I am not here to pressure you to spill secrets." It seemed to be a very soft spot for Naruto she knew it considering what he told her and everyone before he left on the training trip.

"Regardless I am a Shinobi foremost Tsunade" he reassured her there was a firm tone evident.

She smiled she felt all the way that he meant what he said "we have problems Naruto, three big factions all pressing and breathing down our necks"

"I know" he sighed slightly "I'm trying to get stronger" he felt a hand touch his shoulder. Tsunade put her hand on his shoulder and smiled softly "I know Naruto-kun but you can't stay closed forever in this"

He knew he couldn't for long "I know, just give me time. I will tell you but my word was something I always valued"

In this world it doesn't mean much but it was something he always kept true to. Feeling Tsunade squeeze his hand meant that she acknowledged it too.

"When its time you will tell us" she put this to rest. This man was someone who kept true to himself it was the reason why people trusted him.

"Thank you old lady" he smirked Tsunade smirked "Brat"

Silence ensued as Tsunade opened the door to her office.

They both entered

"Speak with Shizune, it seems you owe her a drink"

Naruto nodded he did after all.

"DON'T FUCK WITH ME!" they both heard the angering roar as they entered.

Tsunade and Naruto were greeted with the site of Ibiki and Shizune stand before another man.

The man looked pissed as he was huffing, he had long hair and was more spiky at the back than at the front. He was glaring furiously at Ibiki.

"There is no way I am living with you" he hissed "after what you done…."

Ibiki was stoic, a truly typical expression of his since he was the head of the interrogation.

"Morino-San calm down it is standard procedure for your living kin to be here" Shizune softly said trying to diffuse the situation.

Naruto stiffened at what Shizune said.

"Ibiki…." He looked at both males and then at the unknown stranger.

Naruto's world just froze at the man who was calming down.


Tsunade looked at him keenly, her eyes narrowed slightly. Ibiki looked at her for half a second and then at Idate.

"Your crimes were cleared. Compensations were provided for you" Ibiki was professional "while you no doubt do not deserve it" Idate hissed at his brother who carried on unfazed "you are also here because Hokage-Sama wants to speak with you"

"Idate-San" Tsunade got his attention "Jirocho was a dear friend of mine"

Naruto analysed Idate, he throughout the three years was much taller and sterner however his expression was that of a broken man.

"He…he was killed in his vacation home at Water country" Idate just responded a bit shakily "in cold blood"

"I…I came from a run and they were already dead!" he yelled "it's not like I want to be here but…" he softened carrying a hint of shame

"This was the only place I could go to" he only said muttering.

They could only sympathise with him, including Ibiki. Idate's foster father and family were killed leaving him alone once again.

Naruto for one wanted to know why the fuck he was here! This had nothing to do with him and he wanted to leave before he got involved.

"And we will provide you with all the necessary arrangements" Ibiki spoke now "rest assured you will not be seeing me much."

Idate just bit his lips when Shizune took this chance "Ibiki-San had made all the preparations. An apartment is ready for you"

"I can handle myself" Idate persisted.

"Even if you can an apartment won't hurt" Ibiki simply said "besides it was paid with your compensation so you don't need to owe me"

Idate gave no response.

"Jounin Naruto here can direct you" Tsunade spoke which got his full attention. He looked at her but Tsunade maintained a look of authority.

"Naruto" this name got his attention as Idate looked at him. Idate felt like he knew him when his eyes went wide.

"You….you're" Naruto was shocked inside he swore did he found out when Idate spoke truly surprised.

Tsunade watched with a thoughtful expression as did Ibiki and Shizune

"Uzumaki Naruto. Well I be damned!" he smiled "its me Idate, Morino Idate for the academy"

Naruto was glad but inwardly deduced that Idate knew Shinn not Naruto. But still was worried, this was more than a coincidence and Jirocho hit home. Was it Ryoma?

"Idate" Naruto looked to be in thought "academy…sorry who are you?"

Everyone sweat dropped apart from Ibiki who watched. Idate slumped in depression but felt annoyed.

"Damn it man still cold as ever" he chuckled "I never knew you became a shinobi. It didn't look to be your thing with the trouble you caused"

The adults saddened a bit when Idate mentioned that.

"Wait you know Naruto" Idate nodded "he was in my class long ago. Well he wasn't but you get the idea" Shizune understood when Naruto spoke.

"You're Ibiki's brother right" Idate's eyes glazed in sadness and a there was also bitter at the mention of Ibiki. Naruto sensed it but smiled now.

"I may not know you but maybe you can remind me" he said Idate smiled meekly that man was still the headstrong person he was back then "I guess"

"Naruto- kun will be living in the same complex as you" Shizune spoke "you can speak with him if you need anything"

"So he was going to be one of Samui's tenants" Naruto thought quickly.

Idate looked at Ibiki who looked back. The younger peered into his older brothers black eyes.

"You're a coward"

He looked away.

"We are going to fill in some forms." Shizune said as Tsunade nodded letting her go.

Her apprentice opened the door letting Idate go as Ibiki slowly went with him.

When they left Shizune sensed the tension and spoke,

"So what do you think of the village Idate-san"

"It's alright" he smiled meekly.

Shizune knew the tension was getting to him and ushered on "we are going to the registration office"

"Couldn't we do it in Hokage-Sama's office" Idate obviously asked.

"I can get things done quicker that way" Shizune smiled which make Idate blush slightly. She was beautiful.

"I…I guess" he smiled scratching his head

While they were walking Ibiki slightly turned his head at the office they just left in. He soon just turned back.

Naruto watched Tsunade. He held his composure refusing to think.

Tsunade poured herself a drink when he smirked now.

"You do know its 3pm right" he raised his eyebrow, she just had one already.

"Shut it" she grumbled getting him to chuckle.

Filling her cup she looked up at him "you're a great Shinobi Naruto. Know how get the job done"

"Doesn't everyone" he raised his eyebrow showing his confusion.

"Just wanted to let you know that" Tsunade smiled softly at him.

Naruto felt it again, it was the same soothing feeling as before. It was something to do with her smile. He didn't understand.

"I…I guess. Thanks" he could only say.

Tsunade just looked at him right in the eyes. They stood there in silence.

"Get out here brat, before you sour my drink" she smirked.

Naruto just obeyed and left. When he turned around Tsunade looked at him for a moment.

He wasn't even angry at the "brat "comment.

Tsunade darkened when he left as an Anbu shunshined.

"Tsunade-Sama, the teams just finished their tests" Tsunade just nodded "good, thank you Yugao"

Yugao just nodded as she looked at Naruto who left. She remembered what happened yesterday.

She just shunshined.

"It seems things are going ahead" a familiar voice spoke.

"Yes…I hope we get out of this unscathed Jiraiya" Tsunade just said looking at the door.

Jiraiya who sat on the window just looked grave seeing Tsunade being blank.

"Where's Tetsuko" she spoke.

"She's preparing to leave soon" Jiraiya just said.

He got no response.

Konoha – Naruto's neighbourhood

"See you again" the shop clerk smiled as someone left his shop.

The person held a cigarette pack and opened one. Standing in front of the small shop, he took a cigarette and lit it.

Taking a smoke he blew.

Someone stopped on his right as the person looked.

Tetsuko stood a few feet away from the person watching him smoke.

They looked at each other.

"You smoking again" she said "I take that as an omen. Naruto"

Naruto just took a smoke "what should we do"

Tetsuko just looked at him, her face said nothing and he just carried on.

"This thing here …" he held his cigarette "has experience on helping me get through things"

"I thought it was music" she just said.

"That too" Naruto shrugged and just looked at the sunset. Time went past quick but it felt like an eternity for him.

"I hate those who talk too much" he said to himself "they spout like fishes rushing to their meals."

"Their annoying"

Tetsuko just listened looking at him. She was surprised, looking at him she finally saw it. That man before her was tired, she saw the weight, the burden his soul held for so long.

"Funny thing was, without realising it I became one of those fishes" Naruto tipped his cigarette "I guess, I should have realised it sooner"

"Why didn't you" her mouth just moved, Tetsuko just looked at him.

"Life does that to you" he answered her, his sounded so distant.

The horizon was so beautiful even right here in the slums the sunset gave a beautiful setting.

"That day was my last job" Naruto spoke eyes glazed.

"Shinn" Tetsuko muttered, Naruto didn't hear her or chose to ignore her she didn't know.

"I realised something" Naruto said "I never once looked at the horizon. Not once"

"It's spectacular"

Tetsuko looked and agreed with him. It was beautiful.

"The world is a dark place" he softly said as they looked at the sunset "we should be honoured that such beautiful scenery embraces us"

Naruto always wondered why Kisara looked at the horizon, the sun setting. He now understood, no, he always did but now finally saw it.

"Do you fear them…" Tetsuko asked him.

"I'm a man who shared a bed with the Kyuubi no Yoko" he looked at her with a blank expression "and we weren't lovers…"

Tetsuko held back a shiver not only at the look he gave her but at the image of what he said.

"You're an interesting human being Uzumaki Naruto. I can see why the Kyuubi has profound interest in you" she said.

"Why did you help me" He asked "At our training trip and I'm not talking about the training. Was is your goal"

"You are an Uzumaki" Tetsuko just answered stoically.

Naruto just smiled looking at the beautiful sun "Somewhere inside me, my inner child is smiling"

Tetsuko knew what he meant, his childhood, his existence was something that was filled with hatred.

"Information is power" Tetsuko spoke now turning to him "and at the hands of humanity, we are bound to slip up"

"I don't slip up" he just said robotically.

"But you aren't a demon" Tetsuko pointed out "you are human and as humans our bonds is what makes us tick. You became a "fish" like you say when Shinn became the bait"

"I see…" he didn't looked to be affected but Tetsuko knew. This was who this man really was. She understood now. All those times she met or been with him. His actions were inconsistent. Right now this was who Naruto really was. She was speaking to Uzumaki Naruto. Not the Naruto that was bound by Shinn's promise who wanted to the strongest.

She was looking at the Uzumaki Naruto himself.

And she had a lot of questions for him now that he decided to show up.

This man was cornered with his exposure during the fire lord incident and now Kumo along with the Black Lotus. Konoha got him where they wanted him not to mention Akatsuki and the Biju.

All and all Uzumaki Naruto was fucked. That's why she saw him now looking the way he was. He could not play both sides. He had to choose either them or Black Lotus and the answer led to death either way.

However he was an Uzumaki and a great person to her especially.

"If you don't mind me saying…." She looked at him as he still looked ahead like he was in a trance by the sunset.

"You never really seemed like an assassin" she finished.

Naruto now looked at his full eyes wide open at her. The moment she said that it was like his eyes pierced right into her, it was a scary sight.

But she carried on "the dobe, punk, demon, weakling all which you hid under so that this village won't notice you. Shinn's dreams made you come out of your hiding place. Now twice rookie of the year, Jounin and even an A rank. You are a genius Naruto one I have never seen" she said darkly.

"What you told us about your past, I sensed no, lie because it was the truth however you hid key details"

"And what are they" he asked calmly but peering into her.

"The Tornado was fearsome in the underworld. Your name won't be that fearsome with just capturing people." she pressed on

"Not only that, you word by word said…."

"They started training me at the age of six, at the time I had no idea they were Yakuza, but people took interest in me and that was enough. I started openly working for them when I turned ten," Naruto said seriously. "They made me to be a monster, something that might even be able to take on a ninja if need be."

Naruto remained stoic when she said his exact words.

"What stood out was that you said you started openly working for them when you were ten." She darkened "that was when the rise tornado."

"Which means that you at the age of six to ten were being trained while also being a drug pusher" she smirked now "after that you fully got into the business."

"That explains why you knew Gato during your tour with Black Lotus. After all who would be scared of drug selling kid if he wasn't a well-known killer" she finished and went to him.

"God of heavens" she hissed "you have the tongue of the devil"

"How you use words, to manipulate is monstrous. You have lived a terrifying life Naruto. No wonder The Kyuubi wants you" she could not believe this.

"To also add, every time you failed you told us you went back to them. This meant that you continued your work in order to pay for the absurd academy fees." Every word she pointed out this man hurt her, he had no choice. Tetsuko always believed people had a choice but she saw a man who had no choice. His entire existence was made for him to only die and by living he had to do such things.

This man was surreal, he never once lied to get his way. He manipulated his words so well that by giving the information to them got them to believe his words, but he didn't even tell them everything. It took her a whole year in figuring it out!

Naruto, she was beginning to see why the Kyuubi lusted after him spouting "mine"

Naruto was the product of the Shinobi world. He was the end product of all the suffering and pain in this world. He was a monster made by them, a monster who wanted to be the strongest, who had a dream.

Tetsuko wished to meet his little brother. That boy gave life to such a scary man.

"You must have killed many. To get such attention from the black Lotus" she asked remembering the sight of the feudal lord son being dragged away. Tetsuko quickly went after him no doubt Jiraiya did the same but it was like that agent faded into thin air.

Naruto's stoic expression soon broke into a small smile.

"Those that are truly dangerous don't act like they are" he said.

"Something we all should learn once more" Tetsuko had to agree, ever since peace clouded and Shinobies became too lax, this village was one of many who weakened their instincts.

"I already said, that day was my last job" he just said.

Tetsuko nodded "so you wanted to die but Kyuubi showed you the memory of you and your brother. Therefore gave you a purpose"

This old lady was smart.

"Correct" Naruto tossed his cigarette away "thus my days as a Konoha Shinobi"

"And as the Rampant Tornado rather than the silent one" she added pointing out one of his many clever tactics.

He tricked Konoha well with two different tornado's nobody would believe Naruto is the Tornado of the underworld rather than the wild person they believe he is known for.

Terrifying, truly terrifying.

"Let me help you!" Tetsuko now yelled "talk to me, invest your time in me and you will see what I have to offer."

Naruto looked at her solemnly.

"I am Uzumaki Tetsuko!" she raised her tone very strongly "my clan has grown weak. We were once strong but became weak once we decided to be the bitch of the Senju!"

Naruto looked her as he felt her anger rise.

"You an Uzumaki lived such a horror. Became such a person you regret" she held her cane tight gripping it.

"We Uzumaki love our children but that faded. Your mother Uzumaki Kushina has made you who you are. She has tossed that believe just like Uzumaki Mito has done!" Tetsuko yelled as they stood before each other "they fell in line before the mighty will of fire. They have thrown away our blood for men just like whores!"

This was hurting the old lady. Naruto knew it but allowed her to let it all go, just like he did.

"I watched your mother leave. The clan elders who believed in the philosophy of the 2nd heir obeyed Mito who was the heir's daughter. I was against it!" Tetsuko yelled trying to reach out to him "I hid behind a smile because I did not wish to cause a civil war amongst us. A war where we so called "supremacist" will surely lose"

She stopped shaking now holding in her anger "but now fate has set its course. The Uzumaki has scattered and now realised their fate. What was left of them now realised how the will of fire abandoned them. That it was Kiri who still held their agreement. They still hold our beautiful land Naruto" she smiled softly reaching into him.

"It's so beautiful, you should see it. It will sooth that heart of yours I know it" she stood near him.

"I just know it" she smiled.

Purple eyes met Azure.

Naruto saw no hint of deception in your eyes.

"Your words seem genuine but I seem to recall what you said about accepting my parents" he asked

"We Uzumaki value kinship" she answered him "I may never condone their actions but I don't want you to become like them. You are better than that, you became better"

"Again I ask you what your goal is" he simply said "if I tell you everything I know. I will become expendable" Naruto pointed out taking out another smoke.

"I do not fear, but I know what can kill me" he finished blowing a smoke.

"You are Naruto, your death will surely piss off your widow" she smirked a bit wide "both of them"

Naruto chuckled at the joke "I guess you're right."

He then turned toward her and raised his hand to her.

"Alright Uzumaki Tetsuko" he smiled his hand forth "lets share stories"

Uzumaki Tetsuko looked at him and smiled.

She took his hand and they shook.

"Yes Naruto lets. After all I have big plans for you" she smiled.

When their hands shook it was like two massive waves colliding into each other. The future was going to take a massive turn. However will Uzumaki Tetsuko prove to be enough to help Naruto overcome?

While they shook hands a light watched from afar.

The light soon faded.

How is it! Awesome right, it me many tries to get this and it finally came through.

The Black Lotus are the ones who trained and built him. Now they want their asset back and they will not take no for an answer. Naruto cannot force to play all sides he had to choose and because of such ultimatum made it very tough on his person.

Betrayal is very dangerous in the Black Lotus and Naruto was on thin ice. He got away during the fire lord incident and what he told Tsunade, Mei, Jiraiya and Tetsuko. Now telling Tetsuko might break that thin ice.

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Mito is the wife of the first Hokage. Without her the Kyuubi wont be sealed and yet Shodaime is remembered.

The same with Kushina, she basically taught Minato seals without it he wouldn't be able to create the flying thunder god. Its like all the Uzumaki do is play in the shadows in a useless bit part role.

Well I say the Uzumaki was the strongest clan. They proved it to me!

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