Life begins at birth. We're born, and taken into the nurses arms, into the maternity ward.

We stay a few days, before we are taken, to our new home, until we leave for college.

But …wait….

I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let me start at the beginning.

My name is Renee Sands, and in the summer, of 1963. I had accomplished a few things:

I had come to my family's country club.

I had learned how to dance

I had fallen in love, with Ryan Lambert

My life revolved around a few things. Reading , writing, and studying. My older sister, Stacy Ann, was the popular cheerleader, back home. Every girl imitated her, while every guy had wanted to date her. Every day, guys would bring her flowers, asking to take her to the local drive-in theatre. But, seeing, as she 'had too many boys, on the go', she often turned them down.

Me? I'm the typical geeky girl with glasses, whose nose was ALWAYS, in a certain book. This , time? Gone With, Then Wind.

My father, is the type of person I can run to. I had sort of earned the title, of 'Daddy's Little Girl'. I personally do not mind, the name, but still…

It all began, with Daddy's work promoting, a new country club. There was a worker, who our family had known for a number of years now. His name was Rahsaan. But he preferred to be called, 'The Kid'. I don't know why though.

Anyway, there was this contest, on who ever could work the hardest, would

get a promotion, and a free vacation, to the club. Being the hard worker he was, my father had won. It was no easy piece, of cake though.

So, here we are, at the club. Stacy flirting with the cute boy next door, my mother, talking to Mrs. Rushmore, a fellow member, my father, going outside to play golf, and me….reading.

Suddenly, I feel a pair of hands over my eyes. "Guess who?"

I turned around. "Oh, hi Kid".

He sat beside me. "A few of us, are going dancing tonight. Wanna come with?"

I sipped my Coke. "Sure. It'll be fun".

He looked over at Stacy. "Should I invite her?"

I followed his gaze. "If you want. I mean, I don't think she'll go, but you can ask her".

Suddenly a boy with blond hair, and green eyes came up and kissed her on the cheek.

Kid made a face. "Actually, forget it! I'd rather it be you and me, then her being a third wheel!"

I laughed.


Kid's mother was coming over to us, with not a happy look on her face.

I nudged him. "What did you do, this time?"

"Shush up. I don't know". He stood up, and kissed his mother on the cheek. "Hi, Mama".

She put her hand on her hip. "Don't 'hi, momma" me, boy! Young man, did forget, to pick up the groceries again?"

The Kid's face turned red. "Uh…maybe?"

WHACK! "Boy, you go do that, this very minute!"

"Yes Mama", he said rubbing his head.

"And don't forget, to put the watermelons, in the shed tonight!"

"Yes, Mama".

"Good boy. Now, I have some cleaning waiting for me, back at home, so I must be going now". She turned to me. "Nice seeing you again, Renee".

I smiled. "You too , Mrs. Patterson".

Despite, his protests, I tagged along with him, to the grocery. I had thought, it would be quicker, if I came, so the faster it would be. Once we had came back, it was around, 6:30, so we dropped the stuff off, in the shed, I handed him, the watermelons, But, he said he had to check them over, with the staff first. "Why?" I asked. The Kid set them down.

"So, the kitchen can check them over. You know, no soft spots on the fruit, stuff like that".


I then rushed to my family's cabin, getting ready for the big welcome dinner. As soon as I opened the door, Mom harboured me with questions, I told her, I was helping the Kid, with some watermelons.

Tonight was going to be AWESOME!