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Familiar youki pulsed at the edge of the miko's senses, alerting her to the all too polite man's approach. 'Why is he coming here? I never know where I stand with him... Kami-sama, why do I always do this to myself?'

"Ohayo gozaimasu Higurashi-san. It is a lovely morning, isn't it?"

Sapphire orbs flickered to the red head's face cautiously as she continued to sweep the steps. "Hai. It is a very beautiful morning. What, may I ask, are you doing out here so early Minamino-san?"

"I was merely enjoying a morning walk and found myself near by. I thought it would only be proper to pay a visit to you."

The miko couldn't help but tug at her blue black hair nervously, keeping her face as collected as she possibly could. "How thoughtful. Would you like to come inside?"

Emerald irises traced her features, searching for a hint of the emotions he hoped to find and he was not disappointed. "That would be lovely."

"You're way too polite Red! She likes rough characters. That's why she, Yusuke, and Kuwabara get along so well."

"Are you telling me that I shouldn't pursue her?"

"Of course not. She is a jewel amongst any half decent thief's collection. Gorgeous, intelligent, motherly, caring... A perfect mate."

"So what-"

"Tea Minamino-san? I have many different kinds."

"Whatever you are having is fine with me, Higurashi-san." Pearly white teeth flashed with his slight smile.

Heat made its way to her face as she whirled around to go to the kitchen, hoping he hadn't caught sight of her face reddening.

His smile widened as he watched her go, his eyes following her every movement. "So what do you suggest I do? Seduce her and parade her about like a new toy?"

"You misinterpret my words, Red. I would not harm our little miko."

"So what would you recommend I do?"

"Be bold. Don't wait for permission. Just go for it, or you'll never get her to realize that you have feelings for her."

"Here you are Minamino-san," Kagome stated calmly as she sat across from him with a tea tray in between.

"Arigatou... But, please, call me Kurama."

Crimson stained her cheeks as she nodded. "Alright... Kurama-kun. If you want, you can call me Kagome."

"Arigatou Kagome-chan."

Silence fell between them a feeling of warmth and peace swirling around the two.

"K-" both miko and kisune began.

"You first!" they continued.


Kurama put a finger to her lips. "Sshhh... You first."

"No you go ahead!"

"Bold, Red. B-O-L-D. Do you need a definition?"

Emerald eyes dropped to her lips nervously but his face betrayed none of those nerves. "Well, I was wondering, if you would like to go out with me sometime?"

She bit her lip in apprehension. 'He's always so calm and smooth, even now.' No answer would come from her mouth and so she did one of the least polite things one could do pre-second date.

His eyes widened as her lips landed on his but he soon relaxed, his arms winding around her waist to pull her closer. The smell of her skin pushing him to hold her tighter. 'Mine.'


Kagome leaned in further, her fingers wrapping around a few locks of his hair. "Kurama..."

The kitsune took a moment to get himself under control, his arms still wrapped tightly around her waist. "So I assume that was a yes?"