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Chapter 4

"You know, when it was said that there would be some good food, I didn't expect you to be the one cooking," Tomoko stated with a blank expression looking at the person wearing the apron. The red head turned around.

"Of course! I love to cook!" Tomoko sweat dropped. The other redhead was relaxing on the couch with their legs on the coffee table, and head resting on the back of the couch drooling slightly, this of course was getting the cooking redhead to get very irritated.

"SORA! WE HAVE A GUEST! DON'T BE SO DISRESPECTFUL!" shouted Kenta, causing his older sister to shoot up in a normal sitting position and whipping off the drool on her sleeve. Tomoko giggled at the reaction.

Sora put on a sheepish smile and looked over at the smaller boy who had his fists on his hips leaning forward in a lecturing way. "Oi, sorry, Kenta, just relaxing, ya know?" Sora scratched the back of her head.

"So…frilly…" both of the girls thought while looking at Kenta's apron. Both girls' eyes were straight lines and small open mouthed smiles.

"Oi, Sora, I'm ho-me… Oi, Kenta, when'd you get here?" The man placed his coat down on the back of a chair. "Eh, you still like cooking?" Their father sweat dropped.

"Of course, dad, I love cooking, but right now we can't eat on the coffee table, because someone had to go and put their feet on the table after probably running around in dirty fields again playing soccer or whatever sport it was this time," as Kenta said this, he shot daggers at Sora before continuing, "but rest assured, I will clean it up as soon as the tea is done."

The three others sweat dropped. It was times like this that made Hitoshi wonder which of his two redheaded children should have been born the girl. Just as he said, as soon as the tea was done, Kenta went and cleaned the coffee table off and even made sure the couch was nice and neat.

"Kentaaa~ I lovveee youuu~~" Sora cried out as she latched onto the boy happily little hearts and smilies floating around her head. Why the sudden show of affection toward her younger brother you ask? No, at this moment it's not to get something she wants; it's actually because he made something that she wanted. He had made a super chocolaty cake with chocolate icing for practically no reason, other than baking.

"Really… Sora… you are very childish…" Kenta muttered as his sister affectionately rubbed her cheek against him, having to bend down so she could actually reach his cheek because of the height difference. Tomoko giggled at the scene, it was really hard to believe that the two's rolls weren't switched. How could it be that Sora was older and female and acted more boy-like and childish than her younger brother? I guess it was the thing that drew people to her, at least that's what the redheads' father thinks.

Soon Sora was happily munching on her cake, while the younger two were sipping their tea.

"Oi, Sora-Oneesan, when are you planning to join college? You know that many have already started accepting students." Sora's face went pale and looked as if a two ton brink just got dropped on her. Her expression darkened and sweat started forming on her face. Sora took a big gulp and almost dropped her fork.

Kenta's face went blank and a small opened mouth smile formed across his lips, along with a small anger mark on his cheek. "You haven't even thought about it, have you?" Dead on. Sora started sweating more and actually did drop her fork with the untouched piece of cake on it. As soon as the fork clanked against the plate a dark aura formed around the younger redhead. "Sora-san~" The oldest female in the room shuddered at the sound of the voice.

"I-It's the d-devil, I swear." Despite her better judgment she answered the boy anyway, "Y-yes, Kenta?"

"You're going to register for the community college tomorrow, aren't you?" Kenta asked in his dark yet happy sounding voice with that fake childish happy look on his face, but by the dark aura around the boy, there was no option on what to do or say next. Even Tomoko was starting to be afraid of this younger boy, while the father just sat there calmly drinking his tea.

"O-Of course dear beloved younger brother of mine! I-I would not have it any other way!" Sora rushed, wanting to get out of a danger zone with her little brother. He may not be athletic or boyish, but he does have a frying pan.

All of a sudden, the dark aura in the room vanished and there sat a cheerful young boy. If a stranger were to walk in, they never would have guessed the room had felt threatening only a few moments before. Sora knew one thing though, she had to register for college and she had to do it soon.

A few days later, Kenta was pacing around his dad's apartment waiting for the letter that says whether or not Sora gets accepted into college. He had forced Sora to take a college entrance exam the day after, because she had to study for it with El's, Karin's, and Tsuki's help.

"Hey there kids, guess what I have!" Both of the Himoto siblings turned their attention to their dad holding an envelope. "From that local college Sora applied for."

Kenta practically jumped on his dad to get the letter.

"'Dear Himoto Sora: Congratulations! You have been accepted to Utopia University. You also have an athletic scholarship, so you do not have to pay for much!' Awesome! My dimwit of an older sister got accepted into college!" Kenta yelled bouncing around excitedly as their father gave Sora his congrats and a hug.

The girl sheepishly scratched the back of her head, "See, guys, you had nothing to worry about, hehe. Does it say when I start?"

Kenta scanned the paper, "in about two weeks… You're joining a little late… but oh well, you got accepted!"

It took a few minutes for it to skin in, "TWO WEEKS!" Kenta and their father exclaimed.

"That's barely enough time to find everything you need!"

"Yeah, so we need to go shopping! ...for books and supplies and stuff…"

"…I question you sometimes, Kenta." Sora nodded in agreement.

"Nehh, shopping for books is soo boring, Yuki-chann," Sora complained plopping down on Yuki's living room couch.

Yuki chuckled at Sora, "Welcome to my house, Sora." Blues blinked several times, as if just realizing she was in someone else's home. The knight's eyes roamed the room.

"Nice house… Is that a family photo?" Sora said pointing to a photo of a young girl that looked like Yuki surrounded by three older teenage boys and an adult couple behind them.

"Yeah, that's me, the young girl, and those are my older brothers; Soshi, Kashi, and Bachi. The picture over there is us in our training outfits for the dojo our parents own."

"Oh my god! Your family owns a dojo! I wanna go. Take me, please!" Sora exclaimed excitedly, practically bouncing on the couch. Then she ran over and grabbed the golden eyed girl's hands in both of hers. "Pleasee, Yuki-channn."

Yuki laughed softly at Sora's enthusiasm. "Fine fine, Sir Sora, let's go." This, of course, caused the redhead to smile widely, almost blinding at how childish and adorable she looked. It's hard to believe that only a few weeks, or had it been months, ago this girl thought she could pass for twenty. This is yet another charm for the female modern-day knight.

When they got to the dojo, Sora saw two older men sparing and another instructing some students what to watch the match carefully. Sora did watch, as if she were a student being instructed.

The more muscular of the two men rushed in as the other pushed the punch to the side, crouched down and spun on his left heel for a swipe kick, only for the stronger looking one to jump over it and landed on his feet behind the thin man. Swiftly the thin man dodged the oncoming blow, spun on his heel again, this time standing up, grabbed the other's arm behind his back. Muscle-man, as Sora deemed to be called, grunted as the thin man flipped him over his head, bending down as he did so and muscle man landed hard on his back. Spinning once more the thin man went to muscle-man's side, kneeled on his stomach and put a fist in front of the other's face- the sign that the match was over.

"See? This is why you should never underestimate your opponent, children," the one teaching told them. He turned his attention to the two females. "Ah, little sister, you brought a friend here today?"

"Yeah, this is my friend, Sora, she asked me to bring her here, Kashi," Yuki explained to the average looking one.

"Ah, she a fighter too?" Sora's dubbed "muscle-man" asked. To this, Yuki smirked; why else would someone want to see a dojo, but then again, Bachi wasn't the smartest of Yuki's older brothers.

Yuki smirked, she never actually seen Sora fight fight, but she knew that the girl had to have a good deal of strength of how she took care of those dudes who were harassing her, and the one guy Koharu was almost raped by. "Why not see for yourself, Bachi?"

The muscle-man, Bachi, almost looked offended. Why would his sister ask him to take down this girl who barely reached his shoulders? Okay, of course he is tall for a man, but still, to fight a woman is degrading, actually. Why would he want to knock down a lady?

"Ehy, Why not we let Yuki take the newbie, after all, they're both chicks. No foul in that," the thin one, whom Sora presumed to be Soshi, stated.

"Well, I'm not against the idea. What about you, Sora?" Yuki looked back at the redhead, who had a challenging smirk. Now that was something new, Yuki had yet to see that smirk.

"I'll try to go easy on you." The whole room "ooo"ed at Sora's challenge, while Yuki returned the look. Cocky was never a word Yuki would've used to describe Sora, but now maybe she could call her that when it comes to her fighting skills.

The two females walked to the center of the mat and respectfully bowed to each other. They exchanged a smile before starting. Sora started by lunging forward with a fist ready, but Yuki was swift and dodged before the fist could make a collision with her stomach. Sora stumbled a bit since she was not expecting the sudden shift in positions. Yuki spun about to deliver a kick to Sora's back, but the redhead-somehow sensing the danger ducked to the ground just before the blow could be given. Sora shoved herself straight back to her feet and spun about to kick Yuki, but the raven haired girl swung out her leg and hooked it around Sora's. Yanking her leg back, Yuki forced Sora to the ground by making her lose her balance. Sora groaned and opened her eyes only for them to widen as a blush spread across her cheeks as she saw she was pinned down by two braided ponytailed girl. Yuki smirked at the girl under her.

"You know, you shouldn't underestimate your opponents, Sora-san." Sora understood that being pinned to the ground is one way to be defeated, sometimes that would include the loser's waist being startled by the victor, but she couldn't put a finger on why her wrists were also pinned down by the winner. A sly smirk spread across the golden eyed girl's lips, there was something enjoyable seeing the normally strong girl under her seeming so defenseless with a blush dancing across her cheeks.

A cough interrupted Yuki's moment of victory, some part of her scowled at the interference, but she wouldn't let this be known to the others around her, let alone the girl she was still pinning. What was the reason she pinned down the other girl again? Was there any other reason besides the desire that was building within her?

"Yuki, um, you could get off her now, you know. You won that match, and I think you're giving the students too much of a show," her older brother, Kashi, stated, once again interrupting the moment. Yuki glanced at the students, much of which had red streaked across their faces. It was then the winner's turn to blush as she had almost let the hidden side of her out in front of a crowd.

"Ah, sorry," Yuki then helped herself up then offered a hand to the girl who was previously below her, who was currently wearing a sheepish smile. Sora gladly took the hand she was offered and they bowed their respects for the end of the spar.

Kashi looked at his brothers, which the muscle man also had a streak of read, and they smiled at each other knowingly. "See, students? That is how you should spar with your opponents, use their over confidence against them, and make sure to…" The voice trailed off as Yuki and Sora made their leave of the dojo.

"So when do you start at your college, Sora?" Yuki asked the redhead once they were in the safety of Yuki's room. The two were sitting on the edge of the bed, Sora reading some manga she had brought with her and Yuki just trying to get the other girl's attention off it.

"Hm… oh in a few days," came the mumbled reply of the redhead who was barely even paying attention to the conversation, her manga being so enthralling. Yuki was a bit irritated, not because the girl was paying no attention to her-Yuki wasn't that type of person, it was because Sora seemed so uninterested in this big step in her life that would define her future. It wasn't for Sora to seem interested in many things, if you thought about it, Sora seemed mostly interested in sports, sweets, and protecting her close friends-or ones who will become her close friends.

A sudden pinch to Sora's cheek caught the girl's attention. Sora flailed her arms to no avail as Yuki had an iron grip on her cheek. "oeeh ukii at huwts, wet go"[1] Sora attempted to say.

The twin tailed girl didn't release Sora's poor innocent cheek, instead she said, "Shouldn't you be more concerned about starting college?"

After the abused cheek was released, Sora rubbed it tenderly. "Not really, I mean, Tsuki can always help me with my work like she did in high school." This was followed by a small blush and a sweet endearing look on Sora's face. Yuki felt a little pity for her friend, yet a little jealous to this Tsuki girl. Yuki may not know Sora all that well, but certainly not many people caught her attention, yet this Tsuki girl seems to own her attention.

"I wonder if Sora catches her attention as much as this?"

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