So here I am again, to put down on electronic means the ideas that were stuck in my head for quite a while. This is my first crossover fic, and that is quite over my head, as I will be writing something which involves two of the major manga-anime sources, and while I have a little bit of experience with Naruto, I am totally clueless with One Piece. Still, it was way too tempting to pass by such an opportunity. I just hope it will turn out all right. I trust you, my trusty reviewers, to keep me in check.

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"Sanjiiiii, I am hungry..."

Luffy's trademark midday whine was the signal for a barrage of insults and occasional kicks between the ship's cook and the loud trio, consisting of the captain, the doctor and the sniper of the pirate ship Thousand Sunny. "When it is done, jerks!" was the usual final moment, usually emphasized by a strong kick. The ship's female crewmembers, Nami and Robin, were sunbathing on the ship's lawn deck, taking full advantage of the fine weather. The rhythmical clink coming from the ships crow nest made evident that the ships swordsman, and unofficial first mate, was there, working out as usual. The ship's creator and shipwright watched over the whole argument between the cook and the "hungry squad" with mild amusement, while enjoying a bottle of ice-cold cola.

This was proving to be another boring and somewhat calm noon for the Strawhat pirates.

Luffy's energy and hyperactivity returned to him full force once his nose picked up the oh-so-dear smell of grilled meat. "FOOD!" came the battle cry as he barged into the kitchen. "OUT!" came the counter-cry, along with a kick to the face, that shot him out of the kitchen. "Stingy..." he pouted in his trademark childish manner.

"Oi, guys, I see something"

"What is it, Zoro? An island?"

"A... a person. Standing on the water"

A few weeks ago, the crew would make fun of him, but after the encounter with the weird-ass crew of Wapol on their way to Drum island, they knew better. Zoro jumped from the crow's nest to the deck, a sword already drawn, while Usopp grabbed his tools and Nami her Clima Tact. The figure standing on the water came closer and closer, and more details were coming forth. The figure was walking towards them. It was wearing a black shirt and pants, with blue sandals and had bandages around his ankles. The figure seemed to have black hair, which were kept in a ponytail that was swaying with the sea breeze.

Zoro tensed, his battle instincts taking over in his subconscious. Something was off. The man, as he came out to be, walked towards them with calm confidence and calculated moves. He had a blade strapped to his back, but it wasn't a katana, it was too short. It seemed like a ninja-to...

"He is a bounty hunter" the crew turned to face him with mild surprise.

"The Navy sent only one? Isn't he underestimating us?" Sanji said in irritation, while lighting a cigarette.

"I don't think that that is the case. We are quite well-known among the bounty hunters to just try to capture us alone" Nico Robin interrupted. Zoro nodded. "It is best if we do not underestimate him. Looks can be decieving sometimes. I'll engage him, if it comes to that. If he proves too much..."

"What is it marimo? Scared?"

"In your dreams, Ero-cook."

The figure had come close enough to see his eyes. Luffy jumped to his "special seat" aka the bow's figurehead top, took a deep breath, and shouted. "OOOOIIII! YOUUU! WHAT DO YOU WAAAAANT?" The man vanished from sight, much to everyone's surprise, save Zoro and Luffy. Turning around, they saw the man casually sitting on the protective fence of the fore deck.

"Are you the pirate 'Strawhat' Monkey D. Luffy?"

"Yes. What do you want on my ship?"

"I am here to capture you and your crew and take you to the Navy."

Zoro was on battle mode in a split second, all three swords drawn in an instant. Luffy's expression betrayed slight shock.


"This one isn't a pushover!" was the swordsman's simple yet disturbing reply. Sanji tossed his cigarette, a sign that he got serious. Zoro was the first to spring into action, a katana drawing a horizontal arc. The man vanished again. "So I take it that you won't come with me willingly" Luffy's eyes went wide open as he heard the voice behind him. What the hell? "You bet!" he yelled as he spun on the spot and launched a hook, hoping to catch the strange man flat-footed. The man casually jumped and stood on Luffy's shoulder with the grace of a cat. Franky aimed at the strange man with his left arm. "Weapons left!" The man casually swayed just enough to get away just enough from the explosive projectile's trajectory. This was getting annoying, frustrating even, but even more disturbing.

"It seems that jerk is too nimble to take down by one of us. Maybe a combo attack will bring him down" Sanji proposed. The man sighed. "I really didin't want to use this." He closed his eyes, and everyone tensed, expecting a devil fruit ability, but what came upon them was beyond their imagination. The man raised his eyelids. And a pair of the freakiest red eyes they had ever seen glared at them.

"Whaaaaa? W-w-who are you? W-w-what are you?" Usopp asked, his knees trembling visibly and his voice equally shaking.

"My name is Uchiha Itachi"

The missing-nin calculated the situation with the calmness and insight of an experienced ninja. The information that the Navy had given him had proved accurate so far, especially when it came to their special abilities. He was surprised when he learned about the Devils fruits and the powers they bestowed to the people who ate them, and the price they had to pay for this. He would surely be at a disadvantage without them.

'Seems Ibiki-san was right. Information is worth more than anything sometimes.'

Using his bloodline limit, he easily manoeuvred through the kick-slash combo of the two pirates and with casual grace grabbed the incoming stretching arm and batted it away. The other pirates had spread out through the ship, to avoid getting in the way. It was time to raise the stakes. As the blond pirate delivered a heavy kick, he quickly ducked under the sweeping leg and punched the ankle, diverting the kick's ark toward the sword's, resulting in a clash and leaving the swordsman's side wide open. Using this opportunity, he delivered a heavy kick on his own, sending the green haired man back a few meters.

"Watch it, Ero-cook!"

"Get out of my way, marimo!"

'Not very strong sense of teamwork'

"Gomu gomu no pistol!" Itachi tilted his head slightly and the rubber arm passed harmlessly half a centimetre from his head. 'Now is a good chance' Sanji sent a low kick, that he thought was sure to make the weird man jump and be at his mercy. Zoro cut in the middle, to make that even more effective, for the man would have to leave his current position. None expected the man to grab Luffy's retreating fist and use it to propel himself out of the tight spot, and at the same time gain momentum and deliver an extremely heavy kick to the rubber boy. The sheer force of the blow sent Luffy overboard, but he grabbed to the ship and used the whole incident to gain momentum for another attack.

"Gomu gomu no Rocket!"

Itachi thought quickly. 'I have about 1.5 seconds to bring them into position.' Drawing two kunai, he shot them at the blonde pirate. Predictably enough he deflected the one with a kick and moved to the side to avoid the other. Right into Luffy's course. "SANJIIIIII" the boy tried to warn, but the time was up. The two of them crashed together and resulted in a heap near the end of the ship. 'Two down, six to go' The swordsman seemed a tough nut to crack soon, so he decided to deal with the others first. Gracefully dodging an expert cut, he dashed by the swordsman and to the other members. The little furry fellow swallowed something that seemed like a yellow pill.

"Rumble ball. Jumping point!"

His appearance completely changed in the blink of an eye, and what stood below him was a tall creature with large, muscled legs. 'It is dangerous here'

"Kokutei Roseo!"

"Hissatsu: Kayaku Boshi!"

Acting quickly, he tossed a kunai with ninja wire at the mast and narrowly dodged the double attack from below, by diverting his trajectory just a little. This whole thing had tired him more than he expected. Narrowly dodging attacks made an enemy frustrated to the point where he lost his cool and made mistakes, and also kept attacking the same way believing that it was just luck that he needed, but it had put his body under great strain.

"Chopper, go away! Thunderbolt tempo!"

'An aerial strike with lightning, eh? It seems I'll have to use a technique or two.' With the seemingly superhuman seal forming speed he was famed, he used a minor lightning technique. 'The swordsman will do nicely.' He threw the charged kunai at the swordsman who had followed him, which he, also quite predictably, parried. That was his mistake. The electric charge jumped to his sword, making it an ideal target for Nami's lightning attack. The electricity hit Zoro hard and brought him to his knees, for that side-attack was totally unexpected. The furry creature had changed form again into a large-body humanoid, and rushed to the swordsman's side. Itachi landed right at the top of the protective fence of the aft deck, between the two women.

"You are done for, punk!"

The blue haired human jumped from the orange trees that the pirates kept on their ship, a rare sight for a ship indeed, and brought forth his right hand. "Strong right!" His hand shot forward, as Itachi knew it would.

"You bastard! Leave the ladies alone!" It seemed that the other two had untangled themselves and were onto him. Hitting the cyborg's hand just enough to harm the attacker from behind, he focused on the threat before him. Soon his suspicion proved true. The man drew a deep breath. "Fresh fire!" Passing by the fire, Itachi quickly sidestepped the cyborg and got a view of his back. With a calculated strike, he hit the back of his neck, bringing the fire breathing attack to an abrupt halt and the man to his knees. 'Strange... he should be out cold. I guess being a cyborg he doesn't have some basic human weaknesses' As Franky fell to the lawn deck, Itachi came into full view of the two women. Now it got tricky.

"Seis Fleur"

"Thunder charge swing arm!"

"Ninpou: Raigeki no yoroi!"

"Eh? The Goro Goro fruit? But we have already fought a guy with this power before!" Nami shouted in disbelief, as her charged weapon bounced harmlessly against the creepy armour that seemed to be made entirely out of electricity.

"This seems that this is not the case" Robin's voice was slightly trembling, as she nursed both her hands which were spasmodic and twitched uncontrollably. Itachi turned to Nami, and the young woman knew she was in danger. "Cool charge!" She brought the tip of her weapon in front of her, as cold air shot from it. Her image became distorted and blurry, before it split into five others.

"Mirage tempo: Fata Morgana"

"No use"

That voice came from behind her, making Nami's eyes open widely and her body tensing for the inevitable blow, which came a split second later. Nami flew across the lower deck and into the arms of Sanji who had jumped to catch her. That seemed to be the last straw for the Strawhat pirates (A/N:pun intended), as everyone realised that they needed to go all out against that man. Luffy was already into Second Gear mode, and Sanji spun on the spot, preparing his Diable Jumble.

Itachi watched as all the crew prepared to use their most powerful techniques, and sighed.

"I really didn't want to use this... but I will if I have to." he muttered as an apology to them and an excuse to himself. He brought his hands together in the Ram handseal, rather noisily to get their attention to his eyes. Closing them he concentrated, knowing well that the sight of blood running from his eyes as they changed to the infamous Mangekyo Sharingan usually stunned the inexperienced opponents for a while, and indeed he heard short gasps from the people in front of him. Snapping his eyes open, he pushed all his remaining chakra into his final and deadly attack.


A/N: Seis Fleur: Six flowers

Kokutei Roseo : Cutting hoof cherry blossom

Hissatsu Kayaku Boshi : Sure-kill gunpowder star

Ninpou: Raigeki no yoroi : Ninja Art: Lightning Armour

Goro goro fruit: shock shock fruit.

Diable Jumble: Devil leg.

I will try to include the original names of the techniques in this one, there is sufficient material, hopefully. Any beta readers who are adept with Japanese are quite welcome too. Read and review!