Chapter Fourteen: The Final Battle

"Where did he say he wants Harry?" Rachel asked, practically through a sob. "Where are we going to fight them?" Once Blaine and Kurt had caught up with the group of them, they were all looking around at each other, feeling quite lost. "Hold on a minute… where'd Professor Snape go?"

Blaine's eyes widened and he shook his head wildly. "They're in the Forbidden Forest. You-Know-Who's got followers. Quirrell, Snape, Malfoy's dad…" A sudden squeak caused them all to turn and look at Quinn, who was hanging her head, staring at her feet. "What is it, Draco?"

"I can't believe I'm going to fight against my father."

Everyone took sideways glances at each other, but only Kurt beamed and said aloud, "You're fighting for our side, then?" When she nodded, Kurt surprised even himself when he strode over to her and gave her a big hug. "You're stronger than you think."

"So are we ready to fight?" Blaine asked, raising his hands in order to get a screaming response from the group of them. "Time's running out – let's go!"

The group of them marching bravely toward the Forest must have looked very strange to everyone else in the castle. They hadn't the time to change, so they were still in their dress robes from the Yule Ball, and their wands were held tightly in outstretched arms. Despite how odd the collection of wizards looked, everyone in the castle whom they passed gave them a salute or a cheer.

Kurt had never felt so courageous. Even though it was pounding so hard he thought it would fall out of his chest, his heart swelled with pride. This was the final battle. What would happen after this? He couldn't even fathom. What if Harry were to die? And Ron and Hermione? Suddenly it hit him; he had been completely immersed in this dream – forgotten it wasn't real, forgotten these weren't really the characters from the book series he'd fallen in love with but his friends, forgotten he'd wake up sooner or later and it'd all be over.

From then on in, the dream world took over again. It was as though realizing it wasn't real had made it even more real. Hermione's stunning dress robes had vanished and Rachel was back to wearing her usual plaid skirt, knee socks and unicorn sweater. Finn's red wig had disappeared, and Blaine's poofy hair had gelled itself down to its regular style; he was wearing his Dalton uniform again. Puck's lipstick was wiped off, Sam's robes turned into a video game t-shirt and Quinn's blonde hair grew at a rapid pace. Kurt looked down at his own outfit and realized his dress robes had become a fabulous white jacket and skinny jeans. "What…?"

"I thought you'd be coming here to sniff out defeat," Sue said. Apparently she'd become her own body separate from Figgins within that short time span. But that was the last thing she said as Sue, for the person before the group of McKinley students had just transformed into Voldemort. He stood in front of them – bald head, slits for nostrils, pale skin and long, grey robes – and pulled out a wand.

This wonderfully entertaining dream was quickly becoming a nightmare. "I'm here – just like you wanted." Blaine shouted at him. "Fight me, don't be a coward and fight my friends." He nodded at Schue, who had lost the cheesy beard and robes; he was just Will Schuester strung up between two tall trees. This made it much harder for Kurt to not be frightened.

As Blaine continued, Beiste, Santana and Figgins slowly turned into the real Harry Potter counterparts. Even Mercedes and Lauren became the real Crabbe and Goyle. They weren't so threatening when Kurt knew and trusted them, but once he saw the real villains, his palms grew sweaty and his head began to spin. "We're not going to let you fight Him alone, Blaine!" said a voice from behind them. Mike, Artie, Tina and Brittany were all running down the sloped ground, over dead trees and rocks to get to them.

"No, no, no…" Finn said. "No, guys get out of here! Run!"

"We're not going to let Blaine die to save the Headmaster when it should be him who should die!" Mike bellowed, flourishing his wand. He pointed at Voldemort with a voice and arm not quivering as violently as Kurt, who couldn't control himself by this point.

Every dark wizard held out their wand, and Kurt was just happy that the Glee kids still had their wands, as well. The question was if they would work or not. Quinn, Mike and Tina were the first to cast their spells at Voldemort, which emitted a bright blue light in the clearing. And suddenly the wand fight had begun.

Kurt's breath hitched as a spell nearly hit him in the leg. It wasn't until he noticed Blaine casting spells left, right and centre. If Blaine was going to put his heart and soul into this fight, so would Kurt. He didn't aim very well, but something did come out of the end of his wand and hit Snape's arm, rendering him almost helpless for a moment.

Finn and Rachel were hand-in-hand, fighting alongside Quinn to take out Lucius. They seemed to be doing well. Then a scream caught Kurt off-guard.

"My wand!" he heard Blaine gasp. Kurt whipped his head around fast enough to notice that Voldemort had disarmed him.


Kurt rushed to him, but not as quickly as Voldemort could cast a spell.

"Avada Kedavera!"


There was a green flash of light so blinding, Kurt was forced to squeeze his eyes shut, but he wanted nothing more than to make sure Blaine was still breathing. When he opened his eyes again, Kurt was in his bed, staring at the ceiling in his bedroom.

"You dreamt of me last night?" Blaine asked that afternoon at the coffee shop with a bit of a chuckle.

Kurt nodded in quick succession and grinned. "You were Harry Potter." That comment sent Blaine laughing even louder than he should have been in a normally quiet public place. People looked over their shoulders as if to shush him, but he ignored the glances.

"Who were you?"

Too embarrassed to admit that he was Harry's boyfriend, Kurt lied and said, "I was just me" even though the red on his cheeks clearly screamed otherwise.

"What happened?" Blaine smirked.

"Everything – you showed me around Hogwarts and we danced at the Yule Ball and did homework and fought Voldemort… It was so real."

He picked up his chair and pulled it around so he was right next to Kurt. "You know, I had a dream about you last night, too." Blaine sounded as though he just remembered this fact, although his face read like he was waiting to say it for some time.

Kurt's cheeks were probably the colour of cherries at that point, but he was too intrigued to care. "Oh yeah? May I ask what happened in this dream of yours?"

"You know, I don't really remember much. But it was magical. And it felt real. And I'm pretty sure we did some dancing in my dream, too."

Suddenly Kurt had the feeling that as cool as his dream was, he would much rather have been in Blaine's head last night instead of his own.