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They held him down, thinking it was the best course of action. Everything was taken from him, his dreams and wishes snatched from him before he even thought about them. They thought this was best for him. Take, take and never give. He was put into a dark room, left and forgotten.

Oh how they forgot.

His green eyes use to sparkle; now they only shined, showing to the world a thing that they could never take away. They thought they had broken him, and they had. Until one day the over whelming thought came to him.

He dreamt, he could taste it.

It was all he had left.

They thought they had taken everything from him. Grew too comfortable, and forgot he was there. Till he stood in front of them eyes narrowed. When they saw him, they knew they had been mistaken. They had left him with something. Something that brought this upon them. The only thing he had left.

It was most terrifying.

With taking every thought, every free will, his everything, they over looked one small thing. It was so small they hadn't even thought about it, thinking him to be too weak to have it. They were wrong.

Oh were they ever wrong.

Magic spilled from him, crushing them in gruesome and painful ways. Leaving them no time to flee. He cackled in glee, the blood covering everything brought him great joy.

They feared him.

Looking into jaded eyes.

They had done this. It was their fault. If they had left him alone, let him live his life without interference. Their blood wouldn't coat the wall. His insane laughter echoed in the halls.

Dyeing screams.

They wished, and wished they had not done this, that they had not created another monster. Their past transgressions blowing up in their faces. They should have known already having failed once before, with one Tom Marvolo Riddle.

Alas it seemed history had to repeat its self.

Holding gryffindor sword, blood dripped from the blade. They didn't know he had found the majestic weapon. Harry stood above the very man he sought to kill. Green eyes swirling into twinkling blue.

Pleading, oh so pretty.

Begging brought laughter.

"No Harry!" a bloody hand raised up trying to hold off the magical blade as it came crashing down. Powerful electrifying magic slicing through skin and bone.

Blood curdling screams.

Thud. The head fell blood spraying everywhere. Covering the already messy floor. Magic burst killing anyone else still alive. The swirling magic settled, showing to all one lone figure standing amongst the carnage. He laughed, dancing around the corpses.

Free, free at last!

The thing they had over looked, their down fall?


Oh how ironic, to repeat it all over again, only this time to lose. Their deaths told their story of ignorance. His anger fled leaving him with other things. Things he gained back by taking what should have been his.

They shouldn't have used him. They did not learn from their mistake, and now they never could.

Harry had made sure of that.

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