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The brunette squinted her eyes while they were closed and a man with black hair, with five strands pulled back with clipps, appeared with two others. A dark skinned woman with dark purple hair and a man with blonde short hair covered with a green and white striped bucket hat.

"Well, they sure destroyed things." The blonde man said as the feral woman slowly awoke, with the others following suit.

Chapter Starts

The final Battle's Ignition Part Two: The Training and Fleas

Urahara watched on as Fang trained both Renji and Ichigo. "Pay attention ya idiots!" She shouted kicking both in the face as she attacked. It still amused him to no extent seeing either Ichigo or Renji argue with her, only to be waved off with a retort somewhere along the lines of 'Little boys should show respect for their damned elders' or 'For being shinigami, ya two whine a lot more than ya fuckin' should.'

"OWW! That hurt!" Ichigo yelled, holding his right eyes, which had a red mark over it.

"It's suppossed'ta hurt dumbass! It's called training!" Fang retorted, leaning against a rock and lighting a cigaratte.

"Must you do that! We're training! Not drinking at a bar!" Renji yelled, not able to come up with a better retort.

"Why, no. I mustn't do that, because I could offend the almighty and powerful pineapple!" Then came the sarcasm.

Renji's eye twiched as the mutant took a long drag, waiting from his reply.

"Don't call me that!"


A straw sandle met his face, as Rukia glared down at him, holding her shoe in her hand. "Shut up!" She yelled wacking him again when he began to argue with her.

Fang watched amused as Gambit walked up from behind her,

"Mon Chere~" He purred leaning over her shoulder, holding out a card from her other shoulder.

The feral looked at the taller man, and threw her head back; hitting him in the face hard. " And just what can Ah do for the 'ragin' cajun'?" She asked, sarcasm dripping off her words. Gambit just grinned at her, holding his nose which had began bleeding.

Fang glared at Gambit in annoyance in return, "Vous, mon voleur perverti, sont l'homme le plus ennuyeux, j'ai rencontré pour le moment.(1)"

The cajun's grin widened at her speaking french. "Seulement pour vous, moi dame.(2)"

The feral shook her head, putting out her cigaratte and going back to training. This is how the next few weeks went. Mutants trained the humans and shinigami, and they in return trained the mutants.

Hueco Mundo

Alice looked up at the moon that pierced with the barred window in her new room. Everything was either black or white, which made her red attire stand out. Aizen had placed her far from the espada; to ensure she doesn't turn them all to dust should the Phoenix take over. She'd been here for about three weeks or so she thought. Maybe it was more than three weeks or was it less? Alice shook her head, still looking at the moon. She heard the door open, knowing who it was already. The tell tale orange phoenix flare appeared in her green eyes as she turned to face the inturders.

"You two again? I thought you both learned your leasons the last time." Phoenix said in a very mocking and un-caring tone.

Loly and Menoly glared at the entity. Over the weeks the two had made a habit of harassing the redhead until she forcefully removed them from her room two days earlier. "Shut up you freak!" Loly shouted, moving to attack the entity; only to cover her ears as a psionic blast was sent toward her in a counter defense.

"I have not the time nor the patience to teach larva like you two; how to engage an enemy." Phoenix hissed, swinging her arm to the right, sending both girls out of the door and causing the door to slam; rather loudly, shut. "Annoying little fleas." She muttered letting Alice take back control.

'I can't help but agree with you for once.'

End Note: Yeah. Just another filler. And yes, in this; Gambit is an X-man.


(1): You, my perverted little thief, are the most annoying man I have met as of yet.

(2): Only for you, me lady