Hey^^, at the beginning I want to say that English isn't my mother tongue, so be ready for errors. This fanfic is dedicated to Relm Wanderer ;)

Chapter 1

"The blood impulse"

He went along a very long, completely unfamiliar road. Tiny, black and white stones formed a shape of a white rose. If some connoisseur had gone along this pavement, surely he would have pay attention to the mastery of workmanship of this small work of art. But, the wanderer didn't notice the whiteness, because he caught sight of drops of redness. He came closer and it turned out, that he could see more red points with every single step. He quickly realized that the mentioned redness, which interrupted a beauty of the stony flower, was in fact a blood. He increased his pace when he saw where those traces led to. In the middle of the mosaic he saw her. He came to her completely terrified. He picked up a lifeless body of woman bathed in blood and screamed:


Gourry panted for breath. His brow beaded with sweat. His hotel room looked really ordinarily in the darkness, but at the very moment it seemed to be a completely alien place. Few minutes passed before he had become aware that it was just a nightmare. Yes, it seemed to be frighteningly true, but still it was just a dream. "Sylphiel must be safe in Sairaag" – he tried to calm himself down. " It was just a dream…" –he started to mumble as soon as he once again felt sleepy and even a minute didn't pass before the man began to snore.

Gourry Gabriev liked three things about himself. One of them was his wonderful weapon, the legendary sword of light, which was an object of jealousy of many people, with a certain redhead being one of them. The second one was a capacity of his stomach. Thanks to it he could eat everything he wanted. Hardly ever did he experience those sad moments when he wanted to eat some delicacies, but he couldn't persuade his stomach to eat anything more. The last but not least was his memory. Only a short-sighted person would call the blond a forgetful man. Oh no! It would be a terrible mistake if somebody would think of the swordsman as a person with a bad memory. As usual in such situations, devil is in the details. Gourry Gabriev had an unique ability to forget about unimportant things. He was a really lucky guy, wasn't he? In times when most people unwillingly kept in their memory every single piece of information (with a lot of rubbish), his mind remained completely uncontaminated with useless information. Sometimes his gift evolved even further. There were several moments in his life when he was able to forget about things not only unimportant but also unpleasant. He could ignore suffering in his life and thanks to isolating himself from bad memories he could maintain a constant level of carefreeness resulting in his charming, innocent smiles for the whole time. So Gourry normally would be able to completely ignore his nightmare in such way, that it wouldn't affect his mood. But that day, after getting up, his gift failed for the first time. Even if it was just a bad dream, he couldn't bring himself to forget the view of lifeless, green eyes.

Noise and tapping of the cutlery and dishes could be heard everywhere. In the inn nearby the main road, as always about this time, atmosphere was lively and loud. Omniberix was small, but a quickly developing city, which was situated in the middle of the route from Seyrun to Sairaag. That was a place where a happy team of Lina Inverse stopped in pursuit of treasure and adventure.

"Oooooone moooooooore heeeeeeeelpiiiiing pleeeeeaaaaseeeee!" Lina yelled to a poor, shocked waitress, who was bringing never-ending helpings without a single word of a complain. Her comrades weren't surprised by a uncontrollable appetite of a redhead, which was the reason why the girl was even more confused. Amelia Will Tesla Seyrun delighted in a huge, ice cream dessert with a delicious cherry on the top of it. Zelgadis Greywords wordlessly sipped his coffe looking through some old book at the very same time. Whole trio was absorbed in their activities and only appearing of the fourth person cause them to pay attention to something else.

"Gourry, what's wrong? I'm afraid there is nothing left for you in the kitchen." Lina welcomed him smiling nastily. The swordsman didn't react at once. He sit down lost in his thoughts and answered her after a while.

"What? You were talking to me?" He asked. Pupils of the sorceress narrowed dangerously.

"Listen when someone talks to you!" She yelled directly into his ear.

"Hey! What was that for?" He said massaging an aching hearing organ. The master of the black magic couldn't answer him because of arrival o the waitress. The blond quickly turned to the young girl with his charming smile no longer paying attention to Lina.

"Hi! I would like… " He started to think what should he take looking at the menu card. "I would like this, this, this, twice this and this, this, oh and this! " The waitress felt a little weak after hearing the very same terrifying set.

"Yes, sir."

"I would like once more Justice Sweet de la Ice Cream! It's really delicious! Oh, I can feel the power of sweet justice in my veins!" As always overenthusiastic Amelia announced.

"Wow! A dessert? I would like one bowl of this, this and this." Lina said pointing few positions from the menu card.

"One more coffee." Zelgadis said not even taking his eyes from his book.

"Yes, sir." The waitress repeated being on the verge of breakdown. The red-haired sorceress looked around, but she didn't find anything to eat in order to make waiting for the dessert pleasant. But then she noticed an absent look of Gourry. It was truth that the blond had a tendency to zone out at many important moments, but it never happened during a meal.

"Gourry… " She began, but she couldn't finish, because she was interrupted by Zelgadis.

"Lina, the Rethkiothy cave is situated exactly one day of march from Sairaag. If we hurried, we would be able to get there in three days. " When the word "Sairaag" was mentioned the blond brightened up. It wasn't unnoticed by the master of black magic.

"It's great! We can go as soon as we finish our dessert!" Lina announced merrily still observing the swordsman. The princess agreed happily.

"If it isn't so far away from Sairaag, so maybe we can visit Sylphiel?" Gourry asked.

"We don't have ti… " Zelgadis answered, but this time it was Lina, who cut him off.

"It's a great idea. We haven't seen her for a long time."

"Miss Lina, you just want to eat Miss Sylphiel out of house and home, don't you? " Amelia said distrustfully.

"[BANG]" The princess was hit in her head. "Zel, there is nothing wrong with one day off. Besides, there is a reconstructed library in Sairaag, so we can find there something useful." She turned to the chimera trying to withdraw his objection in advance. The master of shamanism at first wasn't delighted, but the second argument was quite rational.

"Maybe it isn't such a bad idea, after all…"

"So it's decided! We are going to Sylpiel for a dinner!" Lina yelled rising her hand in V shape.

"I knew it. You want to eat Miss Sylphiel out of house and home, after all. " Amelia mumbled.


Blood flew profusely after a hit directed towards heart of terrified blond girl. A horrifying scream escaped her mouth, after which it became very silent. Eyes, having been hiding not so long ago a light of life, blurred. They, like mirrors, reflected a man with a cold, calculated look demonstrating his inhuman cruelty. The murderer lifted a short sword set with expensive jewels from the ground. Red drops of blood flew down the small blade. The man brought the dagger close to his mouth and he slowly licked the edge. He bent over young, dead woman, after which he touched her head and he combed her hair.

"Naylith, don't be mad, my dear. You know very well, I had to do it." He said quietly in a low, cold voice. "Don't worry, you won't be alone. A blood of the healer from Sairaag'll join you very soon." He stroked hair of the dead woman once again. "And with her, my collection'll be completed…"