3 years later:

"Mummy!" Jonathan squealed as he ran towards his mother.

"Sweetheart what is it?" Rose asked her son.

"Ellie's chasing me." He said. All of a sudden six-year-old Ellie came running down the TARDIS corridors into the console room.

"Ellie's chasing you? Are you scared?" The Doctor asked his son. Jonathan nodded. "Are you telling me that my son, the only Human-Time Lord in the universe is scared of Ellie Pond-Williams?" The Doctor said. Jonathan nodded again. "No need to worry, I'm scared of her mother." The Doctor whispered.

"Doctor, are you scared of my mum?" Ellie asked him, folding her arms and being the perfect mini-version of Amy. The Doctor nodded.

"Doctor, are you really scared of Amy?" Rose asked.

"Yes," The Doctor replied. Rose shook her head and turned back to her son.

"You have no reason to be scared of Ellie. She's not as scary as she seems. She can be quite funny at times. There was one time, before you were born, 3 years ago, where Ellie found a mini-daddy out-fit and she was going around the TARDIS acting like him. Me, your dad, Amy and Rory were all laughing." Rose told him.

"Rose, you didn't need to tell him that!" Ellie said.

"You dressed up as dad?" Jonathan laughed.

"Yes," Ellie said. "I was your age, so it didn't matter that much."

"It's still funny though." Jonathan giggled. Ellie scowled at him.

"Ellie, get your school stuff ready!" Amy shouted as she and Rory came walked down into the console room. Ellie had started school two years ago; everyone thought that it would be a good idea for her to go. For most of her life she had lived on the TARDIS barely ever staying on Earth for more than a week. She needed some normality in her life.

"All right." Ellie groaned.

"Hey, Ellie when do you start school again?" The Doctor asked.

"Next week," Ellie replied.

"OK, how about the six of us have one last trip to Barcelona before the half term?" The Doctor suggested.

"Sounds good." Rory said.

"OK then, everyone hold tight." The Doctor said. He set the TARDIS controls; before they were off he smiled at everyone.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Yep," everyone replied.

"Off we go!" The Doctor pulled the last lever and the TARDIS flew into the vortex. Everyone on board was smiling.

As soon as the kids were old enough, they would start saving the universe again. For now though, they were all happy with just exploring. It was fantastic!

~The End~

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