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After that things evened out for a while. Remus was let out of the hospital and allowed to return to his room and to his surprise, his boyfriend. Snape seemed just as shocked about it as Remus was, but neither of them complained. Dumbledore did pull them aside and give a lecture on being safer and more coconscious of their fluids.

Needless to say both boys left that meeting feeling unusual and slightly disturbed.

It wasn't until near the end of the school year that Remus found out from Dumbledore that Snape had told him that he loved Remus the same night Lupin had nearly died. The crafty old headmaster apparently just wanted to have Snape's self-preserving confession of love collaborated by Remus before he let him go. Remus was a little annoyed at the old man's manipulative nature, but was more thrilled than anything to know that Snape really did love him.

Remus was not sure how to tell Snape that he felt the same. He couldn't just say it, because Snape still hadn't told him. So instead he got together whatever money he could and made plans.

He came to Snape the night after they finished their OWLS, in their regular meeting place and slipped a hand in his pocket. The shared a smile and a short kiss. "I've done something a bit rash, I hope you can be forgiving." Remus whispered softly.

"That all depends I suppose." Snape smiled and pulled an arm around the werewolf's small frame.

"I've rented a flat for us in Devonshire."

Thought he was surprised, he also couldn't have been happier. He kissed him sweetly and held him close. "Is it a nice place?"

Lupin smiled. "Well, it's a small place, cozy. Bedroom, living room, open kitchen… and the back opens up to a great big open area with a dirt trail leading into the woods."

"Sounds wonderful, when can we move in?"

Lupin shrugged peacefully. "When we're all done here I suppose."

"We should just leave tonight." Snape's eyes glinted with mischief that seemed rightly out of place.

"We haven't even had the end of the year feast."

"We can come back for that. Is it attached to the flue network?"

"Well yeah, but… could we?"

"O'course! I'm sure Slughorn won't mind us popping in and using his fireplace. Especially if he isn't there at the time."

Lupin laughed and squeezed Snape tightly, "Alright, let's do it, but we need to be back here in the morning. Last thing I want is to spend my last few days at Hogwarts locked up in detention."

"Well, let's go." Snape started to gently pull Remus with him towards Slughorn's office.

"Shouldn't we pack something to sleep in and clothes for tomorrow?"

"We can just wear the same uniforms tomorrow." Snape assured him, still smiling ever so slightly.

"What about pajamas?" Remus, although pleased to be doing something spontaneous, was a little nervous.

"I don't think we will be needing them."

It was only then that he understood Snape's strange smile. He loved Severus, at least he was pretty sure he did having never been in love before, and although he had planned on eventually sleeping with his roommate (as there was only one room) he was still overcome with nerves at the thought of doing it tonight. "But… you mean… " His blush was terrible, but instead of backing out like his head was telling him to do, he listened to his heart and went with Snape without saying another word.

It was an awkward sort of first night together, just like how their first kisses had been. But much like the kisses, it did not take long for them to figure out what to do. And also like the kisses, it was wondrous even if somewhat moist.

The next week at school was somewhat of a blur. Tests were over, the academic year was over, their Hogwarts lives were coming to an end, and every moment of free time lazing about the castle became somehow memorable and important. Friends said goodbye for possibly the last time while others made plans to go off together on the traditional graduation world tour or to meet up again at their universities.

Remus enjoyed the last few bittersweet days with his mates. For them it wouldn't be a real goodbye, they had plans to see each other over the summer and James had plans of marrying Lily that winter (though he had not told her yet) and had promised his friends that they were all invited. Peter seemed distant, though for many years he had never seemed wholly there, so it was not much of a change. Sirius was in good spirits, much to everyone's dismay, because it meant unwelcomed hugs and almost violent pats on the back and for Remus a stolen kiss. Being in a benevolent mood, the werewolf did not jinx his friend, but let him off with a warning and a tight hug.

For the most part, Severus avoided the other Slytherins during those final few days. He knew what their plans were after graduating. Of course, they had been his plans too earlier in the year, but he knew Remus would never forgive him for becoming a Death Eater now, and if he was completely honest with himself, he never really agreed with all the same ideals the Dark Lord seemed to support in the first place. Still, taking the Dark Mark seemed to be expected of him, and the more he shirked it off, the more aggressive the others became until finally Snape came up with a half-truth to get them off his back.

He didn't think the Dark Lord would want a gay man with a werewolf for a lover in his ranks, and since that sort of thing was highly frowned upon by pureblood society, his old associated left him pretty much alone after that. A part of him regretted loosing the opportunity to be part of something frightening and powerful, but for Remus, the sacrifice was well worth making.



Years of love, and fear, and anguish followed those sweet first months of total happiness. James and Lily Potter had died, so had little Peter, and Sirius… Sirius had betrayed them all. In the short time that peace returned to the streets of England, all Severus and Remus had were each other to give them the strength to keep going. Then there was the Potter's son to worry about and protect and Severus took the job of Potions Master for the old alma mater to keep a closer eye on the boy, and with any luck, keep him out of trouble.

When Sirius was proven innocent during Harry's third year, Remus was beside himself with momentary happiness, and with Severus' help, the rat was turned in to the proper authorities and Sirius Black was once again a free man and a dear friend.


More years passed, and the war was finally over. Again. Many had lost their lives to the Dark Lord and his followers, including the last remaining Marauders: Lupin, Black, and their newest member, Severus Snape. But, although they died in battle, their memories lived on in the hearts of those they left behind.

Harry never forgot his Godfather or the other men he had come to depend on in his early life, and when it came time that he too passed from the halls of Hogwarts and began a family of his own, he made sure the names of his fallen heroes would carry on in the lives of his sons:

James Sirius, and Remus Severus Potter.