Every night in my dreams

I see you… I feel you…

That is how I know you… Go on…

Kim sat by her window, gazing out as the beautiful snow fell over the small town.

She wept softly, as horrible sadness washed over her. Edward was up there all alone now, all by himself, presumed dead. It was so cold up there…The thought just made Kim cry even harder.

She could see his castle from her window, and imagined that he was gazing out his window too.

Kim stared out her window, still crying. She knew Edward was probably just sitting up there, not even thinking of her.

Far across the distance… and spaces… between us…

You have come to show you…go on…

Edward was gazing out his window, watching the snow fall. He thought of Kim. He loved Kim. He had never really loved anyone before. He had loved his creator…but that was a long time ago.

Edward forgot what it was like to love.

The thought made him frown.

Suddenly, he gasped as a pain spread into his chest. It seemed to be coming from inside of him.

The pain hurt him in a different way, not the way he was used to when he accidentally scratched himself. This pain hurt him…especially when he thought of Kim. Sadness.

Edward began to cry.

Near…far…wherever you are

I believe that the heart does… go on…

Once more…you open the door…and you're here in my heart and

My heart will go on and on.

Kim covered her face.

She had to go back up there…just to make sure he was alright.

Gritting her teeth, she glanced at the clock. It was 11:30 at night.

Everyone in the house was asleep.

She quickly got dressed and quietly sneaked outside.

Kim ran to the castle.

Love can touch us one time

And last for…

A life time

And never let go till were gone…

Edward turned away from the window, the sadness and heartache too much for him to handle. He gritted his teeth, but it didn't go away.

It hurt worse than when he got hit with the gun by Kim's old boyfriend.

Edward had to leave the castle. Yes. He had to leave and not come back. Edward nodded to himself.

Love was when I loved you…

One true time

I hold too.

In my life we'll always…go on...

Kim ran up to the castle. She was cold, and the snow swirled around her. It was absolutely beautiful. Crying harder than ever, Kim threw open the door and walked inside.

The castle, dark, gloomy, and run-down was freezing.


Near…far…wherever you are!

I believe that the heart does…go on…

Once more…you open the door!

And you're here in my heart and

My heart will go on and on…

Edward had gone out one of the back doors of the castle. The snow fell freely over the ground, and Edward smiled a little, despite the pain in his chest. He thought of Kim…remembering how beautiful she was.

Edward cried, but inside, he was still happy.

You're here!

There's nothing I fear!

And I know that

My heart will go on!

Gone. He was gone. Kim stared in disbelief. NO! I came back for you! Edward…where are you? Kim dropped to her knees and sobbed on the hard wooden floor.

Edward was gone. I love you Edward…remember that, okay?

We'll…stay…forever this way!

You are safe in my heart and

My heart will go on and on!

Edward walked into the forest behind the castle, yawning to himself. He was very sleepy.

The End.

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