Written for an English assignment. Co-authored with my friend, Frankie. Neither of us own Portal, it belongs to the wonderful Valve.

The assignment was write a story that doesn't say exactly what's going on, but gives enough clues that the reader could figure it out.

It's Been a Long Time
A Portal fanfic

Chell looked around at all the trees, vines, other plants, and greenery growing within the once esteemed Aperture Science Enrichment Center.

"Oh, it's you!" GLaDOS said as she picked herself up from the floor. "It's been a long time. How have you been? I've been really busy since we last met."

"But…how? I threw those pieces into a fire," Chell said.

"Those parts of me weren't that important."

"Weren't important? But..they…and you…what happened to your…arm?"

"Oh, this? This is nothing. It happened when the Enrichment Center blew up. I'm fine; it's nothing. It will not prevent me from running more tests."


"Did you think you were the only specimen? Don't be stupid. I have spares when one meets an…unfortunate end. You were the only one to make it as far as you did. Congratulations. Please assume the Party Escort Submission Position to receive your reward."

"No way in Android Hell am I assuming the submission position. Cut the crap, GLaDOS, what do you want?"

GLaDOS chuckled. "The science must get done; there is research to be done."

"…what are you saying?"

"I'm not even angry. I'm being so sincere right now. It was just a misunderstanding, and it makes no sense to cry over every mistake."

"It wasn't a mistake. I meant to do what I did!" Chell said, tightening her grip on her Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.

"We are now ready to begin the test proper. Was it worth it? The only thing you managed to break so far is my heart."

Chell was silent.

"You don't even care, do you? Fine! Have fun in the new and improved test chambers. Goodbye."

GLaDOS activated two portals. Chell fell down into the blue one beneath her feet and fell out the orange portal in a large, gray room filled with turrets. They locked onto Chell and open fired.

"Are you still there?" GLaDOS asked over the intercom.

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~Rebecca aka Lord Rebecca-Sama