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Summary: Tony has to choose between who he wants to have. SPOLIERS FOR 8X21

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FLASHBACK: Tony had sat down next to Ziva prepared to share his breakfast croissant with her. Ziva told him something. She didn't come right out and say it, but it got the point across before they were rudely interrupted. He needed to choose. When, was the question.

It was the end of the work day, and Ziva was about to go and take a shower and then leave. Not something she'd normally do too. McGee acknowledged the fact that Ziva was going to leave, but Tony, he was staring at EJ. Ziva didn't bother fighting the fact that he wasn't paying attention to her, so she grabbed a bag from underneath her desk. It was a silk bag that had a cursive Z.D. embroidered on it. Ziva opened up her desk drawer, pulled out her Ipod and held it in her hands for a second, remembering. Ziva dropped her Ipod in the bag and swung the bag over her shoulder.

"I'm going to take a shower, IF you don't mind!" Ziva stated snapping Tony back into reality. He had been staring at EJ. Ziva rolled her eyes and kept walking. She left the squadroom and walked to the ladies showeroom door.

Ziva pushed it open and realized how empty it really was. It was unusual, to be the only one in there anyway. The silence was eerie. Three big shower stalls and two hallways were the first things she saw. One hallway for the showers and counters, one for the bathroom and sinks. Ziva walked into the white, glossy hallway full of showers, counters and matching sinks and set her bag down on the counter. Ziva pulled out a powder blue towel and hung it up right outside the shower on the stainless steel hook. She walked back to her bag and pulled out a crème colored floor towel and placed it right outside her shower stall. Ziva also took out shampoo, conditioner, and a bottle of soap, and a sponge. She placed all of those on the floor towel and walked back to the counter again. She pulled out her Ipod and lime green speakers, her hairspray, hair dryer and matching baby blue hair towel. Ziva was all ready to take her shower at work now. Ziva had set up everything just right on her counter and organized it all. Then, Ziva plugged in her speakers to her Ipod and unlocked it. Ziva scrolled down the list of songs, but instead found her favorite playlist titled 'T&Z'. It was painful to look at the title, but Ziva knew there were good songs on the playlist. She turned up the volume so she could hear it from the shower and started running the water. After the water heated up, Ziva finally got in the shower leaving a trail of clothes behind her. Then, steam began to fill the room, it was just then that it occurred to her that Ziva was in the same stall that she had caught Tony in a few weeks ago. Ziva couldn't think of that right now, She was so lost in her emotions of how she felt about him, it hurt. She flipped the lid and poured her shampoo into her hair. It was sort of a fruity smell, her favorite, but also the familiar smell Tony knew all too well at one point. Ziva realized what song was playing, 'What's My Name'. One of her favorite songs at one point. It was just one of those songs where you could fantasize that anything could happen. Especially after hours together with Tony. Ziva began to get lost in the lyrics again, daydreaming about what did happen, and what could have happened. After the song ended, it switched to 'S&M'. Ziva always favored that song too. It brought out a daring side to her whenever she listened to it. When the chorus started Ziva instantly started to sing to it as she conditioned her hair.


Tony was thinking. Long and hard about who he needed to choose. Who he liked more. It didn't just have to be 'LOVE love' more; it could be just because he felt special with that person. He looked at EJ. The blonde, sort of clueless at her desk swearing over the skylight. Then, he looked at the shower room door. Ziva. The person he had always clicked with, even since day one. Not clicked like a love interest, maybe not at the time. There was just something there. A friendship. A strong one, unlike others. Tony knew he needed to go talk to her. He got up from his desk and walked out of the squadroom to the showeroom door.

"Where are you going!" McGee shouted. Tony pointed to the door.

"She might kill you! She's showering and you are going to walk right in! Did you forget people shower NAKED!" McGee asked. Tony threw up his hand at McGee and opened the showeroom door quietly enough not to be heard by Ziva still in the shower.

••Inside the Showeroom ••

The room was filled with steam. It was really hot in there too. Tony could just make out what hallway was what. Everything looked the same too, but there was one really big difference. There was singing in one hallway. Beautiful, graceful singing to the very end of the song 'This Love'. Tony recognized the song. He had this song on one of his playlists titled 'Ziva'. The song finished as Ziva mumbled something to herself. The next song came on. 'In The Next Room'. Ziva couldn't help herself from singing along to the song. Tony followed the sound of her voice through the hallway. He knew which one to take now. Tony quietly locked the door and took off his jacket. After that, he took off his shoes and socks and put them next to his coat. It was getting hotter in there already if that was even possible.

Tony walked quietly near the showers and found Ziva's Ipod. Her song was ending and Tony quickly scrolled down the playlist of songs until he found one that stood out to him. As soon as the song ended he switched it to his choice, 'Sexy Chick'. The song blared through the curtain to Ziva. Tony heard her giggle and try singing. Tony sat on the tile floor by Ziva's bag and watched the shadow through the curtain dance. Her perfect curves moving with the beat and her beautiful hair falling down on her shoulders. Tony found this very amusing. He just sat there in silence listening to the music and watching Ziva dance. Tony liked this song too much. He thought of her when it came on and he couldn't help himself from having thoughts. The song ended and it snapped him out of his daydream. 'Shake It' came on. Another song Tony enjoyed that brought back memories. Ziva sang to that song as well. Still, Tony watched as if he'd never seen Ziva before. Tony laid down on his back on the floor and just listened to the music and Ziva's voice. Ziva turned off the shower when the song ended. As 'Hey Baby' came on Ziva reached her arm out and grabbed the towel off the hook and swung it back behind the curtain. Ziva wrapped herself in the towel, twirled around once and swung open the curtain. Her eyes were huge when she saw Tony laying on the floor, and she was in a towel. The music kept on playing while the two exchanged glances. Finally, Tony spoke up.

"Wow." He stated looking Ziva up and down, probably picturing her without the towel.

"Is that why you are here? To stare at naked women? Is THAT why you followed me in here, cause give EJ about a half hour and she will be in here, promise!" Ziva got mad, she wrapped her towel tighter around her and glared with hurt in her eyes. The song changed to 'Love The Way You Lie'. This was an emotional moment for the two. There, Tony was sitting on the floor in the ladies showeroom, and there was Ziva standing in a towel before him; both had hurt in their eyes.

"It's not like that." Tony pleaded. "You have to believe me. I came in here to talk to you about my future choices and I was distracted because you, in the shower singing." Tony blushed. Ziva's eyes softened.

"So?" Ziva made direct eye contact with him. The song changed again, this time to 'Tonight I'm Loving You'. Tony stood up and walked to Ziva. He gazed into her eyes; deep chocolate meeting crisp green. He reached his hand to grab Ziva's gingerly.

"I choose you." Tony's voice was quiet to prevent from cracking due to tears filling his eyes. He was sorry for everything. There was no verbally possible way to express this. Tony leaned into Ziva. She backed up against the shower tile wall and-

To Be Continued!

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