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Chapter 8

Return of the Old Lady

Euphoria disguised herself as a human. She walked up to the cabin. It was a nice log cabin. The wood was a shiny tan color. Euphoria knocked on the door. Felix and Shayshay came behind her.

The door opened. There was an elderly lady wearing a black cloak with the hood hiding her eyes. What could be seen of her face had many wrinkles, and her hair was as white as snow.

"Come on in. I have been expecting you." She stepped aside.

Euphoria instantly recognized her as the woman from the pokémart. "Wait it's you! The old lady from the pokémart!" Euphoria walked in followed by Felix and Shayshay.

The mysterious woman pulled back her hood. As her face was no longer in shadow, they could see that her eyes were hazel. "Let me see her." She took Eve from Felix and put her down on a sofa nearby.

"Will she be okay… ummm… old lady?" Felix asked, with confusion in his eyes.

"Yes she will be. By the way, my name is Eleanor." She pulled a small wooden ocarina from a drawer. She sat down next to Eve, and began playing an ancient-sounding tune, a tune that both Euphoria and Shayshay could swear that they had heard before somewhere.

A soothing and relaxing feeling came over Euphoria's body, as she listened to the calming music. Shayshay's face was relaxed, and it seemed that she felt the same. Felix was scratching his head, obviously not affected by the music.

A little while later, the song was done. "She will recover by tomorrow morning. You all can stay here tonight." The old lady smiled at us. "You can use the room that's the first on your left in that hall."

In the room, there was a bed on the left wall, and two pillows were on the wall on the opposite side. There was a window, and a pokémon door beneath it.

Felix lied down on the bed. "I'm so tired after all that battling I'm going to go to sleep."

"Well, ok then. Shayshay and I will play some outside!" There was a pink light, and Euphoria was back as a zoroa. She walked out the pokémon door, followed by shaymin.

It was the next day. Euphoria woke up. Shayshay was still on her pillow sleeping. Euphoria walked over to the bed, and jumped onto it. Felix was sleeping. She poked his head, waking him up.

"Huh! What's happening?" Felix quickly sat up, with a panicked look on his face. As Euphoria was standing on him, she was flung to the other side of the room, where she hit the wall and fell on Shayshay. Shayshay woke with a start.

"What the heck! Euphoria!"

Just then, Eve walked into the room. "Huh, whut's gowing on?"

"Eve! You're ok!" Euphoria ran over to Eve, and hugged her, which was hard, with her being a pokémon.

Shayshay walked up to them. "So, you're all right now?"

"Yup!" Eve said, with a grin on her face.

Felix realized what was going on. "So Eve is all right now? And, what the heck are all of you saying?"

"Eve is okay now, and it doesn't matter."

Felix got out of the bed. "So now that that is all over with, what are you all going to do now?"

"Umm… I don't know." Euphoria looked very confused.

"Well, you can travel with me!"

"Yeah, sure!"

Felix, Euphoria, Shayshay, and Eve were leaving. Eleanor had given them spaghetti for breakfast, and they were heading out.

"Wait a moment! I must talk to you privately, Euphoria." Eleanor beckoned for Euphoria to return.

"You two wait a moment. I'll be right back." Euphoria walked back inside the cabin.

Eleanor beckoned Euphoria to follow her and sit on the sofa. Euphoria walked to the sofa, and jumped. She grabbed the edge, and pulled herself up.

"There is something you must know." Eleanor looked into Euphoria's eyes.

"What is it?"

"It is about your dark powers. As you have probably noticed, your dark energy is greater than the average dark pokémon. When you had tried using your dark powers earlier you weren't able to use them, and during your battle, when you were mad, you let it all out, and defeated the mightyena and umbreon in one hit."

"Wait a second. How the heck do you know all of that?"

"Let's just say I know things. Anyways, it is due to being bullied before you became a pokémon. You had taken in all that dark energy within yourself, and now, as a dark pokémon, you can use it."

"So why wasn't I able to use my powers earlier?"

"Your powers are too great for you to control right now. During a moment of rage, you were able to summon up your powers. Here, I have something for you. It will help you control your powers." Eleanor pulled a necklace from a drawer. It was a silver chain, with a clear diamond-like crystal at the end. She put it around Euphoria's neck. As soon as it was placed around her neck, a faint blue light appeared in the crystal.

"Wow… It's pretty… Why is it glowing?"

"That is a reflection of your soul. If you feel strong negative emotions like hate, it will turn red. Then, you will have to be careful not to blindly release your dark powers like last time. Thankfully there were no major injuries during your last battle. This pendant will warn you of your anger, and it also helps regulate your powers, so you should be able to use your powers when you want to."

"One last question. When I disguise myself as a human, wont it strangle me?"

"No it will get longer. Now go young one."

Euphoria left and went to Felix and Shayshay.

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