Ben and john have dating for almost a year and they have a baby on the way. Lately they've been fighting a lot and john gets tired of Ben's stubbornness so he breaks up with him. Two weeks later john gets shot because his new partner didn't have his back like Ben did. Ben hears about it and goes to the hospital. John is packing his stuff he turns when he hears the door shut. Ben sees that his arm is in a cast. John smiles


Ben doesn't say anything he just walks up to john and hugs him but not tight cause he didn't want to hurt john but john hugs him back.

"You sacred the hell out of me. I thought I lost you"

"I'm sorry"

"Are you ok"

"Are you ok"

"I am now"

They pull back and stare at each other then kiss passionally. Now resting there foreheads against each other panting.

"I've really missed you coop"

"Yeah I missed you too both of you"

"I'm sorry john"

"For what"

"For being a stubborn asshole"

"It's your nature you can't help it"

Ben pushes john playfully.

"Shut up I'm serious coop"

John laughs

"I shouldn't have said that back then and I'm so sorry"

John sits on the bed and just looks at Ben.

"It killed me when you said that"

"I know and as soon as I said it I felt like a complete asshole. I was just upset about my mom's rapist getting out and I took it out on the love of my life and I'm so sorry I-"

"Wait what"


"What did you just say?"

"I um I-"

John laughs Ben turns around embarrassed and leaves but before he walks out he says he's sorry. John calls after him but he doesn't answer. The next day john is cleared to leave. He goes home to find Ben on the couch watching TV. He goes over to him.

"Do you know how much that cab fare was?"

Ben jumps

"John why didn't you call me'

"I been calling you since nine in morning"

"I'm sorry"

"You're always sorry now days"

John walks off Ben goes after him and turns him around.

"John wait I was just freaked out about yesterday"

"About what"

"What I said"

"Why you didn't mean it"

"No I did I just froze"

"And why did you leave"

"Because you had a huge creepy grin on your face. I thought you were laughing at me and I freaked ok"

John smiles that huge grin again.

"See just like that. I thought you didn't feel the same way"

"Well you caught me off guard and just ran out on me. You didn't give me time to say I love you too"

Ben looks up.

"What really"

"Of course I've been in love with you for a while now. I was just afraid you wouldn't say it back or even worse say thank you"

"Same here I'm sorry I didn't pick you up. I was just afraid to face you. I thought you didn't want to see me"

"I'm sorry too for making you feel like I didn't want to see you"

Ben wipes a tear away from john eye.

"So you love me and I love you"

"Yeah is that bad"

"No it's wonderful"

John: so are you I'm lucky I have you

They kiss then john rubs Ben's four month old belly.

"So how jar."

"He's been good he just missed his daddy"

"Well daddy's not going anywhere any more well except for work but don't worry I'll be back"

They kiss again then john smells pizza.

"I smell pizza"

"Yeah I ordered it for you when you get home but then all that went down. I'm sorry"

"Stop saying you're sorry. Now cone on I'm starving for some real food not that crap they call food at the hospital"

They eat there food and later head upstairs, Where they fall asleep. The next morning Ben wakes up to the smell of hot food so he goes downstairs and in to the kitchen to find john cooking.


John turns and walks over to Ben and kisses him.

"Morning Sherman"

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

"It looks like your cooking"

"You seem surprised"

"Yeah you never cook"

"Well maybe I wanted to do this for my fiancé and the mother of my child"

"Why do I have to be the mother?"

"Because you're the one that's print"

"So that doesn't make me"

Ben stops talking.

"What is it?"

"You said fiancé"

"Yeah is that a problem"

"No I just"

"You're so cute when you do that"

"Shut up coop seriously why did you say that"

John pulls out a red box and sets it on the counter.

"I guess you already know what I'm going to ask you so will you"

"If you ask me the right way I might"

"Well I might have but you ruined it"

"You're the one who said fiancé not me. So are you"


John gets down on one knee.

"I can't believe your making me do this and I just got shot"

"Yeah in the arm"

John smiles

"Ben Sherman I fell in live with you the moment I laid eyes on you. In that rookie uniform. God you looked so sexy."

Ben smiles

"And those eyes there the most amazing thing I've ever seen. You've given me the greatest gift in life and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and make hot sweaty love to you forever."

Ben blushes

"Keep it pg coop"

"Awe I made you blush"


"Alright I'll stop. Benjamin Sherman will you marry me?"

"Yes coop I'll marry you"

"You will"

"Yes now get up here"

"Can I get a little help?"

Ben helps john up and they kiss.

"I love you john cooper"

"I love you too Benjamin Sherman"

They kiss again and john rubs bens belly.

"And I love you too Alex Sherman cooper and I can't wait for you to get here"

"Me too"

They kiss again and rest their foreheads against each others then Ben looks at coops arm.

"God coop please don't ever do that I was so worried about you"


"Next time be more careful"

"I promise but it wasn't my fault my new rookie didn't have my back like you always did. He left me alone and I got shot from behind"

"I would have never left you"

"I know always had each others back?"

"And we always will no matter what"

"No matter what I love you Mr. Ben Sherman cooper"

"I love you too Mr. John Sherman cooper"

"Come on let's eat before the food gets cold"

"Wait aren't you forgetting something"

"What oh right"

John opens the box and pulls out the rings. He gives one to Ben and puts the other one on

Ben's finger and Ben puts the other one on john's finger.

"There you go my love"

Ben: "thank you my love"

They kiss and john leads Ben to the table and he sits down"

"You just relax and let me take of you"

"But you're the one that's hurt not me"

"I know but your four months pregent Ben you can't take of me like that ok. Just let

I do this for you"

"ok just don't over do it. If you feel tired just rest"

"I promise"

They kiss

"Thank you"

"Anything for you"

"Like desert"

"You're favorite"

"Which is?"

"Chocolate ice cream covered in syrup and cheese topped with gummy bears"

"That sounds good"

"That sounds gross"

"You never tried it"

"And I never will"

John fixes bens desert and gives it to him. Then they go over to the couch and sit down. Ben is eating and staring at john.


"Try it"


"Come on just one bite"

"Forget it"

"Please for me"

John groans


"Please please please

"Ok fine but one bite no more"

Ben smiles and grabs a spoonful and holds it out for john to eat and he does. John quickly runs to the sink and spits it out and starts rinsing his mouth out. Ben is on the couch still and laughing.

John starts coughing "John: shut up that is so not funny"

"Yes it is"

John laughs

"On it's not"

"I'm sorry teddy"

John stops laughing and looks at Ben.

"I thought I told you not to fucking call me that"

Ben stops laughing. John gets up and walks over to the counter and leans on it.

"I'm sorry I just hate it when you call me teddy. I didn't mean to yell or curse"

Ben gets up and walks over to john"

"Like I hate it when you call me kid I'm not a kid coop"

"I know it's just when we first started out together you were like my kid brother"

"Yeah well things have changed were living together having a baby getting married for Christ sake"

"Ok I'm sorry I won't call you kid any more"

"And I won't call you teddy"

"I'm sorry if I scared you before"

"Don't be its ok"

They hug and kiss.

"Now can you massage my feet there killing me?"

"Anything for you"

They sit back and watch TV. Later on Ben falls asleep so john takes him upstairs where they both fall asleep. Seven thirty in the morning Ben wakes up to the sound of the alarm clock. He shuts it off and realizes he's in bed.

"What the hell."

He turns to john

"John wake up"

John wakes up

"What is it?"

"How did I get in here?"

"I um"

"You didn't"

"I did"

"Damn it john"

"I'm sorry I was just trying to-"

"I don't care I told you not to god you could have just woke me up"

"I didn't want to"

"You know sometimes you can be so fucking overbearing"

John doesn't say anything he just stares at Ben.

"I'm sorry I didn't-"

John gets up and starts to get dressed.

"I didn't want you to hurt your back by sleeping on that small couch with me so sorry for being fucking worried about you."


John leaves


Four forty-five in the afternoon Ben calls john who's not answering so he leaves a message to meet him at the doctor's office. He goes there to find john sitting in the waiting room he walks over to him.

"Hey john"

"I'm only here for Alex"

"Can we talk?"

"I don't want to talk"

The doctor comes over "Ben Sherman"

John gets up


John walks past Ben.


"Look do you want me here or not"


"Then let's go

The doctor looks curious at them both "is everything ok"

"Yeah fine"

John walks in the back followed by Ben and the doctor. About an hour later they leave john walks Ben to his car then he walks over to his.


John opens the car door and just looks at Ben.


"I'm sorry"

"I'm sorry too I can be a little overbearing"

"A little"

"Ok a lot I just don't want anything to happen to you"

"Same with me that's why I was so mad your arm and back you could have really hurt yourself"

"I'm sorry I was just thinking about you"

"And me you I love you"

John walks over to bens car and hugs him

"I love you too"

They kiss

"So do you forgive me?"

"Yeah I forgive you"

"Can you come home now?"

"Yeah I'll follow you"

They kiss again then head home. Sitting on the couch eating there holding each other.

"So any ideas"

"For what"

"Wedding date"

"I don't know but let's wait until after the baby is born I don't want to be fat going down the isle"

"You're not fat you're pregnant"

"Whet ever I'll be huge can we just wait"


They kiss and spend the rest of the day together.